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[1: 1,962 of 10,000] The Last Single Lady

In Journal on May 24, 2019 at 6:16 PM


I have three groups of friends, the high school friends, the college pals, and the best friends from previous works.

In the work best friends corner, we’re two of the last single ladies who aren’t married but yesterday, she admitted that she’s now in a relationship and the situation is alarming me that I am the last one not in a relationship. The group chat conversation went to where will the wedding be. Yaiks! I do feel a little pressure but I am letting it pass because this I don’t really want to deal with right now.

I was at a clinic last Thursday to have my allergy shot, I was sitting across a mother with a baby on her lap, and I, on the other hand, is typing on my work laptop, geez that says a lot about our priorities, huh?

My college pals are all married, I wouldn’t even go there, and not only are they comfortably settled but they are counting more than one child.

High school friends though is a little bit more reassuring because 5 of us are still single and can mingle. Look what I did there, can but not saying “ready to mingle.”

What am I looking for a man anyway? Someone confident, comfortable in life, smart, kind, talented, and knows how to enjoy trying new things. I’ve thought about it, I can commit to someone like Rob Bell (filled with wisdom and love for God), Bill Rancic (he’s very responsible), Simon Sinek (very inspiring), and Jake Gyllenhaal (he’s so hot I think I would melt whenever he stares and smiles at me).

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

[1: 1,316 of 10,000] Next Is… Marriage?

In Journal on May 16, 2014 at 5:31 PM

I was taken aback when company asks or even preferred their employees to be married as seen on the movie Leap Year. It was even a bit funny that marital status nowadays are quite descriptive like a certain survey site with the below question –

Marital Status

I belong to the “Single – never married” and I will do everything in my power that I shall never be part of the “Divorced”.

Married life… I am looking forward to being in love, tickled to the bones, and live a longer life with the greatest man by my side. Although, I know that I got to work on so many things that I shall be willing to marry me so my best mate gets attracted. I am turning 34 in 18 days and it always shakes me to question where I am and where am I heading?

I have always been attracted with man who is 34 now that I myself is going to be one I get baffled. What was it about 34 and what will I be doing? Whatever are those things it should never be less than amazing. How could I go wrong with my curious mind, excited heart, and with my loving God? Never as long as I keep moving forward, not giving up, and expanding (not in size, geez I got to go to the gym!!! ‘coz every second that ticks I am not getting younger with the best metabolism).