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[1: 983 of 10,000] What Amazes Me About GLEE?

In Review on April 8, 2013 at 12:00 AM


Look at every faces of the students; do you know them before Glee? I for certain know no one of them and yet now they are individually adored and yes quite FAMOUS!

Whoever did the Casting, hats off to them because they did an amazing job.

Whoever motivates these characters to be their confident self deserve praise too. The characters may be labeled as losers by their school but if you see them individually without the wrong judgment each is comfortable with their skin and they make up as decent people with great strength to be part of a society.

Finally, these young ones are truly talented that can truly entertain. I am very happy for each of them because they got this break to share their talents and become a source of inspiration.

[1: 815 of 10,000] Auction Hunters

In Review on October 28, 2012 at 11:59 PM



I love this show because they are able to turn a forgotten container into big bucks.

I extremely wonder who left those containers with worthy goodies.

I love the skills of these two gentlemen who can spot treasure with few glimpses and flashing of lights.

It is so suave when they do the simple nod, wink, or slight head gesture during the quick auction.

The vast knowledge of the host is awesomely sexy.

I find Allen Lee Haff (the one at the left) cute and Ton Jones reminds me of someone I adore.


[1: 788 of 10,000] Mine

In Photo on October 5, 2012 at 9:00 PM

This is my take for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine – I am teased at home for loving this show but they let go of the remote control and let me watch two episodes tonight.

[1: 780 of 10,000] 52 & Picky

In Article on September 28, 2012 at 9:35 AM

Gosh, true story or maybe, but Changyi Li auditioned for X Factor and when asked if she’s married she said, “no” and when asked why she answered “I’m picky.”

Will I be that girl 20 years from now? I am not married because I’m picky? Is it about being picky or is it about taking chance?

Do I have to worry about the receding age, not having to live longer, not having the time to bear a child, or not being capable to raise a child? My 25 year old sissy was asking if I don’t have a child now I will be too old for my kid. My Mum had me when she was 26 and my 25 year old sissy at 33. I have a nice relationship with my mom but my sister had a bit of a distant. Is it time to worry indeed?

Maybe dating, boyfriend, marriage and pregnancy are the series that I may be taking right now but is it really compulsory? It will come if it will come. It will come if I am ready. Who knows I’ll be one of the best and coolest not awkward mom at 52 with a teenage child.

[1: 760 of 10,000] The TV Is Alive Again

In Review on September 14, 2012 at 12:18 PM

I was a bit sad to see Suits Season 2 and the re-run of Celebrity Apprentice end. But last night and today, my heart skipped a mile of gladness because I am hoping that the X Factor USA Season 2 and the latest Season of Glee would give me something to look forward to from my idiot creative box week after week.

I was surprise to hear Britney Spears speaks. I don’t mind that she is brutally honest, it was refreshingly good. I mean she has a lovely talking voice. She sounds like she’s singing when she simply is speaking. I love her as a judge on X Factor and I look forward to her comments. I liked the idea that they got the dark chocolate with the wedding veil IN with 3 yeses.

[1: 755 of 10,000] What the Kardashian Sisters Made Me Love

In Review on September 9, 2012 at 9:25 PM

The Kardashian sisters have both haters and lovers but Yor is leaning more on appreciating them. I watch their reality show, I sometimes wonder if they are saying and doing things for the sake of ratings but I kind of just know that they are authentic. They change their mind because they honestly just human who lives and learn. Here are the Top 3 that the Kardashians Made Me Love.

1) Animal Print – I used to find them for matrons but now they are totally chic!

2) Hard Work – They understand the value of hard work. They establish something they believe, persevere, continue to evolve, get always involved and expand. They juggle different careers because they wanted to be on top and who wouldn’t.

3) Fun – They know how to appreciate what they’ve worked for. They know how to loosen up and have fun with their loved ones. I am very close to my siblings and I am so happy every time I see another family who may be crazy but still adorable.

