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[1: 1,861 of 10,000] My Dreams

In Question on January 15, 2017 at 7:50 PM


I wonder why do I have dreams. Is it a language of my subconscious speaking to me when it got my full attention? Full attention meaning whenever I close my eyes then I am alone inside my mind.

Why do they come in symbols that needs to be decoded? Why does my dreams translate in steno and I couldn’t understand it on my own unless I try to consult to an almost reliable online dream dictionary? Is it because my subconscious is connected with my soul that have higher understanding that my intelligence won’t be able to simply grasp?

Are my dreams really suppressed emotions or an awakening revelation of my life’s journey? I am fascinated that I kept dreaming about my dead parents. What are they trying to say? Or is it my own self trying to teach myself to learn from the past? Have I not learned to let go?

Indeed, my current mystery!

[1: 1,519 of 10,000] I Kept Forgetting My Dreams

In Journal on July 6, 2015 at 10:24 AM

Loosing my energy and getting so worked up stopped me from remembering my dreams. Few days back I was into interpreting my dreams by decoding their meanings, it seems to make sense, combing every strands of scenarios and unlocking the desires and thoughts of my own subconscious. But lately, I couldn’t hold on to those dreams and they slipped through my grasp.

I am a little disappointed but I am not going to make it a big deal, but today, I remembered my dream again and it could clearly denotes that I am back with my senses and strong in energy. I am supposed to finish finalising the eBook since yesterday so it could go to an artist for book cover design, and eventually publish in Amazon Kindle. Woohooo I am back! It feels good to be well!