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[1: 1,528 of 10,000] Can You See GOD?

In Journal on July 15, 2015 at 12:31 PM


Can you see GOD? Or does it really matter that you don’t see or hear HIM?

I have my spiritual journey lately and I am enriching my faith because I want to live a peaceful and a joyful life.

I once asked why can’t I see GOD just like in the Old Testament where he had spoken to men? Why do I have to use my inner belief that he exists even if I don’t see him?

Right NOW, these are the things that I LOVE:

  • GOD is so powerful that HE is everywhere and has always been in ME.
  • When I stay relax, still, and aware of the presence, I am connecting with GOD.
  • GOD loves me and everyone even if we are going to make mistakes in the future.
  • GOD sees perfection in me. Am I not made in his image and likeness?
  • GOD sees my heart that no men need to understand and acknowledge.
  • I can let go of my fears because GOD strengthens me.

There are so many miracles happening every day, the fact that I woke up, breathe, and blogging are just the start. I am rejoicing with the joys of others. I am at peace that GOD take cares of everyone. I am grateful that I am whole. I am excited with all the surprises as life unfolds.

Can you see GOD? Start by looking at the mirror, smile, and say THANK YOU.