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[1: 1,302 of 10,000] Behaving Correctly

In Journal on February 14, 2014 at 1:37 AM

I surpassed Valentine without greeting him unlike last year wherein I didn’t let the day passed without blowing love towards him. He just married yesterday (surprisingly with sadness, teary eyes after the ceremony, and is that hesitation) so I think I still remember my promise, I have behaved correctly. I did not confide with my tequila afterwards, I have behaved correctly. Best Friends I just have to work on my respect towards him. I couldn’t be annoyed when the love is gone can’t I. He is an erratic negative person who forgot to calm down when pressure strikes so now that I no longer fancy him I am challenged to care for him… to extend my patience and be emphatic. How can I be compassionate when I fear to fall in love all over again? I do have a fighting facade but when I dig in my heart, I just have a heart that melts for every drop of kindness, sweetness, and loving persuasion to get pulled into his gravity.