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[1: 2,028 of 10,000] Invested On Stories

In Aphorism on November 28, 2020 at 12:00 AM
Photo source: Sportingnews.com

As a writer, who create a new world out of my imagination, I used to be invested on characters created by another writer. I remember watching movies and get thrown off when my own personal beliefs shattered right before my eyes. Like in the League of Their Own, why did Geena Davis let the ball roll, choosing her sister playing in the opposing team to win and her own team lose the championship?

With the new found wisdom that I already have now, I release my control to what could have been and enjoy what’s happening. I now have an appreciation that human can never get it done and all is well. With those two, a story can unfold as many different ways and directions, there’s no right or wrong, there’s only life and being a witness of it. There’s only longer or shorter, enjoying or suffering, fear or love.

[1: 1,952 of 10,000] What’s My Story To Tell?

In Journal on September 22, 2018 at 10:39 AM

I have moved through life for 38 years, and I could recognize the phases:

Young me was playful. It was the 80s, and I adore running outside, playing ball with the neighborhood, riding a bike and even hit by a bike by my childhood crush (entirely my fault, I thought I was invisible), and going out to a resort for a summer swim.

Teenage me was grumpy. Some even assumed am a tomboy with my baseball cap backward and not into prim and proper. I am not a lesbian, I totally shut down when a lesbian showed interest in me, I ran away. I also ran away when men court me, and I don’t like them, I freak out and stop all connection. My mother taught me that when I don’t like someone, keep wide proximity, and so I did. This was the best year though that I wanted to be alone and just write my own version of novels where my schoolmates lined up to read. I love my imagination at this time.

The collegiate me was all about getting into a good university and scoring high grades to be in the dean’s list. I love the library, I remembered the first time I tried to use the Internet from a PC, and I didn’t have a clue navigating the Yahoo! site. I still have my Yahoo! email. I got what I’ve dreamed of, being part of the literary group and was the Editor-In-Chief of the college yearbook and surprised the school President that I can produce it, she lost fate that it’ll be out that she didn’t even bother to write us a message, one dean gave us a recycled message from last year. It was a tragic history of yearbooks that are not produced all because the students didn’t meet up the expectation and took the privilege of being given the free range, I loved it and was up to accomplish a project. It was so humble though that when we were distributing, the school president went there to ask for a copy, I was planning to give her one, but I got to serve my customer first, the students who paid.

I grew up with entrepreneur parents but I saw them struggled in their businesses that I said I’ll be an employee so I won’t be thinking about the whole company, so I did apply for a job and landed one two months after graduating from college. It was fascinating to go to work, I was nervous, shy, and found out if I was absent from work I’ll have a salary deduction, the adult consequence of not showing up huh! I was lucky to join an IT company that launched some firsts in the Philippines, I was surrounded by smart young people like me. My dearest adult friends today I met at my first work company.

My father died in 2002 of a heart attack at 49 years old. My mother passed away due to cancer in 2012 at 58 years old. These deaths of my parents make me long for parents that I will never have. My signature demonstrates that I am hung up with the past, so I have to create a new story. My parents were not on good terms during the latter part of their lives, from being the Romeo & Juliet that defy all odds to they’re are tired of one another.

Fast forward to today, 17 years as an employee and one time having attempted at managing a business with my uncle financing it that failed, I am in an entirely new headspace. I like pretty things and ladylike, no more baseball cap but sun hats. I am in constant search for meaning to make my life worthy and not just existing. I have published an eBook on Amazon, and I am challenging myself to release some more. I’m still not married, but I’m entertaining the idea including becoming a mother. I know that being a parent is not easy, but I also believe that I was never 100% ready of anything, I needed people and I needed a load of help from God.

