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[1: 1,812 of 10,000] An Apple

In Journal on November 23, 2016 at 12:00 AM


It is nice to be a child. We may argue that children are dependent to adults, susceptible to learning the wrong things, or too delicate to face the real world. What is the real world anyway?

I will share a secret about the spirit of a child, they are never afraid to do what they love, to show their crafts, and truly never thinks, ‘Oh this is too embarrassing!’ They just go on the stage, perform, and more so when encouraged.

When I was a kid, I was invited to a party including my dear mother. The party host opened the floor that whoever can perform will get an apple. I don’t exactly remember my motivation, whether I wanted the apple, to show off in front of a crowd, or simply just the joy of entertaining. My mother gave me a nudge; and without even hesitating, I got up, took the microphone, and performed. I must have recited a poem and got an apple home.

As I grow as an adult, there are moments that I hesitate thinking I will look like a fool; but then again I say to myself, ‘So what! It is better to speak my mind that being silent and expect others to read my mind.’

Real world is where we can always try to be the best that we can be. If we make mistakes then we found a wrong way and could move on to the next until it leads us to the right path. Life is a journey with pauses to take a breather, which we got accustomed to think that it’s a destination. I invite you that let us show off what we love.

[1: 1,488 of 10,000] My Words And My Intentions

In Article on June 5, 2015 at 4:15 PM

I have my words and intentions and yet they are questioned and tested. I chose silence for I know I have said so much and I couldn’t bear to be misinterpreted instead of the right questions are being asked and the real problems are being resolve. I am being pinned for a secret that is true and I was forbidden to speak it out loud.

It’s a secret that bears a dagger to the heart. It reveals a man’s integrity. What oath shall I follow, is it the secrecy to make a dagger into a shovel that digs graves for not one but for four souls? I am not God to make this assumptions but I am not blind and a mute to do nothing.

If my dignity is going to be smeared of twisted words, and I know that my intentions are pure, so be it. I am not the accolade, I have lived the truth, I seek the just, and if my words are my own dagger to speak my mind, so be it.

I do not know the length of my life but I am sure that it is only one and will not die with a single regret. I have loved and cared, I have spoken my idealistic mind, and although my heart tremble with the unknown, I grew closer to edge without leaving my courage behind.

I am not ashamed. I am not proud. I just couldn’t live without living my truth. I am not gathering followers and believers of my position; but some listened, well they hear what they want to hear and comes up with their own path. Why do fear scares? Why do we let fear scares? Why do we run for the real responsibility?

I am not given a chance to explain myself but my explanation will be empty to ears that choose their own ideas. Silence is the greatest sacrifice of the writer in me.

How far shall a man go to fight for what’s worth fighting for? How deep will he goes to find the reflections of his actions?

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[1: 987 of 10,000] Anonymous Blog Writing Is Not Enough

In Journal on April 11, 2013 at 12:00 AM


I also keep a password protected Microsoft journal where everything is honest and named. I kept this blog anonymous so I can rant and mock anyone but I still can’t bring myself to always drop a bomb and real names but most especially invite everyone to my sobbing pathetic story. So writing without barge is different especially unloading pain and embracing all truth.

I feel great and excited for the first time in a long time that I was able to voice out the truth. I have been holding these feelings inside me and there is no way to let it out. Finally I wrote it down on pages. I don’t need a kookoo doctor to listen and I certainly don’t need to take Xanax to sleep and relax.