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[1: 1,844 of 10,000] Listen To Bruno Mars

In Article on December 30, 2016 at 7:07 AM

Negative critics trashed Bruno Mars after he had performed at the 48th Super Bowl half time show. Upon guesting at Ellen’s, Bruno made a quick inspiring speech to the aspiring musicians –


“I promise you, one day you’ll gonna have your moment to shine and you’ll gonna have a lot of people saying that you can’t do it and you’re not good enough. But I promise you, if you go out there and you sing and you put your heart and soul into it, and you follow your dream, one day you’ll gonna be sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres.”

There will always be a wall that would test how bad do we really want it. Are we breaking the wall? Are we leaving the wall? Are we going to outsmart the wall? Let’s GO live our dream.

It takes working for it, patience, persistent, pursuing to get better, leaving mediocre and excuses behind. Hustle! Grind! It will pay off soon. It is not because some recognize us that other detractors will push us to question what we dream to live, so we stay strong and focus that we deserve to claim it.

[1: 1,843 of 10,000] I Just Met Grace VanderWaal

In Article on December 30, 2016 at 5:35 AM

I appreciate watching auditions that I can sacrifice sleeping early and totally lose track of time. I see the magic happening right before my eyes. Singers usually give me a different inspiration because I could feel their souls speaking right through mine and it is even more amazing if the contestant just sang a song she just wrote.

I was browsing from YouTube and I stumble upon Grace VanderWaal’s audition, a 12 years old charming kid from New York, a songwriter, plays the ukulele, and has a very distinct and beautiful voice. After digging further from her audition at America’s Got Talent 2016 (Season 11), I later found out that she won.

When she was first asked if she could win, her answer was beautiful, she said, “Miracles can happen, so possibly!”


I am very happy for her.

She’s young, she could feel the pressure, and yet she didn’t give up, instead she was even more motivated to write new musics to share to the world. She’s such a positive energy and may we all have her grace.


In case you’re wondering, I just purchased her album from iTunes and listening to it while typing this post. I got to support the brave artists who are not afraid to create and share.


[1: 1,551 of 10,000] American Idol XIV For The Last Time

In Review on August 7, 2015 at 10:24 PM

American Idol XIV

The American Idol is rolling for the last time? I heard last time but I wonder why do the judges tell the contestants who didn’t make it for Hollywood to come back next year? Anyway I’m watching and as usual enjoying the audition episode.

I am grateful to see passionate singers sharing their talent and witnessing that one of their dreams to come true. I remembered being so invested to certain contestants and not seeing them as the grand finals winners sadden me. After learning the power of now and unattachment, I simply marvel to these amazing individuals speak to my soul.

I still love “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and it was sung by a certain Cody but I will never forget the magic when Katharine McPhee sung it in 2006. You can’t deny that some people could command a presence and there are undeniable moments that the judges could immediately in agreement. The judges are super nice and authentic to their stand. I am happy when three singers join a contestant for a jam; absolutely unscripted and a treat. It’s my first time to witness these three judges for Idol – Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr.; I used to love Simon not for the drama and ego but when he’s unapologetic to say his honest opinion.

Here’s to another season of American Idol!

[1: 205 of 10,000] Who annoys me more, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?

In Article on May 9, 2011 at 1:58 PM

I am not a fan for both Justine Bieber and Lady Gaga but there is really no reason that I’ll be annoyed by any of them. In a side note, if a certain entertainer annoys me, I don’t watch nor listen to him, if he’s being reported on a particular channel, then I’ll change the channel. It’s impossible that he can be in all the shows, if there’s an incredibly ill faith that he is (sort of royal wedding fever not that I was annoyed by the grand royal wedding); I guess it’s time to get a good book and be in a zen place to read. Back to the two artists, from the business point of view and as a fan of success stories, I actually admire how these two performers were able to make a name in the entertainment world and MORE.

Why MORE? The Bieber kid was able to woo the imagination of so many young girls by being cute and singing passionately. The Lady was able to make fashionistas go gaga for her head turning fashion sense and could make club goers groove to her beats. These two were able to reach people more than a regular singer could do; they’re an international icon from a simple bangs and shocking costumes!

They are both extremely popular but what worries me?

It’s alarming that fans become obsessed or exaggerated (?) I’ve heard fans of Justin threat any girl or lady who gets close to him. So far no one was reported physically hurt but verbally abused was not quite foreign even to the proclaimed girlfriend or considered friends of the boy. It was probably the girls’ first taste of shattered love or broken puppy dream but parents, guardians, and adults should make sure their babies are properly guided to not result to obscene actions.

I’m worried that Gaga fell quite a lot of time for either using high heels or a little intoxicated with happy bubbly (?) She either need to practice to walk in a very challenging pair of shoes or she has to contact the different shoe makers to customize foot wears that speak her eccentricity for extreme fashion but equally safe for her to walk on and never fall.

A person doesn’t always have the chance to become very popular. Popularity when portrayed correctly is a good place for everyone to be in, you’ll have a bigger voice, you’ll set trend, or you’ll have power. I hope these two just do what they do best and at least set a great example and be truly responsible without compromising what they’re truly passionate about.