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[1: 772 of 10,000] Ladies Beauty Trip

In Journal on September 21, 2012 at 6:40 PM

Today’s Agenda –

  1. Attempt to Swim and don’t look some kind of a lunatic in the water
  2. Because I am lazy, I’ll go sit in a Jacuzzi and try to relax
  3. Stay in a Sauna Room for 15 minutes, apply some beauty essentials and sweat like crazy
  4. Wash under my beloved Rain Shower
  5. Laugh my heart out even if there are strangers present
  6. Hydrate
  7. Sleep early even if at the back of my head I wanted to work

I did not die in a Sauna Room. There were parts where I was catching my breath but I survived and I am very happy. It was a good experience and I am so willing to do it again. If I’ll have daughters soon, I’ll introduce it to them. I feel so light, clean and pampered. Thank you Lord. 🙂