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[1: 1,640 of 10,000] Why Reading A Book Another Time Gives New Meaning?

In Article on November 3, 2015 at 7:35 AM

Reading Again

I am currently re-reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, its been years since the last time I read it and I do found new meanings as I peruse the words all over again.

It happen because after I first read it, I encountered new insights from other people who explained the circumstance in a more elaborate manner that reading the snippets from Steven makes it easily understandable and a good reminder.

Having new life experience, undergoing new circumstance, and meeting new people make some of the statements more in depth as I have my personal story to relate it to.

I do believe that this book is similar to Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” and I will still definitely read Liz’s version.

The book is about RESISTANCE and I do have problem focusing right now because there are a million things running through my brain that I needed to go back to simplify and complete my task. The funny thing is I am enjoying the book so much that even resistance couldn’t prevent me from absorbing the wonderful lessons and making me move my life in a better path.

I made sure I finished this blog post for the day as a sign that I could fight resistance. 😀

Is there any book that you love going back to?