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[1: 1,547 of 10,000] That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

In Poem on August 3, 2015 at 7:00 PM

I love that warm fuzzy feeling but not everyday is a happy day.

In my worst moments of uncaring, I created drama.

Soon I was addicted with the hype.

I kept doing the jolt of intense feeling in different scenarios.

The high was just for awhile. Shortlived.

I was getting creative but all in the wrong tracks.

Then I got tired.

I was really guilty.

I melt down to self-pity.

And then to lost.

I have to seek God’s help. I need you God.

Only you can change me from inside out.

I couldn’t control my longing for attention and love.

I am so afraid of rejections. Abandonement.

I even forget to breathe sometimes.

I need kisses.

I need hugs.

I need comfort that I am not alone.

I need you God.

God Is With Me

[1: 1,454 of 10,000] Don’t Let It Bother You

In Article on May 2, 2015 at 11:28 AM

I have a voice inside me that knows exactly what extreme means. It creates drama to extremity, putting both of us down or blowing both of us up! Reflection The day transforms with circumstances that are mostly beyond my control. My attitude towards it is what I can 100% control. The little voice inside me made a loud voice, begging me to react crazy. I told the voice, do you want us to go down this way?

Yes, it is going to be easy to be a victim or to be arrogant, either ways, we can play the part and make us both looked like a loser or an asshole. Do you really want us to go to that road? Or you be silent and we regroup our thoughts, keep our hearts whole, and do the right thing and be a decent person. Like a little child, it wants to reason more, it wants me to be fuming mad, and it knows that if I let it win, I will have all the mixed emotions and we get caved into a dark space, it feeds on self-pity or empty boastfulness; and I know that we are better than that.

Whenever I said, “ssshhhhh” with conviction and draw my focus on what’s right, it folds like a helpless baby. I am the bigger self and I know that the tiny voice in me is scared of the unknown, and I got to comfort it that we can do this. I thank it for the minor silly warning to make inside me alive with dreams party but we both know that’s not how we achieve great things that change the world, we need to have courage to take steps, or we end up just dreaming.

[1: 738 of 10,000] What is your greatest strength and weakness at the same time? I figured out mine today!

In Journal on August 27, 2012 at 11:38 PM

I have a very sensitive office mates. They want to stick with their position. I know personally that I am never a fan of making someone any coffee unless I am given the money and ran a cup from Starbucks, oh wait plus absolutely another cup for me too. It is that same thought. It is the same as drawing line that I can do all but this task is just below the belt – degrading of what I am really capable to do.

Keeping the thoughts above, I realized that the things that my office mates don’t want to do I am willing to do then I laid out that in all honesty I am very helpful to other people and I will even do it cheerfully; but if I am not careful I will be badly taken advantaged. If I arrive at the negative point, I will most likely to end up hating the person and never again will I be glad to be in contact with the sneaky smarty bad person.