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[1: 1,436 of 10,000] It’s Shopping Bags Organising Day!!

In Article on April 14, 2015 at 6:41 PM

Shopping Bags

I have the magnificent idea of storing all our shopping bags for future ‘recycle’ on top of our fridge. The biggest sort of paper bag was bursting with all the other bags that the lace handles are starting to obstruct the proper closure of the freezer. So, I finally get on to rearranging them by type and size to neatly store them. Not on top of the fridge but somewhere in our studio apartment, I hope my sister will accept the idea that under her home office table at the far corner would be acceptable. Waiting for her to come home from work and discuss the important matter. I will probably open that up after feeding her dinner.

The bags were consist from buying mostly for clothes and foods. Is it a sign of boosting the economy? Is it over consumerism? Is it living simply and in zen like? I remember last mid-year, we moved into the new apartment without any shopping bags, we usually throw all of them, now after about 9 months we’ve managed to accumulate lots. I am just overthinking about moving to a new place probably by June and just recalculating all the new stuffs make me question moving only after a year. I do love moving though, I like the part where we sell some stuffs and redecorate a new place. I am quite proud with this apartment, because it was the first time when I told my sister I am going to give you a shabby chic home, and I kind of did.

I am getting a bit emotional, no it’s not that time of the month yet, but probably soon. :p What have you organised lately?