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[1: 2,053 of 10,000] Pausing To Savor

In Journal on February 22, 2021 at 9:54 PM

I’ve noticed that lately I no longer rush and surrender to the demand of others to suit their time but instead I honor my own rhythm in the name of my sanity and joy. When I started my journey of loving myself unconditionally, the world cooperates to delight me.

When I seat down for a meal, there’s grace in me savoring the different ingredients that I could taste. I now nourish my body with intention and marvel to the fact that I have delicious food, I have the energy to feed myself and I’m grateful to all the beautiful Spirits that made it happened.

Learning to revere stillness invites me to be grateful to the simplicity of life’s magic. I have some pots with soil in our apartment and my sister suggested that I plant the tomato seeds in there. Everyday we water the soil and soon after tiny plant starts to emerge and they’re so cute. The growing vegetable are giving us a beautiful surprise every waking day.

I’m in my fourth year of writing at least one sentence a day of what I’m grateful for and it feels rewarding to be alive. I know there’s growing pain but there are more happiness if I am deliberate to focus on what makes me feel good. I do make plans in the future, setting up personal chats with people I really like, doing something for the first time for experience sake, and there’s more excitement waiting for the day that it’ll come. It’s very satisfying to pen in activities that makes me smile.

When I hear other people who are not gentle or kind on themselves, I can really sense it now, because I’ve been that. There are times that I still fall apart but I’m better at healing myself, naming what I’m really mad about and then I be quiet coyote to listen to my heart. My heart knows everything about me, what’s good for me, what my next move is, and when to simply relax and feel the moment.

I hurt a nerve in my back today after trying out a kick-boxing exercise from an Instagram video. My body that didn’t visit gym for months was shocked and completely snapped at me. It’s serious because there are certain positions in the middle of the day that I couldn’t breathe easily and yet it didn’t deter me to stay optimistic and I’m confident that my body is intelligent enough to heal itself. Body ailment is a good indicator that pause is exactly what’s needed. It made me reflect too about the things that I could easily do and have taken for granted when I’m incapable of freely moving without struggle. If I couldn’t breathe, I may just call it ‘a life’ and be cremated; but I know it’s not yet time and I’ll keep on insisting to this life that I will live my life, my perfect blend of story and maybe blog about it every once in while.

[1: 2,011 of 10,000] Happy Here Right Now

In Article on November 12, 2020 at 8:40 PM

I am happy to where I am. I do have my desires but they are never going to be a reason that something is missing. It would be a lie if I don’t admit that I was that person too, wanting to have everything that I could ever dream of and then the world is right.

Today, I’m fully committing enjoying where I am right now. I’ll paint the scene right this fleeting moment, I’m typing this blog, an activity that’s always making me contented, Google is playing a Christmas song, I’m having a glass of my favorite chilled plum wine from Japan, and it’s Thursday night in Dubai so it’s officially a weekend.

I am gradually evolving not to focus on I will only be happy when I have a place where I can put my root because that’ll screw up the Law of Attraction. I am speaking this law not in a nonchalant way because it’s a natural order with a cycle, I place the order, the Universe receive it, depending on what I cook up in my mind it will be delivered at exactly the precise moment (divine timing is definitely at play), and the final end of the stick is will I be vibrationally aligned in order to receive without resistance.

I’m not to be worried that am the last one who isn’t married amongst my girlfriends. This year, I pressured myself to finally give relationship a chance. I’m so clueless about it that I even got a love coach, only to discover of how to heal myself from all my walls and any childhood trauma residue I never realized I have. Making dating like one of my business projects, I gave it a timeline, yet discovering I attracted the same kind of people, not really ready to be in an equal give and take relationship because I wasn’t ready. So, I have to go on a hermit mode and reassess what do I truly need, how do I want to be loved. The answer is learning to parent my inner child, shower myself with self-love and self-care, and then having somebody who recognize that is the bonus, not the destination.

The fastest way to always stay in my happy mood is having a grateful heart, never cease looking for every single bit that I appreciate. I love the morning sunlight that kisses my skin when I open the balcony door. I was laughing my heart out listening to Brent Morin joking about Bradley Cooper and how women are beautiful but mean.

It’s not going to be good all the time and in moments that I feel off, I will be wise to stay in the discomfort. I will be a witness of what’s going on within me, how my body reacts, and then give myself to move the energy like get a bathe, move, or seat in stillness.

[1: 1,983 of 10,000] Speaking My Truth

In Journal on March 29, 2020 at 8:44 PM


My soul is burning for love and I have been trying to find my way back into it. The Source that is boundless and eternal and it was a struggle when I fill my mind with streams of noise instead of letting the stillness in.

