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[1: 1,666 of 10,000] I Am Never At The Wrong Place

In Question on December 4, 2015 at 12:27 PM

I’ve heard about famous people speak about “we are where we are supposed to be” and that’s like saying “I am never in the wrong place.”

I am usually an optimistic gal but I like to focus on this line – I am never in the wrong place, even if something horrible happened, it meant something. I don’t know if this is followed by the statement, “but my attitude and reaction in every situation is my own responsibility.” Now if that is how it is supposed to be then I will see the insight of a beautiful reality.

Is life even real when a lot of people hide behind their fears? I am too gullible sometimes that I wanted to believe and take the face value of what people say in front of me; but it is not always the case, I have to gauge which one is the truth but in all circumstance I will never know and somehow it is no longer my business.

And yet if it is not my business, where do I find the connection with other soul? Did I really exist to manage my own and hopefully my thoughts and actions if inspiring will create a ripple that changes them to be truthful? I tell the truth because I am not afraid of the consequence. The pain of lying kills me more than bearing the consequences of the truth.

Or yes it is not my business because I am supposed to move on to do what is joyful in my life. If the people around me is comfortable hiding behind their fears and would rather demonstrate a false reality of themselves, it is not my business or more specifically my responsibility to change them.

I have accepted that fact that a man who wants to change must do it himself and as for me as long as I can to live responsibly. And here’s the ephiphany, as long as I am alive and if I find myself in a situation that doesn’t make me feel comfortable… I have a choice to leave and change it.


A bad story doesn’t need to go on forever, if the lesson it bring is then learned, it can be overruled.