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[1: 2,067 of 10,000] The Moment I Created Space

In Journal on October 15, 2021 at 3:00 PM

I’ve created space in my life that I allow life to flow. It’s a glorious feeling that I don’t doubt it because the peace emanating from within me is so strong I bathe in it with much delight. Just when I thought my art of allowing can get any better, it does and I’m so excited to share to everyone how to experience it.

It’s unapologetic but instead graceful in reflecting unconditional love back at me. There’s pureness in its language that there is no rush nor constraint only relaxed breathing space for energy to dance and play. What a journey that I’ve been through and then here I am, beaming with light.

I’m like a new born baby appreciating every tickle I grab out of life. Going back to an innocent eyes yet wide awake of how people thrive. I feel the dreams being created, planted, and shout out loud back to the Universe to be created and they’re glorious. Start with having fun and see the tragic comedy as a teacher with life lesson to be appreciated.

It’s an exhilarating blazing life in a beautiful world, join it! Offer what makes you joyful, offer it what frustrates you, offer it your creation, offer it your pain, and most of all offer it your reverence. Reverence you asked? Why not, you’re part of its co-creator.

[1: 2,061 of 10,000] Earth And Eather Collide

In Article on August 9, 2021 at 7:48 PM
Photo Gratitude: Simone Pellegrini, Unsplash.com

Awakening to a bigger consciousness than my current miniature lifetime is making me fly so high. I lost my fears of conforming to what is culturally accepted, including beliefs I’ve been raised to; instead, I’m questioning everything. I’ve learned to pause and push, the intensity of polar opposites only to return to fireworks that trickle down to peace and inspired creation. I’m trying to ground my thoughts, or is this what it’s all about? I’ve changed.

It’s time to answer the call for new ways of being. I can’t go back to living like a zombie, ignoring a tug inside me to love everyone… EVERYONE. My mind trained in individuality is holding on to establish its boundary, yet my Soul is breaking my heart open and asking me to see everyone, REALLY SEE EVERYONE. I imagine a mirror out whenever I interact with anyone and remember that whatever I do to someone, I do to me; if we always remember this, we’ll be a kinder and compassionate world.

[1: 2,058 of 10,000] Feeling Anew

In Journal on May 18, 2021 at 11:50 AM
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

I feel like a butterfly that went through different forms, going through transformation. It’s both exciting and excruciating but absolutely rewarding. I still recognize the person in the past but every single moment that I’m living, I could feel my expansion, I’m move willingly to learn the essence of humanity and spirituality and then go forth to live it.

Every new connections that I make now dive in directly to what’s deep, what we’re longing in our heart, and finding the truth – individual truth without judgment nor hesitation to speak it loudly. I’ve lived long enough to finally get it that we’re all one and also standing unique in our own sovereign that’s eternally connected to Source.

Have you awaken yet? Have you start seeing the world more clearly? Do you recognize unconditional love? Do you see yours and other’s divinity? If you’re awake, you would know the feeling of easiness and going back to that ‘peace’ that has no expectations but just being. If you’re not yet awake, it’s okay, be gentle on yourself, and you can start with always looking for something that you appreciate to grow the ball of love within you.

[1: 2,045 of 10,000] Come In Naked

In Article on December 16, 2020 at 9:41 PM

I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom about a deeper meaning of life this year. The new inner knowing elevated my eyes in seeing everything and my role in it in a whole new way.

There are moments that I struggle connecting the new knowing to break my old patterns and I’ve discovered that when I come in naked into a situation, no pre-conceived expectation, no judgment, but an openness to listen instead of starting a sentence with “I know what they’ll say.” The fact that every single moment I’m evolving, growing, and experiencing conscious ascension I should listen. When I quiet my mind, when I remove the clutter, I will seat still and see what will resonate especially if I’m interacting with a new person.

I’m learning, I’m being patient with my progress, I’m forgiving with my reactions, attitudes, and for healing my wounds. My mind can be so busy, cramming for answers and clinging on fears, so I don’t take rest for granted and allow my whole being to rejuventate. When my whole being is nourished, I can come in truly naked.

Photo credit: Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

[1: 2,037 of 10,000] Real World

In Journal on December 6, 2020 at 11:56 PM

What is the real world? Is it part of the system, being a cooperative player, and going with the motion?

It takes deliberate choices to truly feel that I lived, otherwise it will just be all work, all play, meaningless surviving. I like to think that I am here to make a dent in the world, that my desires count, and the works of my hands are legitimately making life better.

For the first time yesterday, I started to let my old friends in that I am a lightwoker. I didn’t know how to explain it to them because it isn’t a world that they are used to. I was struggling to explain who am I now after all the rebirths that I’ve been because I was thinking to use words that are familiar to them. I love my friends and I don’t want to be disconnected, but I also know that as I grow, I will continue to look for a new community that will light up my soul in a whole new level because I will not be speaking in code but freely.

Photo credit: Han Lahandoe on Unsplash

[1: 2,018 of 10,000] My Spiritual Journey

In Article on November 18, 2020 at 7:14 AM
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I am delighted with my lighthearted “spiritual journey.” I’m evolving in ways I’ve never imagined. I’m experiencing bliss and peace at the same time. I understood flow, co-creating with the Source energy, and the Law of Attraction. I’m comfortable to focus on my own path because only when I’m whole that I can be of service to the collective consciousness.

I’m learning a whole new world that existed in my radar, gently nudging me, and now I see with new sights and inner knowing. I appreciate my new transition of being awaken to a new wonder. I’m doing shadow works without fear in order to truly heal the numerous pains that made me a better being. I’m saying yes to life that I like because I choose to be alive. I’m taking responsibility that everything that’s happening to me, I was part of it, sometimes I was aware, some part I was loosely conscious.

There is no one path to my enlightenment. I was so studious, incessant to get all the answers, making it intellectually sensible, only to learn that I have to release my grip to control and let life flow with ease. I’m recognizing my power to create my path that’s unique to me. I can literally go wild and be creative in making what my heart desires come to life.

My spiritual journey knows oneness of all, unconditional love, gratitude, peace, stillness, mess to know what I don’t want, tower moments to gauge my strength and show up with courage, gentleness and forgiveness because I will never get it all for the first try. My journey goes beyond the Bible, because it will never be contained, it’s expansive and ever evolving.