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[1: 979 of 10,000] iPhoning Syndrome

In Article on April 3, 2013 at 12:00 AM

iphone4_whiteI was quite tired a lot lately, restless, or stubborn because I was getting addicted to checking social websites on my iPhone before I go to bed, which is already quite late (12am or even 1ish) after a long day of crucial hectic work. It’s like one of my vices of loving to watch television wherein I am called a couch potato.

What do I love to check anyway?

  1. Instagram – I love double tapping photos and it gets me high with delight for all the creativity, cuteness, and beauty.
  2. Facebook – To get in touch with family and friends.
  3. Twitter – For my dose of quick inspiration.
  4. Yahoo! Mail – Where I receive my subscription from brilliant people like Bo Sanchez.
  5. Gmail – Personal and serious adult (monthly bills, bank statements) stuffs.
  6. Company Email – Where did that come from? I have no life and I sometime cannot help myself to check if there is a new work email – a real sign of a workaholic.

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account don’t have the same content. I like to keep their personality distinct and unique. I don’t like it when people post the same thing across all platforms especially if I follow them in all social network sites; I find that unimaginative, lazy, and redundant.

I am training myself to stop this addiction because I needed good rest. So far I am still on track on my New Year’s Resolution that I sleep daily not necessarily the good at least 4 hours everyday but the point is I still sleep, which is comforting.

Photo Source: ARS Technical

[1: 923 of 10,000] Is Adding My Boss in Facebook a Good Idea?

In Journal on February 7, 2013 at 11:43 PM


The last time I added a former boss in Facebook, it was fine. He considered me at a level of a friend offline. He let me drink. He drags me away from my work computer and leads me to the dance floor during office party.

Today, my current boss asked me that I add him as a friend in Facebook. He tried to find me but my set security is an absolute perfection (no one can simply find me) so I end up telling him I will invite you. I was actually hesitant and asked him is it really a good idea to add you? He asked, why do you have naked photo? I said NO. After dinner, I accessed my fb account and send him an invite, for all you know after a blink he accepted – that was quick.

I know that I cannot change who I am even if I might cringe of what he might think of his new employee. I guess we all just have to live with one another and accept who we are. It matters to me that I am accepted and loved but hey I am not going to force anyone to love a lie or be too careful on what I say. Whoever is in my crowd in fb means you got to live with me – nothing made up or nothing pretentious – just me silly, positive, and living life with its thorns.

I add my current boss because I like to believe we are friends outside the social network. I don’t find it a bad idea at all. 😉

Photo Source: SupaMario3000