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[1: 228 of 10,000] Steamy

In Article on May 29, 2011 at 6:53 PM

Being hard on our self and dead serious has both an advantage and disadvantage.

I’ve read from one study that grumpiness has a way to focus our attention. If I am angry, I can be very productive on some matters that I don’t want to deal normally so that must have truth. On the other hand, being happy allows me to feel love and share inspiration to other people.

Is happiness really cloud the truth? Or is positivity helps us deal with life easier? I am contemplating on this subject because it makes me wonder to see negative comments lurking around the Daily WordPress and just about everywhere. Is it just a habit that they use judgmental words or is it just I who wanted to be sheltered?

Keywords that keep me steady and sane: Balance, Tact, and Respect.

We need to set a balance.

We need to always remember to respect other’s opinion.

We need to know the right words to use to deliver our point of view.

We need to be more forgiving and loving.

It will make us human.

[1: 200 of 10,000] Thanking A Nemesis

In Journal on May 5, 2011 at 10:05 PM

They say that what we hate on someone is very revealing on what we don’t like about ourselves; having that in mind I am not sure if the next story is justifiable.

There is one particular person that I found arrogant for not accepting constructive criticism. She believed she had always done the right thing and have continuously fallen dropping contradictory statements. I have to admit that I hated her because of her displeasing attitude and I don’t appreciate the e-mails that she sent. Just typing about her now still makes my blood boils a little and I consider her the one person I don’t want to ever pretend speaking too ever again. I wanted a sincere apology from her and I don’t mind giving her mine if in some way I offended her on pointing what she had done wrong. I want her to perform better at work but maybe she’s in the wrong career in the first place and I never got the chance to talk to her about it because she won’t listen and I won’t teach to someone who doesn’t want to learn.

Along the way we will really meet people who get under our skin. Did the incident really reveal my own weakness? Yes, because I hired her only to terminate her in the end. She is a person I don’t like and may never have her as a friend and I accept that. I am grateful for meeting her because she made me realize that people can surprise us in an extreme way and there is more to learn about myself and others.

[1: 171 of 10,000] Teach The Kids The Right Way To Play

In Journal on April 13, 2011 at 2:09 PM

We have to teach the children on how to play games with all honesty. We were going to dine out last night when we’ve passed children playing hide and seek. The seeker was supposed to close his eyes, palms must be covering his peripheral views, while he faced and rest on a wall. We saw and heard the seeker counting, on the 6th he removed his cover and tried to cheat and peep where his playmates are would possibly be hiding. He continued to count and ended on 20th but he was peeping in between. I wanted so much to scold him but we’re supposed to be out to celebrate for my mom, the rain is starting to pour, and I don’t want to make any argument in the evening.

But seriously speaking – am I overreacting again that at young age he doesn’t follow the rule and was seriously cheating? It may be a game but if at such an early mind he probably justifies I want to catch my opponents, win, and that are what matter. I never cheated when I played hide and seek, I don’t mind if I lose as long as I play fair. If all the children play the hide and seek right, they can actually harness their detective skill by being keen, fast, and stir the curiosity to find what he’s supposed to catch.

I feel bad I wasn’t able to tell him to not do it again because it’s just wrong.

[1: 144 of 10,000] Be Nice

In Review on March 23, 2011 at 11:04 AM

I read Alesya’s blog about the fashion badass Fern Mallis whose advice is “Be Nice”. I was thinking what to blog today until I decided to take the train’s Gold Class again for convenience’s sake.

I bought some tracing pads yesterday for someone in the office and since tracing papers are thin and delicate, it has to be traveled with care not to fold or scratch it if the intended architectural masterpiece to be drawn on it would look amazing. Going for Gold Class which isn’t cram with moving people is the best way to ensure its safety. Read the rest of this entry »

[1: 85 of 10,000] Teacher?

In Article on February 7, 2011 at 8:09 PM

I am not a perfect student but I felt like ranting today with the suggested topic of Daily Post that is all about the worst teacher. I don’t know if they just have a bad day or life crisis but man, being a teacher has a big responsibility because they were supposed to set the standard, serve as the role model, and teach the right thing. I know the pressure is high but it’s how I see a Teacher. Roll call begins:

  1. Good thing I chose to forget her name. My P.E. professor back in college accused me with cheating and never leaving me to defend myself. I never cheat in her class, there’s no point really because I always study and I have a reputation to protect. Read the rest of this entry »