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[1: 1,447 of 10,000] Effort Means Everything

In Article on April 25, 2015 at 11:56 PM

Float in the Beach

I don’t care about anything but the quietness and calmness of every inch of my body. It’s a complete surrender. Floating on water is my favourite activity when I am in the beach.

I couldn’t hear the people who are few meters away, heck I barely understand my sissy holding one of my hands, my anchor, so I don’t sail away, well I still couldn’t swim. 😛 The water was particularly calm today, unlike last Saturday where there were waves splashing on my face although the quietness was still there. No Ariel or Ursula singing underwater.

Even such a beautiful escape took effort. Everything I love or I don’t love takes effort to finish. To give my heart the joy of nature’s water means I need to get up early, drive to the beach, pay the parking, and come home to quickly wash the swimming wears and towels.

It takes energy to even effortlessly do the things that I love. It needs action on my part to get it done. It’s just that, it requires me to be in the moment when I am doing it. Disregard the inconvenience, no complains, just breathe and enjoy it.

[1: 707 of 10,000] Zara Summer Top

In Review on August 5, 2012 at 8:48 PM

I’m excited to wear my new Zara Summer Top especially it’s so hot in Dubai today!

It’s a perky yellow and that’s not the front view, it’s a backless sheer top. It’s not really advisable to wear it in Dubai so I think I better go to a hotel with private pool.

Got it on Sale @ AED 45.00. Nice! 🙂