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[1: 1,998 of 10,000] Pizza From A Dubai Japanese Restaurant

In Review on October 17, 2020 at 8:59 PM

When I was younger, I believed that Pizza Hut in the Philippines have a good pizza, because I liked it thick, greasy, got pineapple (yes, I’m one of those) and cheesy. When I got older, I wanted thin, still with pineapple, and cheesy.

Living in Dubai, I don’t really crave for pizza especially when I’ve discovered naan and sourdough plus I’m not really into bread all the time except when I feel like having a proper butter croissant (French boulangerie has the best of this) or Angelina’s Red Velvet Croissant with baby meringue satisfies my carb and sweet cravings (too bad that they currently stopped serving this in Dubai Mall where I normally get my fix).

I divert. Going back to pizza, I do like Pizza Express until my sibling said we have to try Akiba Dori. I like experimenting, as any story in life, if it didn’t taste good then it’s one bad meal and remember not to order from that restaurant again. So, I ordered in a Japanese restaurant in Dubai who claims to have the best Tokyo Neopolitan Pizza and one bite of the Margherita with its chewy edges but thin in the middle and I’m convinced it’s worth having pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. I never finish a whole one but I can for this (yay)!

This was the batch that I actually finish a whole pizza alone!