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[1: 2,055 of 10,000] Doubt Creeps In

In Journal on March 9, 2021 at 7:31 PM

I stumble without my plan because it feels like living through life without proper check points before reaching my destination. I see the shadow side of plans and that’s stronghold control. I was surprised that there’s something more scarier to that though. When I start building this anxiety listening to my pouring doubts and fears that I’m too rigid of my plan then am not allowing my muse to glide through. For two nights, I fight back sleep, overthinking, going through the plan one more time and see how can I loosen it. I wanted to stay awake and figure out a solution, do I need to come up with a new one?

Oh I was also told that I’m too much in my head and I’m falling into my own trap again. Circling to my obsession and grip of a future that depends on the choices that I make in the present moment. I’ve been advised to see things in a different perspective because I have all the ingredients but I question am I supposed to cook something different, which I have no solid idea how can I make that happen. In my chaotic mind, there’s one thing I’m avoiding though, to sit in stillness to consult my Inner Knowing and ask, “What do I want?”

I process, I prayed, because the direction of my life will only need to come from my authentic voice. My mind is bleeding because it’s not connecting to my intuition, to what I feel, and then the firework sparks and it kept cracking. I got it.

I have to follow my bliss. It’s not about changing the plan, it’s about surrendering my grip and obsession of the journey and the outcome. Right now, I have to accept that I’m good wherever way it lands. A message nudging me that I’ll never make the wrong choice because I have one consistent vision, it’s the paths to get there that have different flavors. The vision wasn’t flawed, my attitude to not allowing play to interrupt that plan that’s raising an issue. I’ve always been all right so why would I be afraid to take a risk this time if I’ll be doing what my Soul came here in this lifetime to do. With that, I’m at peace and my train keeps moving forward.

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[1: 2,035 of 10,000] Yes To 2021 Minimalism

In Project on December 4, 2020 at 10:32 AM

I have been saying to myself that I will declutter our apartment. Note that I said “our” apartment because I live with my youngest sister who loves to shop, and we have a different definition of what’s too much.

It’s been two years that I have been saying, “This is the year that I’ll live a minimalist life!” and I’m hopeful that next year would really be it.

Let me breakdown what I know about minimalism and the rule of thumb that I’ll commit to:

  1. Minimalism is creating more space, not to fill, but to be able to breathe.
  2. It doesn’t mean that I will give up my love for books and notebooks, those that gives me joy stay.
  3. I don’t need ten mugs if there’s only two people living in the apartment.
  4. We don’t need ten canvass bags! I have to negotiate with sissy about this because she’s obsess with canvass bags, and also clothes, shoes, make-up, etc.
  5. We don’t need twenty pillow cases if there’s only five pillows in use at a time.
  6. I can let go of the old magazines and empty boxes.
  7. I love books but I can share the knowledge and give out those that I’ve already read and outgrown.
  8. I can stop thinking about I might need this in the future, it’s time to donate those items.
  9. Next year, I will only shop for the consumable things (like Shampoo, fill my car with fuel, etc.) and to have an experience. No more shopping for new clothes, new books and new notebooks.
  10. I can do this, which means I have to do all the shopping this year. LOL! I just bought my three new books yesterday online, and that should be enough.

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[1: 1,997 of 10,000] Making 2021 Plans

In Journal on October 10, 2020 at 9:36 AM
I was in a US trip late of 2019 and in my first visit at The Met I couldn’t resist getting these two babies. Like any refine adult, The Met was calling the planner, an “Engagement Book,” oh but of course! I’m honestly using both for different purpose.

In 2020, I have four calendars and a diary planner (or engagement book). I planned 2020 with three personal international trips and I’m grateful that I was able to complete at least one beginning of the year before the global pandemic kicked in with the memorable lock down.

There were memes saying having a calendar for 2020 was useless because all of our original plans are crossed out or moved online. Instead of struggling to fight for it, I’ve been flexible to create new ones, new priorities and new experience. The locked down gave me and my girlfriends who are in different parts of the world more Zoom bonding time. I was forced to make personal video messages for wedding and birthday celebrations. We have to adapt with the changing world and I strongly believe that it can only get better from here. We were taken out of our comfort zone or from our zombie going with the flow without intention, and the pandemic gave us new dreams of connecting. The empath in me did enjoy the work at home times but even I need to experience social interaction or I would be like a plant wittering without sunshine and water.

