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[1: 1,456 of 10,000] WHOLE Again

In Article on May 4, 2015 at 2:47 PM

My friend reminded me that I have to be WHOLE again. She knows about my struggle that I am not really in a good place right now. The optimistic in me was quite surprised that I don’t even know what being WHOLE again means.

I asked her do I need to pray a lot? And do good things to others?

She said you’re so silly! No, she didn’t say that, she said…

“All of the above and most of all believe in yourself and always say that you deserve the best because you are one of the best. Do not swim in the pool of sadness. You yourself said that you have moved on so go with the flow. Be the strong person I knew before. Do not be too emotional, because when you start to be emotional again, you begin to fall again. Rise up girl, stand your ground, and always think positive.”

I thought Holy Shit! I know all those things!! And yet, when I am in a dark place, I do forget who I was and what I’m capable to do and withstand. I got a little lost and unless I respect that somebody that puts me into my strong self again, I will die at the corner of the wrong loop of thinking and I forget to turn around and find another way.

How could I forget to define how to be whole? I need affirmation reminder!

Whole Again

[1: 1,448 of 10,000] Thank You Very Much For The Likes, Comments & For Subscribing

In Article on April 26, 2015 at 7:49 AM


Thank you very much for every one who visited my blog, clicked the “like,” left a “comment,” and stepped even further by “subscribing.” It’s heart warming knowing someone took the time to leave a piece of themselves for me. I am only a stranger with the absence of my name-as-written-on-my-registered-official-birth-certificate in this blog; but every feeling I have poured translated into every post where genuine and so you have met my heart.

It is fascinating that people from different countries get directed to my blog. The point that they have liked a post makes me feel that you have understood me and I hope in return I have given something to you too that you appreciate or I have awaken something in you that made you smile a little more and your heart magically expands and glows a little more.

There are moments that those mini effort that you have made, my visitors, immensely gave gratification and add hope in me to move on forward. The most memorable “like” are for the posts that I bared my vulnerabilities and shaming myself online just to see my actions in words and the point that someone read and liked it, kept me a little stronger to decide wisely of my next actions.

Thank you very much.

[1: 1,391 of 10,000] Hello Paris

In Journal on January 9, 2015 at 2:07 PM

I need a good perspective, so Paris it is for 2015 New Year!

The Eiffel Tower

It’s my first time to visit France and I couldn’t deny how I fell in love with The Eiffel Tower and Paris’ architecture. I love the city and there was so much to see and so many reasons to visit it again.

I am in awe how The Eiffel Tower can be photographed in any angle and still looked magnificent at any given time too!

Happy New Year, I hope you started the year with lots of loving hope for a wonderful life that we are about to write and live. I am loving 2015.

[1: 1,373 of 10,000] Bloom

In Poem on December 1, 2014 at 7:23 AM




See the beaming sunlight

Appreciate the glowing flower

Wave back to the cheery bright sky

Hum with your favourite tunes


Do your best

Be compassionate

You are breathing

Capable of smiling

Able to type a blog



[1: 943 of 10,000] Make It Happen

In Poem on February 27, 2013 at 11:59 PM


Make it happen

Even if there is obstacles

Because that would only prove how much you want it


Make it happen

Even if it is too good to be true to enjoy ‘coz it is happening

Unless it is an empire and it multiplies the story doesn’t end


Make it happen

Even if you’ve reached the dead end

There is always another door, another key, another way, tiresome but it exists


Make it happen

Because you are bold, you are strong, and you take only the yes answers

It is never impossible because you my friend is created in the image and likeness of the reigning infinite maker of impossibilities


Make it happen

Not for him, not for her, but for you

Are you still doubting? Stop! Make it happen


Photo Source: http://static.tumblr.com/wem7icn/xmgmcb7bt/make_it_happen_storenvy_banner.png

[1: 899 of 10,000] Chosen & Blessed

In Journal on January 14, 2013 at 10:08 PM

I have a good day today. Gone is my depressing funk. I was suffering for a terrible headache yesterday too because of cigarette smokes (I demanded my boss not to smoke today in his own home or I threat him that I’ll leave not really resigning but moving to the garden for fresh air.)

My heart is full of optimism and my spirit is full of glee. I made an acceptance that life can be amazing if I choose it to be but I also think God sent a happy guardian angel to lighten up particularly this day for me. With lack of sleep and seriously overworked – I feel absolutely fine. Just when I was about to fall asleep at the office, I headed to the fridge and drank a 250ml Red Bull – not so surprise I am still hyper until now!!!

My sister is continuously playing PINK songs and the upbeat melodies made me groove and happier ♥ I am living the present. I feel acceptance of what I can do now. I do not worry about too much work to do. I choose to relax. I enjoy every quiver of smile from my lips. I will later enjoy a long hot bath. I blink and closed my eyes with gratefulness for above.

I hope this never ends until I wake up doing what I am supposed to do and passionate to do for the rest of my life.


Typewriter Letter Cupcake

[1: 847 of 10,000] Uneasy? Something Good Will Happen

In Journal on November 27, 2012 at 10:08 PM

I love my sissy’s optimistic view. When people usually think something bad will happen when they feel uneasy or nervous, she thinks about the wonderful opposite. She will actually wait for the good thing to happen. Then the universe hears it and it usually does or if nothing great at least nothing bad was invited.

What is scaring you to be optimistic? Get the nerve shaking sign to mean the good thing instead of the crazy negative gut feeling. Command the universe to bend down to your willful good wish and exciting surprise?

When you are blessed and happy enough; share the love to the world. Soon enough, we’ll see that Heaven can start on Earth. Seriously, that is how profound and exaggerated it will be if all the people focuses on good things and wonderful true happiness.