I have the blindspot for doing it faster like my life depended on it. I have lived so many lives, do I really need to rush or slow down and witness the unfolding of life before my eyes and marvel to its beauty?

Everything that I ever need is within me. I don’t need anyone to complete me. I have to be full to reach my ultimate potential and be the best creator that I can be just like the Source that intricately weaves us all together.

Life is vast and evolving and each of us is contributing to its infinite expansion. With that appreciation of every human life, it’s getting clearer, I love who I am and I am one with everyone. As much as I love everyone, we all have our different path, a burning desire to follow through. My journey doesn’t include bringing all souls with me; but I can try, I most certainly can try but not compulsory and not required because as I travel my own so does others. The enlightenment that we so seek will make the call, and we will not miss it, even if it means taking several lifetimes.

Nothing we do will ever be wrong because it’s a detour to make a shift. I see you and the content of your heart, I could never put the right words but I feel it. I will never be able to define love but I can feel it. When I do feel it, my tears roll not because of sadness but for its pureness of truth that clears the cloud of fears, doubts, and deceit.

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

[1: 1,881 of 10,000] Breathe

In Journal on May 26, 2017 at 6:44 PM


I read from a book that a deep meditation can bring someone to a trance, looking like he had fallen asleep then waking up feeling better. I want to experience that.

I want to feel complete surrender of the present, battle the demon in my mind, and then I open my eyes with enough courage to face reality with ease. Then I go again.

I couldn’t seat still because I am anxious about the future and the long list of things to do. The future that holds dreams like a prisoner and as I approach it get released little by little. I have to come to accept that the future holds no power, I must recognize that I live my reality now, a piece of the puzzle of my dreams.

Breathing is the sign of life. If it’s the sign of life, it matters what we breathe in, as it also matters what we breathe out. Breathe in the things that I am capable to control. Breathe out the things that are out of my control. Breathe in blessings and breathe out forgiveness. Breathe in love and breathe out love.

Breathe in… breathe out.

[1: 1,427 of 10,000] Therapist Wakes Up Pain Bodies?!

In Article on April 2, 2015 at 11:51 PM

Counselling and Support

I was speaking to a therapist yesterday and she noticed that I was quite young when my parents passed away. I was 22 when Papa died of a heart attack and I was 31 when Mama died of a colorectal cancer. When my godparents visited me last February here in Dubai, they mentioned that it is a pity that I no longer have my parents. For a bit, this dialogue does crack my heart, but I usually recover fast to hold up any tear that threatens to drop.

I should not feel bad that I lost my parents because they gave me inspiring memories and they raised me to be capable of holding myself. Everybody will soon leave, and it was their time. The real challenge is what will I do to honour this gift of life that is given to me. I have to follow my heart and do what makes me happy and should be able to touch others’ lives too.

I am extremely grateful that I am starting to find my stillness and behold that the kingdom of God is in the midst of me and you. We are holy. We are just too stubborn to keep listening to the small voice in our head that usually cost us sufferings from either being too arrogant, to feel special, to seek for drama, or even compete of being miserable and dwell on self-pity. Our ego is trying to convince us that we are not good enough but if we are truly aware of how beautiful we are and that the miracle is just waiting for us to open up to let it flow, we are all going to be happy and helping one another to spread love and inspiration; and also living with empowered thoughts that translate to wonderful creations.

The truth is I want to become a counsellor, the therapist that I met gave me the bottom line facts on where I should start. I invested AED 600 for an hour session, but it was a good decision to understand this new world that I am not familiar at all. It’s a long expensive track but I shall be devoted to be there and contribute to the world and most especially to the innocent young people. There is a way and I got time. 🙂

[1: 1,407 of 10,000] Still

In Journal on March 5, 2015 at 5:41 PM

Being an adult is quite something. I never expected that until in my 30s I would be crazy committed to jobs I never really wanted but tried and even excel for the sake of simply going with the flow, to get a decent shelter, nourish myself with food, and threw in a vacation somewhere in between. I have become a zombie and learned answering the question how are you by default with “busy;” busy killing my soul gently that is.

I finally got the courage to quit my job and for the first time I am staying still and reassessing what would fire up my soul to want to live so vibrantly, so badly, that I won’t be the first in line to chock myself ever again. I never regret any previous decisions but I sure won’t continue living without my consent of saying yes only to what I really love to do and doing things with love.


I am living a very relaxed life. I am trying to enjoy waking up without worrying about bills. I am having a breakfast and writing this blog while I wait for my chicken noodle soup to cook. I am not rushing for the sake of rushing and getting myself busy. I am practising to be in the moment, enjoying the smell of a toasted bread, ravishing to the sound of typing, and recognising that my heart is beating with so much love.

I am staying still to listen to my pure inner voice. It is beautiful to hear my heart beat. Baby steps.