At the final quarter of the year, I’m starting to make plans for 2021. I’ve booked an online appointment for February 8 and it’s making me giddy and couldn’t wait. This got me pretty excited to buy a new 2021 planner too! I always have different planners every year and buying a new one is a real treat. I’m not a shopaholic, I promise!

New experience makes me feel alive. Doing things for the first time makes me feel like a real human being enjoying a human experience.

How about you? Have you made plans for 2021?

[1: 1,900 of 10,000] Plans

In List on October 9, 2017 at 11:14 PM


My world right now is enjoying work, back with my exercise regimen of outdoor walking/jogging/running/working out everyday, and list of plans…

  1. I am attending a 20th wedding anniversary party this month and I got to buy a perfect present for the couple. 20 years is a long time. The husband which in the beginning of meeting him kept hitting on me (really annoying) so he’s not really someone I adore but thankfully he stopped or else I would immediately say NO for this invite. Out of returning the niceness that he shared a good contact like my amazing current dentist, I will attend a one of. Am I too polite?
  2. I have a ticket for a Trevor Noah live comedy show in December. I like his humor and he seems to be a very decent man that I am willing to support him.
  3. I am looking forward to spend Christmas in Switzerland, I hope my sister and I could still catch charming Christmas markets and truly feel the spirit of the yuletide season.
  4. I need to plan a bachelorette party for a good friend who’s tying the knot next year. I also need to plan my outfit for that whole Philippine trip. I have not seen my home country for 5 years but for honoring a promise that when she gets married I will definitely attend, then I am saying hello to Philippines again. I got to prepare my presents as well to family and friends, it will be like Christmas in the middle of the year. I am so looking forward to eat authentic Filipino foods too.
  5. I must schedule to finish writing my second eBook to publish in Amazon until next year. I know I am juggling various book ideas but I got to pick one and commit to write every Friday. I need result!
  6. So excited that sissy and I thought of the perfect project that we can already start that is an excellent prelude to our business enterprise.
  7. Find a way to ask for a raise at work for more mojo to fund our future business empire. #BusinessOwner #GirlBoss #Chairman

I am very happy that life makes sense. It feels rewarding and fulfilling. I am grateful for experiencing peace.

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[1: 1,897 of 10,000] Are you making plans?

In Journal on September 23, 2017 at 11:21 PM

Is it optimism or it’s just a mere confidence that when we do set the alarm for tomorrow, it means we are going to rise and live. Being alive where we breathe, there’s warmth in our body, and we have the choice to make hopefully good decisions for the day.

There was one time that I tried to sort out a plan for me in 10 years and I dreaded the result, I thought it was too predictable. I don’t remember what I wrote but if I have to guess they were probably small dreams that didn’t scare me, it did not trigger an excitement, and I don’t wonder why I just abandoned it.

Recently, I was feeling anxious with the absence of security and control in my life that I was experiencing difficulty to sleep; so I started devising my plan from September 2017 until end of 2018. I have big and small projects and I put the effort in writing it, printing it, and even putting it in a beautiful frame to remind me every single day. The plan made me calm down, found peace, and a clear sense of direction. For the first time, I love having a plan, I have a compass and I can focus on them. I just need to be disciplined to put real action points in calendar to make sure that they get done and I’m totally excited to make each one of them to come true. The key here is I am not being too hard on myself but I also held myself accountable; but most of all I am having fun.

What’s your latest plan?

[1: 1,599 of 10,000] Re-organising Schedules To Get Results

In List on September 24, 2015 at 11:18 AM


Having a new amazing work and trying to infiltrate in contributing to its success mean it is taking most of my energy and waking time; but I don’t like to abandon an essential part of me, you know that special someone that writes. I intend to write books for the rest of my life and at least keeping a post a day in this blog too.

Yesterday, I was really overwhelmed on how to make everything work out, I could feel my brain raising, jumping, and swirling all over my head that couldn’t calm down. I was too excited to make a plan, I feel like a wreck, rattling! Finally, after regaining my inner sanctuary, I came up with a grand plan on what do I expect to produce daily, every weekend, monthly, and in a year. It was important to show what am I trying to accomplish and that’s why it made it on the grand schedule.

