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[1: 1,749 of 10,000] Forced To Work

In Journal on July 10, 2016 at 11:59 PM

Not Lost

It would be nice that I will never feel like I was being forced to work. Something is wrong, I am unhappy again. I know that I am able to work along fine people, learning from them, and some even trust my abilities but others also surprised me and disappoint me for being constantly engaging with BIG EGOS maybe including my growing lack of enthusiasm.

It would be nice not feeling lost. I need to find what I am passionate about, hold on to it, and make it work. Or make lemonade now? Or what happened to my mantra that I gotta to leave this world at least a little better than I found it.

I am panicking again. I couldn’t get proper sleep because I am starting to worry. I got to calm down, don’t drink too much coffee, and believe that everything will work out just fine.

I really really just want to be happy at work wherein everyone is working very well together.


[1: 1,650 of 10,000] I Hate Bull Shit

In Article on November 13, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Disclaimer: Don’t read this if you don’t like to ruin your day with negativity. I don’t rant a lot but this time I just have to let it out or I am going to explode.


I hate it when people are pretending and filled with bull shit. Showing off that they are nice when they really aren’t. I am just tired that they pretend. It would be better to just not say anything than to come up with lies. ARGH! I am too picky because maybe a part of me is envious or irritated that they were never what they say they were. Was the pleasantries an adult way to mask decency and what they call as maturity?

More on envious. I am so tired hearing people that the person I am replacing at work is super amazing. I am not sure if they are implying that I have a big shoe to fill because I never consider myself a second rate and most especially if I know I can do something unique and great in my own right. Although I couldn’t show off if I am new and I am too lazy to work and speak up. I need to improve that. To speak up a truth and something amazingly beautiful and not bag on something that sounds good but not true at all. Is my ego getting bruised?

I couldn’t grasp people’s real deal at work. There is an air of arrogance and pretending that there’s love at work yet frequently they would rather sleep, be somewhere else, and treat works as works, considered quite daunting. I do love what I do, I put my heart in it, it is my offer to people and a source of my income.

It is so amazing that by the time I build my own empire, I have gained the lessons needed and ready to embark my own without the need to listen for bull shits. I know in my heart that that day will come. I will build a company that cares about what they do without politics and lies.

For now, relax and let go. Never keep a building hate within.

[1: 1,540 of 10,000] Another Waste of Time Talking About The Shit Thing That Happened

In Article on July 27, 2015 at 6:32 PM


I have to apologise to my dear friend for sharing a story about a shit thing that had happened to me. The problem was I didn’t just share what the ludicrous thing that had happened, I added my assumptions, it’s like doing a House MD analysis where I threw ideas out, only I wasn’t solving any medical problem that could actually save a life.

It drained my energy, I wasted both our time, and it turned out to be a total useless. I am promising myself that I will never do that to my friend or to anyone ever again. I really have to be very careful to just stop talking about other’s mistakes because I am not faultless. It’s a better world that I focus on the good note. Practice!

Instead of dwelling on the negative, I have to be at my best to be alert in being creative, eloquent, and smart on always seeing the silver lining, the thin line of bliss. It’s my God given talent to see the good; now I have to be obedient to only say the good and drop about rant and the possibilities of what could have been. It’s fresher to live that way.

To keep the optimistic energy flowing in, I should continue reading new smart materials and never cease creating. I still have to prepare for the biggest interview of my life, update my Linkedin Profile, and spank my ass that I should be publishing a Linkedin article already!

Photo Source: http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2015/07/23/the-white-tee

[1: 1,076 of 10,000] Exhausted of Crying?

In Journal on July 8, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Tired of crying then simply stop the drama!


I don’t like where my monthly period is going. I used to have pimple, then I was mad, now I get too emotional! The hormones inside my body need to learn better way of coping every time that period arrives.

I would be trying ways to avoid the commotion and get pass through this:

1. Stop thinking that I am a victim and I am exhausted. Stop being a Victim so no more “pity-me” thoughts and lines because I am way mature and confident than that. Stop thinking I am exhausted so I can do more positive things with gusto, energy, and dedication.

2. Engage in activities that I love like making sensible blogs (not like this rant) and finishing the books that I have.

3. Plan my future and make actions to start completing it. I should learn to be courageous in making mistakes, learning fast, and pushing to be successful again with the lessons learned this time.

4. Drink water. I have been seriously inattentive of my human need for proper hydration; at least now I do sleep daily.

5. Pray for wisdom and guidance. I should never let my love tank gets empty that I cannot accept forgiveness. I am being too hard on others but I know I am not perfect myself so no more too bratty and stubborn. No more childishness. Be kinder even it’s a bit painful on the pride.

[1: 1,013 of 10,000] Not Getting What I Want

In Journal on May 8, 2013 at 12:00 AM

SorryNot getting what I want and being disappointed by a person I looked up to are not reasons for me to be a snob, bitch, and freaking unkind. I am so pissed last week that a promise was not fulfilled so I was a bit aloof. I am not even mad that he didn’t help me, I hated him because he said he will help but left me hanging, I would rather want him to be honest and say I can’t do it so I will find another solution by myself. I talked to my soul mate about it and she said it is up to me if I remained hateful and grumpy. Life is too short so I forgive myself, I forgive him, and I move on.