[1: 735 of 10,000] I’m a Dr. House Fan But the Final Episode Was Not Amazing At All

In Review on August 24, 2012 at 9:47 PM

8 years is a long time. I loved the 1st season, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, 4th, and then along the way I lost interest. When I heard Season 8 would be the last stretch, I tuned in.

If there is one thing that I admired from the very beginning, it is the TRUE FRIENDSHIP between Gregory and Wilson. It was undeniable that there is true love there. It didn’t fail on that part up to the very end.

But as some of the episodes no longer excite and interest me to even watch it, it’s excruciating to say I was also disappointed about the ending. How could they bring everyone but Cuddy? They guested the cut-throat bitch but never Cuddy? It’s not just about the pissed Cuddy that I am missing, the story lost its luster. Ending it with repeatedly believing the ‘puzzle’ was the most important wasn’t strong and believable enough. I was so bored I actually did household chore while watching the final episode because it was dry and absolutely boring.

I feel sad that it left the air without a bang. It has so many fans but to end it poorly is like a waste of all the great works that was finely established. The writers ran out with amazing ideas and the art to make a delicate and beautiful riddle unfolds slowly as the story comes to an end.

Oh well, it’s done, it’s forgettable, and would I even care years from now, I may remember the good parts but I can’t forget the part that I wasn’t satisfied. It’s like a famous brand with a poor customer service; the downfall at this point is there is no way to fire anyone and change the person dealing customer service because the brand is inexistent.

No standing ovation, really it doesn’t deserve it even when begged. Again, it is sad.

[1: 699 of 10,000] Shoot

In Journal on July 28, 2012 at 8:24 PM

It has the same feeling like the TV show “Just Shoot Me” or the simple expression “Shoot – I missed it”. Here are my shoots for today:

  1. I postponed my gym schedule for 3 consecutive days. I have a valid reason; I don’t like my new neighbor who wanted to join my siblings and I to use the gym. She smells; I do smell after the workout but not before. They weird part is we don’t call her but she magically appears when we start working out; does she have CCTV at her place? Security!?
  2. I am craving for junk food and I am drinking soft drinks a lot. Somebody stop me.
  3. I am supposed to submit that report yesterday!
  4. I dream about my relatives in the Philippines. Either I seek for their love or they worry about me and my siblings. I called one of the families that I adore and they are fine and then I am fine.
  5. Still waiting instead of looking for new friends.
  6. My old real estate agent is such a trouble. I am very tempted to sue them if only it is that easy. I don”t know what their real problem is but they no longer make sense and that kind of doing business is way too wrong.

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[1: 689 of 10,000] Friday Suits

In Journal on July 20, 2012 at 10:11 PM

I’m in love with Suits and I got Aaron Korsh to thank for creating Harvey Specter. I really like the winning attitude of Harvey and just simply being brilliant to take control of the situation and emerge slick and victorious.

He inspired me to get on the treadmill but unfortunately I lost over the machine. I cannot commit for the 30-minute program, the speed of 10 scared me and my heart to death. I’m sure the day will come that I’ll beat the speed of 10 and do the perfect 30-minute then 1-hour. Love losing more than 110 calories today.

[1: 616 of 10,000] Hooked To Suits

In Review on April 14, 2012 at 8:25 PM

Photo Courtesy: IMDB.com

I am watching “Suits” in between this blog for the first time. Aside from the fact I have not published a blog post for the day – I felt inspired to document my first impression about the television series.

Loved it! I noticed some lines being repeated – still thinking it might be a lesson the rookie has to learn otherwise I am not really a fan to keep repeating things like didn’t he get it the first time? It is not uber perfect for my taste but I am definitely hooked.

I know House MD ended so this is something not bad at all to replace it. I always admire lawyers and I am always fascinated with people who are crazy smart. It is a strong appeal for me too that the actor looks gorgeous, winner, and proud (confident)!

I am starting my new work on Tuesday and I am fired up to do great things. I could just feel that I will make my Mum proud, my family proud, my supporters proud, but most of all for God to be proud of me. I will do great things.