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[1: 1,714 of 10,000] I Must Learn Discipline

In Article on June 6, 2016 at 5:54 AM

I must learn discipline once again. When I was a child, I am more inclined to do it because I have the energy and I have the young will of everything is possible (or was it scary that if I don’t do this I get punished and there’s that too).

Now that I am all grown up, everything that I do has to have a purpose and I am slipping to find the proper reasons sometimes and justify the wrong. It needs to change if I want to live a healthy, joyful, rich, and love-filled life.

My daily rituals must be –

  1. Daily RitualWork must stay at the office and home is when I rest again.
  2. Set a time to go to be early to wake up early.
  3. Exercise to breathe better, have the energy to do more with enthusiasm, and so that I am no longer required to take medicine and a frequent visit with the doctor.
  4. Do something that light up my soul with delight from posting blogs, listening to various great music, reading books, write the next book, and start a business.
  5. Pray to seek connection with God and have the ample rest of my whole being, the confidence to move forward despite being scared, and to have the proper wisdom.


[1: 1,592 of 10,000] My Crazy World of SHOULD BEs That Must Go

In Journal on September 17, 2015 at 5:56 AM


I am grateful that I finally learn to consult and depend on God. I have been foolish for believing I can do it by myself especially when hoping to change somebody or even having the will power to change my deepest scars. I have my own share of addictions and it was a clear indication that I’m going to a downward spiral unless I anchor and seek God’s hands to raise me up.

I will never be able to change anyone unless God uses me too.

There is also a distinction that leaning on God doesn’t mean I no longer have responsibility. While God does His plan, I will have to be diligent to give my best in everything that I do and be kind, courageous, and enjoying life too.

God is gentle and loving and there is nothing more He would want but our truest experience of bliss all the time.

One of my work colleagues is going to be transferred to Germany and he has to clear his apartment in UAE, close all his utilities accounts, and while trying to grab late lunch he uttered he couldn’t enjoy the food and felt overwhelmed. I told him to breathe and list down the things that he has to do so he can free up his mind. God is powerful He will never feel overwhelmed and He has this intricate weaved plans that is miracle and definitely love inclined.

Do you have anything in your life that you crave for freedom and just let go of the burdensome bondage? Pray to God, He is always listening and just waiting for you. He will give you comfort and rest even if what worry you don’t get resolved immediately, because remember He has a plan that we don’t always understand but it will never be to harm us but to grow us to be our best every single time.