If there’s one thing I will never indulge now, I will not fall for self-pity, and I will be mindful of recognizing silly things that will distract me. I have to write down my dreams, my goals, my plans, and take the necessary step to make it happen; after giving all my best and knowing my intentions are in check, that I would be willing to surrender the result to God. Most of all, I am in my journey to see everyone as equal, I have built my own biases over the years, and I am on the work of shattering them. All in all, I am grateful with my current life, I am very contented and happy; contented not in the sense that I am not going to improve anymore but the mere fact that I can appreciate what is right now.

You’ve reached all the way here, thanks for reading my short story, so how about you, what is your story to tell?

[1: 1,853 of 10,000] Self-preservation Like Victoria Grayson’s Ultimate Drive

In Article, Journal on January 8, 2017 at 10:55 PM

w310_c-3301680864928234983.jpgMerriam Webster Dictionary defines Self-preservation as a natural or instinctive tendency to act so as to preserve one’s own existence.

It is a survival mechanism and the theme of a lot of movies especially when it involved a battle in whatever form. It is the ultimate bottom line reason of Victoria Grayson in the hit TV show Revenge.

It is very tempting to save face, to point the blame to someone, or to justify why I deserve more power, wealth, and fame than any body else or worst at the expense of someone.

Is selfless the antidote of the negative connotation of self-preservation? It could be, if selfless is done not because of self-inflicting suffering but to have honorary sacrifice. To devote oneself for the greater good and to spark a positive change just like the inspiration the great noble men have left us.

[1: 1,778 of 10,000] The Latest Bourne Movie

In Review on August 14, 2016 at 12:56 AM


I’ve always watched Jason Bourne in the cinema because I like the story, Matt Damon, and the thrill it brings.

The new movie wasn’t rich enough in terms of story. Matt and Tommy were still amazing actors, the action was okay, the cinematography is good, but the story was really a let down. It wasn’t gripping enough to keep you wanting for more or be thrilled to see it again. Alicia Vikander was a pretty actress but her character was forgettable. Vincent Cassel on the other hand was more memorable but still his story isn’t good enough.

The first three instalments were captivating and the fourth lost a better development of characters like Jason’s biological dad or a better problem to solve.

If you ask me if I’ll recommend you to watch it, if you’ve been watching Bourne then you’ll be disappointed so it is okay that you wait for it in cable television. If this is the first Bourne that you’ll watch, well I’m quite curious about what you think; but I would recommend that you better watch the last 3 movies so you wouldn’t be missing the best bits.

[1: 1,744 of 10,000] Sharing My Story

In Journal on July 5, 2016 at 10:12 PM

My Story

Following the cute water colour image, let me share few tidbits.

  1. I freeze whenever I know that there is something important at work to be done. I drown and get confused on what to do with the pile of works. I have the amazing talent of multiplying the work because I connect things too much and too fast.
  2. I sleep in the sofa when I get too worried and confused on what to do next with my life. I hurt my back, I lose proper sleep, and may eventually catch sickness that doesn’t get well too soon.
  3. People who raise their voice on me scare me. Unless they are useless to me, I don’t care, but when I want their attention and approval they can make me really nervous and sweat from my right forehead.
  4. I sometimes couldn’t stop myself buying new books despite having lots at home to still read and finish especially if I am extremely curious.
  5. I still don’t know what am I supposed to do in this lifetime. I could make people smile and also annoy others at the same time. I can’t please everyone so I guess it’s okay.
  6. I hate to inconvenient people but I am not perfect that I am guilty in delaying on the delivery of some assignments. I wish that I have the energy to keep working and always finishing what am I supposed to do. I expect other people to treat and serve me well especially if I am the customer.
  7. I could somehow pull the true desires of people. I have the demeanour that would effortlessly makes them share their secrets because they seemed secured in my presence, of my honesty, or my non-judgmental look. I do judge occasionally and one of the psychics our family have known picked it up.
  8. I boast sometimes that I am doing better than others. I boast to show what I’ve accomplished but not really about putting someone down. I thought I am inspiring them to get better.
  9. If coffees don’t make my heart palpitate, I will drink more than necessary to be alert and awake. I don’t like to look dying but I do whenever I am losing sleep.
  10. I wish I could make people’s wishes come true. I wish no one is in pain. I wish I could help anyone who seeks me for rescue. I wish I will never ask anything from others humiliating myself just because I have not prepared well for the future.

