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[1: 1,482 of 10,000] Life’s Climax

In Article on May 30, 2015 at 4:48 PM

I often play my life imagining I am in a movie but not in a “Planet of the Apes” or “The Island of Dr. Moreau” genre because those completely terrify me. I watch “Walking Dead” not without an uncontrollable pounding of my heart almost the whole episode. Let me indulge with what I mean with getting freaked out, anything that would threaten how I have always believe human should be, it scares me to my scaredy bones. No thank you for a man turned into some kind of a wild genetically engineered something, it’s creepy especially when they start murdering normal human being as I know it.

Is it the writer in me that needs this dramatic scenes to continue to be creative and make my real life reel exciting? It has danger though especially the moment that I found another human being who seemed to be in a movie too. He loves drama and I love him. It’s wildly entertaining and crucially devastating that I want him and he wants me but we’re not on the same phase, that there is the perfect twist of a never ending saga of life, not a love affair at all. It’s insane and it’s a total satisfaction for my addiction.

There were moments that I looked for the thrill, the build up and the achievement of the climax, but as I stay grounded, not even close to achieving balance in life, just grounded then I kept my cool and appreciate every moment as it is, even practising without label and judgment, just is. 35 years of accumulated facts, experience, fascination, interpretations, circumstance, and the best that I could say that I should use to move on is to leave everything AS IS. I am not implying without improving the life, but not making a big deal, assuming an expected result, but doing things with much love and dedication and let go of any biases and getting too hard on oneself or to others.

This is the part that the credit rolls, I thank my parents who had cosmic collision to create me and thrive to overcome their fears to let me live. I was supposed to have an elder sibling but it was aborted, I would have not been the elder, I could have been part of the middle child or the only middle child. The fact that I was a result of parents who finally decided to let me live proved that I am born to have a purpose in this world and I hope I am doing it just fine.

You’re welcome to my movie! 🙂

Outdoor Movie

[1: 976 of 10,000] I Don’t Know What You’re Thinking

In Aphorism on March 31, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I wish I can read minds. It may probably hurt me but it would be refreshing to know what a person really thinks without a hint of lie.