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[1: 141 of 10,000] Weekends Are Also A Star

In Reference, Review on March 20, 2011 at 10:21 AM

I am still using a non-digital organizer. I still like to write, cross out, check, and doodle.  But I am really disappointed for so many organizers produced that don’t give a red carpet treatment for Saturdays and Sundays. Star treatment meaning they should have equal space as Mondays to Fridays.

What are the logic of the manufacturers and designers? Is it because weekends are supposed to be short and non-business and organizers were meant for business? Why give it a space if the weekend will be spent sleeping? Or is it fun time anyways that it doesn’t need to be planned? Read the rest of this entry »

[1: 13 of 10,000] The Best Date Format Shortcut

In Reference, Review on December 6, 2010 at 1:57 PM


or translated to


Not all countries have a universal way of presenting month and date format in numbers; it becomes difficult to figure especially if the date is not 13 and above.

Take for instance: 01-06-10, what are the problems on this format:

  1. Some countries may say it is January 6 while others will say it’s June 1.
  2. The year can be assumed as 2010, 1910, 1810, etc.

Date serves as a good history, so if we want our personal and business documents to be properly labeled; let us use a friendly date format.