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[1: 1,789 of 10,000] Rule Your Self

In Poem on November 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM


If there is one responsibility a man has in his life
It is first and foremost to rule himself

Rule how he let his mind floats
With control, peace, and then act with good intention

Why he be weary for the sufferings surrounding him
Let it be that he does what he loves shines through instead

It is when he fulfills what he came for to do
That his life’s will meant achieved

To only dwell on the sufferings without actions are useless
Then waste not on fantasies but endure to keep soldiering on

If his destiny is to rule people
Then a ruled mind could guide the whole nation



[1: 1,703 of 10,000] Fascination To Kingship

In Review on May 1, 2016 at 8:58 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.08.38 PM

I just finished watching  the Season 1 of Versailles on Netflix and I really can’t deny my fascination to royalties, the power bestowed on them, and their belief that they have been anointed by God to rule.

Let me slice the idea further…

  1. Being royal comes with responsibility. You are expected to have proper etiquette, deliver an heir, win battles, and be a ruler.
  2. Having POWER gives the privilege, it expects and demands to be respected (sincerely or not, in your face you are most likely is). It is to be served and yet pointing they exist to serve the people, they represent the whole country. I like it whenever Louis XIV is being described or even calls himself “France”. The air of freedom to almost do anything whimsical, hysterical, or over-the-top because the king said so.
  3. Anointed by God. How do we explain the immoral acts, is it justifiable because they need to bear children or it is because it is the only entertainment available then? I do believe that they are anointed by God but so is every single person. We do have our role to partake in this play called life.

Next question is, do I want to be royal? To be possibly murdered, be disagreed upon, and yet having the chance to change something, hopefully to inspire and leave the world better than I found it. It could be fascinating but I am just as capable to do so if I play my part now.

[1: 1,407 of 10,000] Still

In Journal on March 5, 2015 at 5:41 PM

Being an adult is quite something. I never expected that until in my 30s I would be crazy committed to jobs I never really wanted but tried and even excel for the sake of simply going with the flow, to get a decent shelter, nourish myself with food, and threw in a vacation somewhere in between. I have become a zombie and learned answering the question how are you by default with “busy;” busy killing my soul gently that is.

I finally got the courage to quit my job and for the first time I am staying still and reassessing what would fire up my soul to want to live so vibrantly, so badly, that I won’t be the first in line to chock myself ever again. I never regret any previous decisions but I sure won’t continue living without my consent of saying yes only to what I really love to do and doing things with love.


I am living a very relaxed life. I am trying to enjoy waking up without worrying about bills. I am having a breakfast and writing this blog while I wait for my chicken noodle soup to cook. I am not rushing for the sake of rushing and getting myself busy. I am practising to be in the moment, enjoying the smell of a toasted bread, ravishing to the sound of typing, and recognising that my heart is beating with so much love.

I am staying still to listen to my pure inner voice. It is beautiful to hear my heart beat. Baby steps.