It’s not perfect but I will make adjustments as I move along. I have to write my plans infront of my personal organiser if I want to make sure nothing in my life get missed, I’m so glad for having Wednesday to Saturday as a holiday here in UAE to have ample time to truly re-organise.

Daily Expectations

  1. Pray – I need my inner sactuary blessed so I could perform with grace and anointment.
  2. Exercise – Even if it’s stretching but I really have to be serious about this if I want to keep a good energy for everything that I want to do.
  3. Eat Healthy – Slow down on the preservatives, sugar, too salty, and go-to chicken. Go fresh as much as possible and variety too.
  4. Drink Water – I do need to write this down because I often avoid drinking proper amount of water. I pee a lot after drinking especially that the air-conditioning here in Dubai is very cool, it may be hot outside but the indoors are always well ventilated, too cool too often but I’ll have that than sweating.
  5. Sleep – I wake up early, I try to be up at 5AM to do my own routine, pray, get breakfast, write blog, and then enough time to blow dry my hair (even if it didn’t seem to be working) and put on some make-up.
  6. Daily Blog – This one has a special place, I try to finish it in the morning otherwise, start in the morning and finish it as soon as I get home. This is important so I have proper practise writing.
  7. 10 Ideas – Inspired by James & Claudia Altucher to exercise my mind.

Fridays is honouring my personal talents

  1. First Friday – Make an article for my other blog that isn’t anonymous. It is a lot more work for me to write it because I have to be careful on what I write. I felt like being vulnerable here is 1,000 times being magnified there because anyone could just easily attack me and being human I do get hurt.
  2. Second Friday – Create a LinkedIn Article on business. I still don’t know if it is a good thing that I do this knowing that I am not yet an expert but I do like to learn and be more confident on my writing in the professional arena.
  3. Third Friday – Devote on our upcoming family business in partnership with my two sisters.
  4. Fourth Friday – My favourite and it is devoting it for my book.
  5. After all the dedicated priorities on top, Friday is also a good day to go out shopping, unwind, and just be merry outside of work and home if something is scheduled.


  1. Home chores, paying bills, cooking a feast, and sort personal emails.
  2. Learn through reading books, listening to podcast, and watching videos.
  3. Call my sissy in Australia to catch up.

Monthly Accomplishments and Pleasures

  1. Get a body massage.
  2. Try a new restaurant.
  3. Have a new experience.
  4. Invest.
  5. Finish a book.

Yearly Plan

  1. Travel abroad.
  2. Have a life project that helps other people.
  3. Publish a book.

[1: 1,424 of 10,000] I Am Searching For My Breakthrough

In Journal on March 25, 2015 at 7:22 PM

I resigned from my job last month and I told my 34 year old single self that you have the whole month of March 2015 to figure out what path to take next. Is 34 the age for woman’s mid life crisis? Or I just didn’t get the memo on how to live a care free life?

I just recently started sending my CV out even if I know I didn’t figure out about how to truly live a meaningful life. I have been reading proper books from people who I think has so much wisdom. I have been watching a lot of TED Talks where I could pick up bright ideas. I think I am almost getting it but I am not breaking through into my AHA moment. I am walking in a semi dark room it’s alarming me. I know my bills are coming next month and I don’t want to max out my credit card while my car loan is still ongoing until 2016. I am not worried about money, I am alarmed for being blind in what is the proper track. How am I going to be useful in this lifetime?

rapunzel_short_blonde_hair_by_johngreeko-d6c6wz1I see my batch mates who are married with kids. I see them go on vacation and happy on the photos that they’ve posted in social media. I often wonder if are they really happy? Is that it? Are they contented? Am I supposed to follow that route? I have problem being close to new people, if it’s necessary I can be the friendliest person in the world, but given a choice, I just couldn’t trust people too easily. Maybe that is my problem, I wanted to pick the people who I wanted before I even consider them worthy of my time. My EGO is so huge, I am meant to be locked in a castle with no door and a short hair.

