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[1: 1,733 of 10,000] We’re Not Done

In Article on June 25, 2016 at 12:35 PM


I believe what I heard that evolution is not yet done. At the same time, I don’t think creation made before was ever a mistake; it was simply part of the continuous evolution of everything. Isn’t that beautiful? We are constantly evolving, now the choice is whether growing to be better or to get very worst.

Once upon a time there were dinosaurs and they’ve become extinct. We currently have nuclear bombs that could evolved to all human becomes enlightened and realised that war and mass destruction are not the way to move forward. It’s a battle indeed right, to follow the good and drop what’s evil; and precious beautiful human is capable of evil.

Were you ever bored? I am fascinated with boredom especially when I start drifting on thoughts and actions I am never ever going to be proud of. Dreaming of perfect is not the end, that’s just the beginning, effort and action must follow to get a result, and then start again.

Hey the good thing is we’re not done, unless we stopped breathing, we’re not yet done and we can make a choice no matter how weird it may be if it gives joy and save at least just one soul even if that soul is our very own.

[1: 1,585 of 10,000] Building My Stepping Stones

In Journal on September 10, 2015 at 7:00 PM


Winning in one thing isn’t the end. Yes I celebrate, but I don’t have to be comfortable to stay there and kept reliving the win. I have to keep my butt moving because growing means building myself better.

Explore a new forest and although I feel the tension of the unknown, I remain steadfast to move forward.

I got to keep building new sturdy stepping stones and never halt to mediocrity or inaction.

I have to be steady, healthy, and keeping a great positive attitude.

Exploding with love and understanding is amazingly beautiful.