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[1: 1,720 of 10,000] I’m Not Bored, I Was Lazy

In Article on June 12, 2016 at 6:06 AM


It clicked on me that I am not actually bored with my life, it isn’t possible considering there are so many ideas that I can realise some may not be easily even by myself but by working as a team, in short I was lazy. I was lazy to put my heart into action, to be dedicated, to move my ass, to believe that I am capable of greatness in my own right, but I was very committed to making excuses, to being scared, and to be stagnant.

OK maybe not super lazy but I was focusing and accomplishing all the wrong things that will not advance me to what will make me satisfied and be happily present. I was quite happy delaying what needs to be done, I am up for eating too much, or finding another things to keep me BUSY but not for the essential matters.

I do have the syndrome of freezing whenever there is something important to be done so I’ve promised myself beginning theis weekend that no more excuses, no more fooling around, no more procrastination, no more being confused, no more running away, no more lurking in social media just to fill the void I’ve assumed, instead HELLO incredible and fabulous life!

[1: 1,682 of 10,000] This Is Saving Me From Procrastinating

In Article on February 4, 2016 at 6:11 AM

I am a bonafide procrastinator and the obvious signs are –

  1. I want things to be perfect so it takes time for me to decide and finish.
  2. I have minor OCD, I enjoy putting the same clothes hangers together, or my work desk are arranged in a certain way, almost aligned.
  3. I say that I will deal with this tomorrow.
  4. I froze for inaction and wasted the time that if I have done it I could have been tired and yet I completed the task.
  5. I make a bargain excuse, if the circumstance is this, I’ll just wait for this, and then I’ll finish.
  6. I’ll lay down on the sofa or bed, stretch, take a quick power nap, until I fall sleep all together and later feel bad that I wasn’t very responsible.
  7. I didn’t make the call to finalise. I was afraid that I embarass myself for not being eloquent and elicit that answer that I want.
  8. I find excuse that let me just finish this one t.v. show or just this one movie and then I end up finishing two to five. Yay! And then it’s wee hours and I didn’t get enough sleep.

Above are my perfect examples what are causing me not to finish things.


The most powerful saving grace for me so far is practicing to outgrow my weakness No. 5. I no longer wait for the circumstance to get better, I simply react with the best way I can. No complains. No big expectations but knowing that I am enjoying what I do and the reward that I will finish. I continue to remain grateful, smiling, and happy that I have a purpose, I am doing something. At the end, I no longer feel guilty. Then if I am really tired, I rest. I eat. I pray. I stop indulging with just one task that are not helpful for a long time like watching television or even a show that I have seen before or doesn’t really teach me or insipire me; I find time to diversify and read books instead. Or come here and blog something sensible I hope. 🙂

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[1: 1,438 of 10,000] Will You Live Tomorrow?

In Article on April 16, 2015 at 1:01 PM

Have you ever wonder if tomorrow you would still be living?

It’s funny how I have never fully appreciate breathing, that I am alive. It is one of those things that I take for granted. I always thought, tomorrow is just another shot, which I either endure or go through. Endure when depressed. Go through when aimless. I have not accomplished my purpose and I am not being pressured to do it, so why bother to expect so much from my lazy self?

Although there is another route, a positive one where the possibilities are endless. Regardless what tasks are supposed to be done, sleeping everyday is still to be considered, I watched the 4 episodes of the new Game of Thrones last night, I wrote a special greeting card for my sister, and pack the care package to Australia, which I dropped off this morning at the courier company, and today my battery is running a little low and I’m not drinking another gigantic cup of coffee.

It takes proper discipline to focus my mind to the correct course. See the photo below –

focusThat above photo is usually how my scattered mind function even when I lay in bed without the clear red coloured “focus” at the centre.

No Focus

It is ridiculously tiring and nonsense, I let my mind jump from one repeatedly obsessive thoughts to another that do not boost my “good feeling” because nothing good is accomplished; eventually I end up distracted and the self loathing begins. Is it the creative in me or destructive in me, that I replay scenes that have happened, revise with a twist, or never did and kept loop playing? No wonder having painful experience gets planted deeply into my soul because I let it be.

Focus is Present

I am now practising to keep my mind focused in one good thing at a time. It is the rule that if it is not helpful, then drop it. Blurred everything and aim for the red “focus” word at the centre. If I start in just one good thing, I could finish anything (including curing my procrastination weakness) and if I put a little more effort and lay the ladder to a wonderful goal, it gets done. Commit to one and for the love of God I forgive myself and move on.

Just like when I write a blog, I start, get side ways to Facebook and Instagram or reading articles here and there. I rely on I should feel right to finish a post, it is always the case but if I really start just thinking about the topic, I could finish faster and move on to the next task or next greatness.

If I die today and come back as a ghost tomorrow, I have no one to hold responsible but myself. It is stupid! The only time I will not be grateful for my life is because I have not found my purpose, I did not do my best, and so now that I know my track, I set my goals, live in the present, enjoy the sound of my keyboard, and the music playing in my ears. I am writing this in the middle of a mall, with strangers sitting around me, I am not looking at them and that Carolina Herrera green chiffon day dress, until I hit that good damn “Publish” button. 😛

[1: 1,419 of 10,000] Are You Waiting For A Fucking Sign?

In Article on March 21, 2015 at 2:32 AM


Are you like me that waits for a sign? The sarcasm at the title was intentional because it is quite stupid to wait for signs in life! It’s not that I’ve gone depressed and non-believer of magic; I definitely still am but you see I’m a procrastinator. I am the excruciating bad kind of procrastinator, still didn’t sign up for the procrastinator recovery meeting but I should start thinking of putting one or may be later, did you catch that, see what I mean!

I have so many ideas, I have so many dreams, I have so many confusions, and I often wonder when will I get every thing that I ever desire and lust for? The answer is…

  • if I don’t change my patterns (getting our first business in order, contacting suppliers, doing the numbers, and formalising the papers),
  • if I make excuses (I have no enough time, as soon as I finish this then I will start with the important stuffs),
  • if I’d be lazy (I want to sleep some more and think about my heart break over and over),
  • if I don’t speak up (let that toxic out and move on!),
  • if I do not prioritise the important (getting a new job instead of enjoying being a bum for a month, on the verge of 2nd month), well I might as well get stuck with daydreaming.

I like funny feeling, the feel good making assumptions that lead to sometimes disastrous wasting a time. God loves me so much that I get provided just fine, a roof (gives me room to sleep and bath) and food (fills my tummy and let me gain weight). I rely on intuition but I should stop waiting for a freaking fucking sign to appear. Only I can make the signs by moving my ass and creating every day. Creating daily is what will allow me to clear my vision and see the beauty and magic of life now.

So how am I convincing myself that it is different this time? It’s 2ish in the morning, I am not yet sleepy so making a blog while the words are burning inside my heart is a perfect step to feel good that I have created something. Confessing in the blogosphere that I have a chronic problem on procrastination to get mocked and get out of that funk!

I should keep life simple. The sign of true happiness is finding peace inside me, not putting ill judgment on me and others, wishing love and blessings unto me and others, try something new everyday, sharing my creation, and HUSTLE!

Do I want that dream bad enough? I have always known the answer, lift the weight and HUSTLE!