He repeatedly apologizes that is for sure and right now I will be compassionate, loving, and understanding. I will try my best not to ever ask anything from him again to avoid disappointment (I am scared to be lied upon again) and most importantly I should not be mean and judging towards him.

[1: 973 of 10,000] A Perfect Host

In Journal on March 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Green PatronI don’t like being insulted by being looked down with the choice that I make. Don’t invite me to dine and get whichever I want if you got something to comment about it… like I don’t deserve that because it is expensive. Screw you! I can buy my own tequila and if you find it too precious to pour that Green Patron, hell you can keep it in your bar.

I may be an employee today but I will always thank my parents who raised me with the best comfort that they’ve provided. I grew up with a nanny, I never got to work until I finish college, someone cooks for my food and attend to my laundry until my 20s, and my family was respected at the town where I was born. I don’t boast the wealth that my parents used to have because they’ve lost all of it, kind of whole reason I am working very hard in a job that I don’t necessarily enjoy and passionate about now to soon establish my own name and be a great entrepreneur.

Coming from a family who used to have wealth taught me the sense of consideration on how to properly treat people who I knew don’t have much as I do. I will never look down on others, not when everyone else could hear. When I invite people in my house, in my party, it is because I want them to be there, feel special, and I will serve them whatever I have and they will never feel belittled.

[1: 834 of 10,000] Cranky Much

In Journal on November 15, 2012 at 8:41 PM

I hated my mood yesterday.

I slept at 2 in the morning for watching my all time favorite movie. My sister arrived at wee hours later and started clapping and intentionally trying to keep everyone awake at home to give her a warm welcome. So what do I expect when I drag myself to get up at 6am to go for work, and oh prepare my breakfast and lunch? Just when you thought the day couldn’t give much more surprise, my ride to work didn’t come, the driver overslept too, so I end up taking a taxi, a metro train, and walk. I don’t like walking going to work ‘coz it makes me sweat, I don’t like sweating. I didn’t take the cab throughout ‘coz am saving for the New Year out of country trip.

That is yesterday anyway because today I am quite happy. Not perfectly happy but I have so much to be thankful for. We got our Christmas Tree decors and I’ve suggested to my sissies that we’ll put it up in the morning. I watched a special edition of Top Gear about James Bond Cars – amazing. I had a fun lunch meeting with my upcoming new boss, I can’t believe it but he may be my 1st boss who owns the company that may actually become a dear friend of mine because he is making me feel like he is a friend – weird feeling.

[1: 813 of 10,000] 24 Mall Hours

In Article on October 26, 2012 at 11:27 AM

Dubai is trying to open selected malls for 24 hours in celebration of Eid Al Adha.

My siblings and I are supposed to try and go at around 3AM in 2 mall destinations this morning but darn no one woke up on time and when I try to get up at 5ish I got a terrible headache so I went back to bed and sleep until 10am.

The first stop could have been The Cheesecake Factory at The Dubai Mall, the thought of having cheesecake for breakfast in unusual time is appealing, new and exciting for me.

Photo Credit: Irhal.com

It will be followed by hopping to Mall of the Emirates for a little shopping, a bit more eating, and grocery time for Halloween. I am quite curious to see too if people are really awake and mall ratting at those wee hours.

Missed it! Urg!

[1: 808 of 10,000] Being Nice

In Journal, Poem on October 21, 2012 at 11:01 PM

Be NICE not because I feel used
But because I am loved and blessed

Be NICE even if it is difficult
Because it brings out harmony

Be NICE because life is short
Whatever pissed me right now won’t matter on my death bed

Be NICE because I want to be healthy
Strong, luckier and happier

Be NICE because as Mums say:
because I said so!

🙂 It is challenging but achievable. Let me try this again tomorrow at the office where one of my assistants is irritating me with her lack of common sense, respect and professionalism. She doesn’t deserve my kindness and respect but because I am nice I am excruciatingly trying to be at least decent – at few times I can’t help but snap. I am also starting to believe she is crazy, a real lunatic one.

[1: 257 of 10,000] The Tomato Story

In Article on June 18, 2011 at 10:43 AM

I have not tried it before but I’ve always heard that when a spoil tomato is added in a basket of good tomatoes, the bad one could ruin the whole bunch.

I was supposed to go to a certain lesson last weekend but the organization doesn’t have a proper location map and every time I called them for proper direction to get to their place (no landmark, no exact street no., no building no.; okay they gave me a name of the centre but it wasn’t very famous even a resident in the area doesn’t know it) I was answered with suspicion (that the taxi driver is deceiving me – which is totally a sham because how can the driver deceive me if I just got in the cab) and the sense of irritation (I get it she is busy and won’t be able to properly give a direction, she’s not a GPS in the first place). It gets me thinking, here is a new organization that I am supposed to meet for the first time with the purpose of learning; but the first impression that they delivered were unhelpful and quite negative. The taxi driver who I hired to get me to the place was kind and patient but to my dismay to the person who can’t direct me to the right place, I decided to just go back home without regrets but with a lesson learned.

A business should compose of great people, every single one of them, from President to the Office Boy. The incident showed me that if one person in the organization is rude it affects the image of the whole team. The Chairman knew about it so it looked like the leader approved the deed and it gave me the notion that it is not worth doing business with them. Politeness and truly helping could bring shorter way to success and longer story of success.