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[1: 1,757 of 10,000] Who Are We To Distinguish Right From Wrong?

In Article on July 18, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Who are we to distinguish right from wrong?

Who are we to judge if a man committed a crime and must receive a fair punishment?

What is fair? What is disturbing? What is cruel?

Is the Ten Commandments the perfect guide?

  1. We have one God who guides and loves us and he is our light. He makes all things natural, who made the flowers, stars, and human.
  2. We should not create idols that blinds us to see the real God or copy or acting as God.
  3. We should keep our relationship with God holy, pure, or respectful.
  4. Bring your consciuosness higher, rest, reconnect, and grow to keep the relationship with God.
  5. Honour our father and mother to get closer to God.
  6. We must respect life.
  7. We must not commit immorality. Do what you want others do to you.
  8. We shall not steal.
  9. We should always speak the truth to ourselves and others.
  10. We should find contentment and not excessively desire what is not ours.

It could certainly be. It is simple but it takes our will power to abide them to live harmoniously together. If we fail, if we falter, then we can sincerely repent and not do it again.

[1: 1,738 of 10,000] Who Is Right?

In Poem on June 30, 2016 at 12:00 AM



Bobbi Gibb, first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1966, running without a number because women were not allowed into the race. The police ran after her and tried to arrest her. Women were not considered strong enough to run the marathon.


Who is right?
Is it really important to be right all the time?
Or be kind

Admit fault
Doubt the obvious
Explore a new possibility
Fresh answer

A fight
A debate
A meeting of minds
Opposite thoughts
A discovery or an invention

To care
To let go
To let it be
To hope
To believe

[1: 1,704 of 10,000] Rules Can Be Bent

In Article on May 10, 2016 at 12:35 AM


Yes, rules are important to have order in life.

Certain places are marked for entry and exit. Imagine if we all force ourselves to enter a road where everyone is going out, it would be chaos. Rules are set to maintain order and prevent accidents.

And yet, we can bend rules. We can persevere to find a loophole in order to win, in order to change what could have always been, and if our cause is good then it is all right but what if it’s not? How will we justify something so wrong and we feel passionate about it to make it happen; like NO is your answer but wait for it that I’ll change your mind until you say YES.

Where do we draw the line? It was not logic but discrimination against colored people existed in some countries and it was perceived to be right by the white. Where is the saving grace?

FORGIVENESS. It is in forgiveness that we acknowledge something had happened but we accept the repentance, we believed we are not always strong, wise, and right, we learn, and then we move forward.

[1: 1,425 of 10,000] Is That It?

In Journal on March 31, 2015 at 10:51 PM

Is that the message that I have been waiting for that makes it feel right? It feels right.

I woke up this morning with a fire inside me because I have a purpose that I will have to work on. I finally named it and boy now the work has to start. It’s going to be an ode, I don’t know how to do it, but I believe the guidance will come. I am meeting somebody tomorrow and my hopes are high that this is the right track.

I strongly want to be there for delicate young people and offer my love, friendship, and protection in the best light and proper side that I could ever be. Is this going to last? Will I ever give up? Is this just an excuse to focus on a different obsession? My intentions are pure, and I just don’t like to leave another Albert* unloved.

One life and I don’t know when is it going to end, so I shouldn’t be limiting myself, I should aim to do a bit more than I could even ever imagine. I have to start with what feels right.

All the best Yor! The new adventure begins.

*An orphan, sweet child, that was used for a scientific experiment.


[1: 919 of 10,000] I Survived Today

In Poem on February 3, 2013 at 8:59 PM



It was a long day

… of saying a lot of prayers

… of a lot of waiting

… of a lot of jittering

Then I survived


Another round of waiting

Another jolt of fighting what’s right

Another shameless faces to confront

Yet I know

I shall survive