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[1: 1,834 of 10,000] What Picture Sums Up My Rome Visit?

In Article on December 24, 2016 at 1:10 PM

There is only one place that I absolutely adore that could sum up my recent visit in Rome and it’s the Trevi Fountain.


Being there seeing the gigantic well-made baroque sculptures (oh by the way everything in Rome is done in big scale, or as one Roman tourist guide from the colosseum said, ‘we did it better than anybody else’), the real and clear refreshing water, and all the tourists surrounding it with delight painted on their faces made this a worthy visit. Not to forget, even magical seeing one by one throw coins to make a wish!

Fun facts:

  1. The fountain was completed in 1762 after 30 years of construction.
  2. 3,000 euro coins are thrown daily, collected daily and used to subsidized a supermarket for Rome’s needy.
  3. In January 2013, Fendi, sponsored a 20-month thorough restoration of the fountain for a value of 2.2 million euros (it’s one good use from luxury items purchase). Fendi also held one spectacular fashion show at the fountain on its 90th anniversary.

Like the peaceful feeling I get from watching and hearing waves from Bali, I get the same sense of wonder and peace only here added with receiving so much inspiration knowing that men, very creative men, did this.

[1: 1,833 of 10,000] When In Rome

In Journal on December 12, 2016 at 11:20 AM


In few hours, I would be getting in a plane, and tomorrow I’d be walking on the streets of Rome. I look forward to enjoy the view and the feast. It will be amusing to utter every single thing that I dare to do and add… “when in Rome.”

My sister was right pointing out that this is one of the earliest civilization and some of its great architecture still erects as a proof of that. I hope the trip is as magical as I hope it would be.