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[1: 2,062 of 10,000] Plum Wine and Japan

In Journal on August 19, 2021 at 9:59 PM
When all I can use my AWAY cabin luggage is to hang my bags, dreaming traveling from a Tivoli poster and drinking Plum Wine from Japan

I’m drinking a four-year old plum wine from Japan tonight. Japan was the last country I’ve visited in February 2020 before the worldwide pandemic started. One sip of this sweet wine and I’m transported back to memories of good food and a broken heart.

I was told my past life was a merchant who travels a lot and enjoyed a comfortable life. If I don’t play my card right, I’ll be replicating the same thing, which would be a shame for the sake of human experience and not taking advantage of varieties. I know myself that I’m not a fan of repetition but there’s just one thing though I also need to overcome my willpower weakness.

Despite being a true adventurous at heart, I have a strong pull for foundation, rhythm and security. It sounded like being responsible to have a comfortable home, being out of debt, have friends that I can call and yet I have to keep questioning all my beliefs and redefine what I truly desire.

It all boils down to being creative and fine a new way of being. Speak up what’s in my heart and be courageous to go after what’s keeping my driven, not because I’m proving something to someone but because I have my own desire to make a new path that I feel drawn and I want my light to shine upon.

For days I’ve been questioning why do I choose to be alive? What’s the plan now? I’m cozy and comfortable but I don’t feel like I’m contributing enough, and then I pulled back and quiet myself, it was never about doing so much or so little, it was always about experiencing everything in the moment. It’s not missing the awe-ness of the fleeting second that will never come back but a memory.

There’s beauty in cycle. There’s sacredness in being part of life, yes, even if it’s just breathing without expectations or destinations. Enough about being too rigid of always accomplishing only to detest that I’ve never stopped to rest, to appreciate where I am. I’m tired competing even to myself without pausing to see the vision of the big picture.

Yet after some rest, I’m ready to keep moving again. My muse finally arrived.

[1: 1,973 of 10,000] Collaborating With My Mind

In Article on January 21, 2020 at 6:47 AM

Marisa Peer

I have an AHA moment after listening to therapist Marisa Peer’s TEDxKCS talk called To reach beyond your limits by training your mind. It’s mind-blowing and let me break it down for you, one because I need to ingrain it in my mind so I can get what I want and two because you can use it to your favor.

The mind wants 4 things and if I know this then I can hack it into my advantage. My mind is my intellect and the monkey that occupies my wild imaginations, the incessant thought that creates scenes after scenes in my head and the worst part is when I even fall to believe a lie.

1: My mind does exactly what it thinks I want in my best interest. Hack: I have to be very clear to tell my mind what I really want. If I want to become a best-selling author, then I have to tell my mind that I am a best-selling author and write to finish the book. If I’m in the zone, I also attract the right people into my orbit. (Side note: I’m loving the word ‘orbit’ lately!)

2: My mind is hard-wired to move me towards pleasure and avoiding pain. Any successful endeavor requires putting work. The only time it doesn’t feel like hard work is if I like what I’m doing, but the reality is there’s work to be done. Hack: Condition myself to link that I have massive pleasure doing hard work. It feels awful to exercise but it’s the only way for my muscles to get healthy so I got to enjoy while exercising.

3: My mind response to 2 things that affect my feelings, (a) what I picture in my head and (b) the words that I say to myself. Hack: Picture that I am doing it and use words that are positive to me. Stop with the low vibration thoughts. I have a brilliant mind and I better use it positively.

4.  My mind is programmed to what’s familiar. Hack: Make the unfamiliar familiar especially my self-beliefs. Familiarize myself to love my self, my work, my life and are grateful to everything that’s happening to me. Unfamiliarize me from procrastination and not good enough thoughts, move those words out of my vocabulary.

Original photo source: Lavendaire

[1: 1,898 of 10,000] Who You Know Matters

In Article on October 7, 2017 at 12:23 PM


Photo taken during my visit in Stockholm last September (2017) where artist Mattias Norström bent a flag pole in front of Kulturhuset (The House of Culture).

Rules made by men can be bent because human are vulnerable, subjective and flexible. Who you know matters that can help you with just about anything.

I have a prickly habit that following the rules is a must otherwise I fear there would be chaos; and yet winners take courage to bend the rules to make a statement, to grow, or to achieve a dream.

Knowing someone is like winning a Willy Wonka ticket to get in the chocolate factory; but don’t be fooled, it is our talent that keeps us in the desired circle, takes growth to stay relevant, takes perseverance to be wealthy, and finally takes surrender to live in peace.

[1: 1,831 of 10,000] Success Ingredients

In List on December 4, 2016 at 9:33 PM


  1. It doesn’t happen in an instant. I have to show up everyday and not everyday is a happy day.
  2. Problems propel me to a new level if I stay and solve it.
  3. Keep learning new skills and listen from experts but courageous enough if I have a different opinion from everybody else.
  4. Serve to make life better.
  5. Put love and care on the works and overcome the critics, deceit, and vulgarity surrounding me.
  6. Always try to give quality and excellent work.