There, I hope in a way, it inspired you a little.

[1: 1,686 of 10,000] Who Helps Create A Story

In Article on February 11, 2016 at 2:07 AM

Runaway Bride

The new ego that I got to know is the part in me that craves for attention, destructively repeat scenarios in my head just to keep me in a drama loop, it demands that it is always the center of attention whether as the leading lady or the weakest pity-me sad lady, and so I realised now that my ego has always been the source of story.

I was washing the dishes early on, The Holiday was playing on television, and I thought, “if your life as you believe it is full of drama, then it could actually be a good material for a movie, a story, a novel, well just to make sense of it and make it useful as an entertainment.”

It is no wonder I relate so much on different stories even if there’s a culture difference; at the end of it all, our ego speaks the same story line, we can relate about betrayal or triumph, and it is either fascinating or depressing depending on the inner peace that we try to draw out from every circumstance. I hope it will always be positive and we can overcome our fears.

[1: 564 of 10,000] She Looks Like Michelle Williams

In Article on March 1, 2012 at 10:52 AM

Photo Source: InStyle.com

How many times have you told a story to someone about somebody and refer to the closest movie star look-alike to stir an imagination? I recently met someone and told my sibling about her; for my sibling to imagine the person I am speaking about I said, “She looks like Michelle Williams.” Of course it is not a complete copy cat of Michelle Williams and every time I do that I feel a bit guilty.

I tell to myself, ‘How dare you compare her to Michelle, you should at least give her the credit that she is beautiful and doesn’t deserved to be compared.” In a way, my Strict-To-Personal-Identity self has a point although it’s not far from truth that there are just some people who somehow got resemblance from someone famous making it an easy excuse to just label someone until that someone becomes somebody famous herself and the tagging continues.

[1: 401 of 10,000] When You Fall in the Trap of Listening Too Much Criticism – Remember This Tale

In Article on October 13, 2011 at 11:25 AM

You probably heard the old tale about the “The Miller, His Son and The Donkey” but if not here is a quick summary:

  1. The miller together with his son traveled to the market to sell their donkey.
  2. On their journey, they decided to walk beside the donkey and they were criticized for not riding it.
  3. When the father gets on, he is mocked for making his young son walk.
  4. When the son rides, he is blamed for making his elderly father on foot.
  5. When both ride, they are berated for overburdening the animal.
  6. Finally, the father and son carried the donkey while passing a bridge, when people saw this they laughed and the commotion scared the donkey that eventually leads its masters to drop it off the bridge and it died.

Moral of the story: Read the rest of this entry »

[1: 343 of 10,000] Talking With A Stranger In 210 Minutes

In Article on August 27, 2011 at 12:01 AM

I met a stranger who was a palm reader and a psychic too. I gave him scans of my palms because I was curious. I didn’t really know what he looks like so we decided to meet at a coffee shop; public place is always a safe location. I texted him where was I seated and what am wearing but I never know who he is. I got to admit that I am taking a risk and being courageous of the unknown; I was learning to trust the unknown.

Seated and waiting for his arrival I was praying (1) he doesn’t wear a turban or (2) something that gets attention, you know the ones that you’ve passed through him but you just got to make the second or even the third look back, (3) he doesn’t look weird with big scrutinizing eyes, or (4) the worst fear I have is he’ll hypnotize me and go crazy. Read the rest of this entry »

[1: 33 of 10,000] What makes me happy?

In Question on January 3, 2011 at 11:08 PM
  1. Having a relax time with my family, exchanging stories and laughing.
  2. Music
  3. Movie
  4. T.V. Episode
  5. Delicious Food
  6. Accomplishment
  7. Achievement
  8. Compliment
  9. Miracle
  10. Kind deeds