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[1: 1,728 of 10,000] Hey Sherlock, We Meet Again

In Review on June 20, 2016 at 12:01 AM

Elementary Poster

Elementary (2012-) is my latest television obsession! I distinctively end my first sentence with an exclamation instead of a period because it is how much I adore Elementary in so many respects. I love the execution of Robert Downey Jr. movies and I equally love Elementary. Too much love words in one paragraph, obviously a fan here.

1. Every story line is alive with wit. Every episode was carefully crafted and the string of episodes are consistent. The team writing poured pure genius. It is amazing that with a number of writers they can still keep one voice for each characters.

Elementary Writing Credits

2. It refreshing that Lucy playing the best friend Watson doesn’t need to wear provocative clothes and clearly they are not going to sleep together (so far until Season 2, Episode 20, they’ve done it in Ugly Betty’s US version for Betty and Daniel, there’s a second hope). Finally, a story that focuses on the crime solving, humanity, and a partnership without sexual tensions with one another .

3. The four main characters play their part so well that it doesn’t get tiring to see them in almost all of the episodes. There’s Holmes, Watson, Greyson, and Bell; great combo!

Elementary Main Casts

4. And then there’s the guest star that plays Irene Adler or Jamie Moriarty by Natalie Dormer. It’s a brilliant addition that make the very unique Sherlock a little bit more relatable on the part that he has fallen in love to someone of his equal. There’s a female version for a Holmes.

I have loved House but it almost didn’t end so well. I hope Elementary could keep the storyline incredible and end it when it needs to. Breaking Bad is one of the best television series who started and ended well without dragging the story for the sake of more cash in but ruining the story. Unless Miller couldn’t play Holmes, there is actually rich materials that they can create to make the series gripping one episode after another.