[1: 1,779 of 10,000] Don’t Get Stuck With Misfortunes

In Journal on August 21, 2016 at 11:14 PM


We all fail but failure doesn’t need to be the ending of our story.

Don’t get stuck with misfortunes. The more we fail, the more ways we have found what don’t work, until we figure out what would end up in success.

It makes sense to always rise and try again.

[1: 1,771 of 10,000] Have You Been Wishing?

In Question on August 1, 2016 at 11:27 PM


Have you been wishing for things to happen or did you manage to make it happen?

[1: 1,729 of 10,000] I Watch People

In Article on June 21, 2016 at 11:33 PM


What I know is that the ultimate way to truly feel successful in this lifetime is to serve the people. I examined myself and I know that I don’t like everyone. Then it occurred to me that I don’t have to although a part of me questioned why couldn’t I.

While enjoying my late lunch at a mall’s food court today, I was watching the people. I wondered what are they thinking and how could I like this person despite not liking how he looked like. I do have the habit of finding what’s beautiful about a person without necessarily knowing who he is. I even think that God lives within each of us and that makes us all connected. Could I be capable of loving everyone, or may be at least be polite and move along…

I don’t like to pretend and I really don’t see the sense of being too nice to everybody, I couldn’t do that, it’s impossible especially if everybody is dealing their own baggages. Maybe in time? This is bothering me, maybe I need to redefine the type of successful life that I like. Maybe so.

[1: 1,568 of 10,000] A Time For Kites To Fly

In Article on August 24, 2015 at 11:53 PM


The sky is clear blue, the wind is encouraging, and I witness the different kites my neighbors were successfully reeling up so high from our balcony. I wanted the same experience of controlling a kite and let it fly so high with the others. The best that I could do to quence my thirst for this magnificent beauty was to start working in making my own kite. I didn’t even aimed to have the biggest or the prettiest because I couldn’t do it, I simply settled to having a humble kite. I tried my hardest to fly it, I couldn’t recall that it did fly. I must have just been dreaming that I was able to succeed.

I could still remember that I imagined that I could let it fly freely in the sky as I let go of the threads from my little hands. I don’t think I was smart in asking the help of my neighbors who was so good at making a kite and flying it too, I could have asked them so I was able to experience it instead of just dreaming and hoping.

As I’ve grown, I’ve recognised that I wanted to be successful. I see something beautiful and I wanted to work for it and get it. But unlike when I was a child, this time I try to learn from the right people to gain the success that I wanted. I’ve self-published my first eBook and I feel fulfilled in realising one of my dreams and not just imagining and wondering have I really just published something for the world to read?

There are more kites making and kites flying that I wanted to do in life. As I progress, I am grateful that my wonder and determination to participate in creating something beautiful never ceases.

[1: 1,475 of 10,000] More People Look Happy

In Journal on May 23, 2015 at 10:17 PM


I am pretty happy that more people seemed to look happy. I am staying too long in Instagram where everything appeared to be glamorous, simple but fun, delicately staged but quite creative, and life is interpreted as special that’s full of wonders to be discovered and shared to the world.

It’s like the piece of movie that you get a glimpse but we all don’t know the story of the journey, that the photograph at the bottom left took more shots than one until this particular light in this particular filter was perfect for publication.

In life, we often do not know the struggle, the heartache, the pain, and we thought success is easy. If it’s easy, everybody will be successful, but it’s not because it entails not just love and passion, but the actual time and energy to devote and accomplish not one time but series of sweat and blood works that have ultimate directions.

I am really being silly right now in my life. I know what I want and I am completely screwed on how to get them. I couldn’t figure out the heavy blockage, and I am too anxious to calm down. I am scared that if I don’t figure this out, I am going to lose my mind, yes that’s the worse that could happen.

I am still begging for miracle for the final week of May 2015. I hope one day, (which I’m sure it will certainly happen, I know it in my soul) I will read this post again and laugh at myself with all these confusions and utter with the sweetest smile and say, “God, you’ve always got my back, thank you and I love you too.”

[1: 1,288 of 10,000] Come Alive

In Article on January 31, 2014 at 3:11 PM

Royal YOU

Heard it from Oprah Winfrey’s 2013 Harvard Commencement Speech:

You will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal. There really is only one, and that is this: To fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being. You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself up, your family, and the people around you. Theologian Howard Thurman said it best. He said, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I currently struggle that I don’t serve enough people in my life and yet the few people that I do serve suffer with my erratic behaviour of being prickly at some point, nice in another time, combinations of confused, stressed, sick, emotional, kind, inspiring, tough, and honest. I am clueless of what truly makes me come alive and doing it for the rest of my life. Right now, I said YES to challenges that I don’t completely understand how to resolve. To make things worst, I am fearful to step forward to get on the work.

I know that the people around believed I am dependable, loveable even with my challenging characteristics, and yet I do not feel alive. It is time that I change my ATTITUDE and put on my optimism and keep accomplishing even if it is painful. I will take chances to trust even if I ‘might’ get hurt. I will believe that I will love and will always be grateful to sprinkle happiness wherever I may be now. I should show up and come alive to carry everyone to better feelings because I may not have the right career but I know how great I am in lifting someone’s spirit.

Photo Source: Lauren Conrad’s Instagram