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[1: 1,269 of 10,000] What’s the work you can not do?

In Article on January 12, 2014 at 4:14 PM

Scott DinsmoreScott Dinsmore asks, “What’s the work you can not do?

Our answer to that question would lead us to our inherent gift, the very purpose of our existence.

What’s the work you can not do?

We should not underestimate the gift that we have because even if it’s not unique we can do it with such finesse that it was worthwhile for the good of humanity. We should not even doubt the effect, it is not irrelevant if you have touched just one person because anything that was done with true love ripples.

What’s the work you can not do?

We should rejoice and honour ourselves for doing the work that we cannot not do as then we live.

[1: 910 of 10,000] The Story of Our Life

In Article on January 25, 2013 at 9:14 AM

We would never know how our life will turn out. We may dream it but unless it happened then we could never say it is what it is.

The story of our life unfolds as we walk through time. We try to find things that would fill our hunger for love, success, but the greatest of them all is the purpose to exist.

Basket of Apples
All I know now is that I exists because I am loved. I was made with talents to share to the world. I am unique and yet some part of me is the same with some part of you for us to connect with one another. Our individuality makes up the world with excitement for the varieties available contributes to the magnificence of a rainbow.

At a time of disagreement, at a time of disappointment and anger, is a time that we settle what is wrong. To learn whatever our age is would be better than believing to live what is not right.

The story of our life continues, I hope mine lives on with a legacy.

[1: 426 of 10,000] The Secrets of Being Different

In Poem on November 4, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Do something different.
Do something familiar in a different way.

It doesn’t mean if you’re different you’re wrong.
It doesn’t mean if you’re alone you’re lonely.

Different is original.
Different is bold, daring, and brave.

Being different doesn’t always last long –
The sooner someone finds out it is that good, it gets copied.

Stick to being different, stick to being YOU;
Unless YOU do, you’re just one of them.

One of them or nothing special, nothing outstanding;
Just part of a bunch, part of but anything.