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[1: 1,825 of 10,000] So What If Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant?

In Journal on December 2, 2016 at 9:17 AM

This photo looked very altered! Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant.

So what if Jennifer Aniston is pregnant? She sure not is but nosy people like to start rumor or assume matters that are not real and published it for everybody else to dip into her life that is clearly not our business unless she shares it herself.

Talking about somebody else is temptingly entertaining to the point of it is better than reflecting of our own boring life. Wrong. We are just scared to get our lives out in the open, afraid of getting ridiculed and let our heart broken, and yet why can’t we give the same courtesy on others? Unless it is me then what the heck is not a good excuse.

I hope that we may learn to be respectful to the privacy of others so we may earn the same respect.

[1: 1,770 of 10,000] Respect & Honour

In Article on July 31, 2016 at 11:43 PM


Respect and honour the choices of every man. Let him decide and learn on its own. Give the space he needed to grow better.

It is true that as we live each day and we have dared to try new things and commit all types of mistakes, whether silly, accidents, or honest mistakes, it is only then that we say we learn from experience and we get better. We develop an intrinsic compass not to commit the same mistake. And at those moments, we still have to respect and honour one another. No one is perfect and it’s all right because we can start all over by having another day.

So dare and live.


[1: 1,637 of 10,000] Call Me By My First Name

In Article on October 31, 2015 at 6:11 AM


I am finally working in a global company where everyone call each other by their first name, regardless of their position.

Coming from a Chinese and Filipino backgrounds where proper title is duly added before the first name or more formally before the last name, I have to undergo some growing. First name is so casual that it felt like I could open up to my seniors or reporting supervisors, but as time passes by, I finally recognised that this Senior Vice President no matter how cool and approachable is definitely worth my respect even if I address him by his first name.

It is actually good to just call each other by our first names because it drops a layer of boundery and it feels like we are equal. Respect is earned by the actual position and works being excellently done. It’s a breathe of fresh air that you don’t have to tip toe on calling somebody sir or madam, but real respect now demonstrated on how a certain person truly carry himself. It makes me avoid inflating anyone’s ego too.

As soon as I have my own company, it’ll definitely be a first name basis. 🙂

[1: 1,520 of 10,000] Scolding A Love One

In Article on July 7, 2015 at 10:13 AM

Mother scolding her daughter

I have two younger sisters who don’t always admire authority, well I don’t blame them especially if the authority figure that stood in front of them isn’t inspiring and respectful. I am the authority figure at home especially when our parents passed away.

I am the eldest and I feel like I always have the responsibility to do the right thing, to set an example, to be their role model, and because I am not perfect, my then weaknesses of getting irritable too quickly, raising my voice, and throwing hurtful words at them were inevitable. The surprising part is, even if I knew my intentions were good scolding them, I feel a lot hurt for shouting at them, I used to cry so hard after lecturing them on what’s the best thing to do (the delivery was excruciatingly awful).

Since then I improved and became cool like a cucumber. The best way to deliver a message is not in harsh tone but in loving way. It is even better that they got to reiterate and voice it out themselves because they knew what they did. I love my sisters and as much as I want to protect them, I have to tell them the truth when it was their fault; or they tell me my shortcoming too when I’m screwing things up.

May we all live peacefully and loving one another. Blessings to all of you!

[1: 1,297 of 10,000] I’ve Earned “MISS”

In Article on February 9, 2014 at 10:04 PM

Title feeds the EGO but as Robin Sharma taught, you can lead without a Title.


At 25 I have earned my title “MISS” at work.  It feels good and honourable. I also know that it comes with responsibilities. It feels even better that I don’t push people to call me that; it is up to them if they feel like it. Although on occasional circumstance I am a bit hurt when I am not addressed properly when I felt I am definitely a superior and I am around subordinates. I don’t like arrogance especially if I know they have not earned by respect. It certainly roots to my Chinese upbringing where respect and honour are signified with proper title. I never want my younger sisters to ever call me by my first name, they call me “Achie,” which means “Big Sister” in Chinese; when I’ll have kids they will call me “Mom” and never by my first name.

I once heard a very strong and progressive American company where they don’t use “SIR” for seniors but simply with their FIRST NAME. I am indifferent but I should be open to the idea that title isn’t important if I could hear from the tone that there is respect and jobs get perfectly completed.