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[1: 1,272 of 10,000] Larry Smith Defined Passion with such Fluency

In Article on January 15, 2014 at 4:12 AM

Larry Smith is an Economist and talked at TED with the title “Why you will fail to have a great career?” It wasn’t the smart question that made me love his talk, it was actually the spot on reasons.

  1. He felt very strongly that we will never live a great career because we always find excuses on why we don’t follow our dream. Let us expound about that beautiful dream, which we also call PASSION. He defined passion with such elegance and nobility, he said, “Passion helps you create the highest expression of your talent. It is your greatest love.
  2. He also beautifully add “Pursue your passion, pursue your dream, pursue your fascination in life.” So what other lame valid excuse we’ve used too often – Too lazy, Too hard.
  3. Then at the end the day, the only reason why it will not come true as he summed up – “You will not do it.”


Now that I am inspired, it’s time to ACT.

Watch his talk and be equally inspired too and live what you’re made of.

[1: 1,219 of 10,000] A New Blind Man’s Perspective

In Article on November 23, 2013 at 12:59 AM

I like Chris Downey, an Architect who became blind on 2008 due to a brain surgery. He was able to see more when he lost his sight. Losing something so useful as eye sight actually gave him a meaningful perspective about love from strangers and incredibly about designing a city.

The most amazing revelation was his desire to still be a DAD for his SON. It was his love for his child that made him not sulk  but look at the brighter side and keep moving forward. He wasn’t ungrateful that he became blind, he was ecstatic that he’s alive and will be around for his son.

The city was also good for the blind! Isn’t that a great thing for all the people who are reading this blog (to those who can see). Its sheer humanity that we try to connect with someone who obviously is vulnerable but looked descent to just truly live.