I want a meaningful life. I want to be truly of service. My very recent heartache probably detriment my eyesight that I am worthy for me and for others. That I should never let the people I love to be the source of my reason to move forward. That I should not wait to be rescued but be the hero that I needed. I’ve always wanted to study art, then I thought I wanted to write, I also want to be in business, and yet I am not quite so sure I knew my message anymore. Maybe it’s VARIETY because I was never satisfied with just one thing, I may focus on LOVE as a theme but I should be talking about everything like this blog, I do not limit myself with just mindless mumbling, it should have a little culture and talk about serious subjects, or talk about fantasy, or incredulous vulnerabilities.

Thank goodness I still know how to appreciate tiny projects that has been going on in my life. I am grateful that I have my sissy learning to drive on her own now that I am imprisoning myself at home. I am grateful that our laundry caught up just in time. I am grateful that I am cooking real food everyday. I am grateful that I sleep properly. I am grateful that I left the love of my life but I am not his so I’ve stopped the lunacy. I am grateful that I have applied to jobs that are promising of a happy career life. I am grateful that I should make the Greece vacation this year. I am grateful that I will figure out this life before March ends. Shit I only have until tomorrow!

[1: 1,089 of 10,000] Planning A Dream

In Article on July 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM

PlannerInsides-DaySpread-MrsEves_grandeHere is the truth, dreaming a dream will not make it come true, acting on it will.

Get a pen and paper and start laying down the plan and this time stick with it.

I have been complaining in every inch of my gut that nothing worthwhile is happening. I am too swamp with my work that I forget my personal life needs work. I should protect my weekend like it is mine to work on the things that matters to me and my future.

I get overwhelmed with so many things so this year I shall have 3 focus to accomplish. 2 books and securing an Australian visa. I have better control of the 2 books so before the year ends, the book should be ready for printing. The good thing is I know the main subjects so I better work on keeping it together as a great book to read. Australia, it is in my deepest desire because I want to leave UAE for good; I am running away because I don’t want to be in a rat race forever.

Ah, dream, plans, and making it happen. Exciting! Through God’s grace, I can do this.

[1: 842 of 10,000] 13 + 2

In Review on November 22, 2012 at 11:59 PM

I love today.

13 – I found the perfect organizer for 2013. Despite technology and my deepening love for typing, I love writing my plan and reminder everyday. I love crossing out and doodling. Letts of London (The Original Diary Since 1812) is the maker of this silver sparkle.

I particularly love the 1-page December 2012, it’s perfect for my new career starting 1st of December, 2012. I have a subtle but curious love for Italian so having some Italian translations within it is something special. Plus it has German Holidays – my new boss is a German so how perfect is that?

2 – I watched 2 movies, Breaking Dawn Part 2 of course and Skyfall. I am going to react and it is not raving.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is good, not as surprising and good as the 1st movie, but this was a good ending. If they didn’t cut the last book into 2 movies it would have been the best one but due to probably commercial and mojo reasons they did what they did, but for me cutting it into 2 only sacrificed the real beauty of a complete book in a movie.

My favorite part of the movie is the fight scene. It was fast, realistic, and extremely emotional. I can’t bear the thought and Meyer was so good making a climax. I also appreciate how the cast was introduced in the beginning from the font style and changing white into red. I also admire how they’ve replay all the cast since Movie 1 up to the end – it was respectful and just proper.

I still love the books more than the movies but I love that they still made the movie with the right casts.

Skyfall is a joke. They made a terrible villain so with that kind of protagonist any determined James Bond can easily beat. It was a shallow story but the stunts are great and Craig’s body and stand are great. The antics are cute and funny. It was okay; but it will never go to my favorite movie of all time. They made it real at the part when they failed to see that sending an incapable woman in the field endangers others. In real life, people make a wrong judgment on people – exactly just like that.

[1: 141 of 10,000] Weekends Are Also A Star

In Reference, Review on March 20, 2011 at 10:21 AM

I am still using a non-digital organizer. I still like to write, cross out, check, and doodle.  But I am really disappointed for so many organizers produced that don’t give a red carpet treatment for Saturdays and Sundays. Star treatment meaning they should have equal space as Mondays to Fridays.

What are the logic of the manufacturers and designers? Is it because weekends are supposed to be short and non-business and organizers were meant for business? Why give it a space if the weekend will be spent sleeping? Or is it fun time anyways that it doesn’t need to be planned? Read the rest of this entry »