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[1: 2,004 of 10,000] Who Will You Thank Today?

In List on November 5, 2020 at 10:41 PM


  1. Thank you to the singers who are poets. They give me playlists that open my heart so wide I’m tuned in to joy.
  2. Thank you to the writers who are historians of fantasies. They open my imagination and kill every impossible fears in my veins.
  3. Thank you to the creators of nail polish stickers who are magicians. They lit parties as I type sacred words.
  4. Thank you to the critiques who pressed like. They are inviting me to connect with humanity with tenderness.
  5. Thank you to the photographers who are free. They make me tell a story that’s true to my Soul.

[1: 1,792 of 10,000] Thx

In Journal on November 4, 2016 at 10:47 AM

Little girl with balloons on sky background

There is a feeling of lightness in my life including believing that I am blessed, I am joyful, and that a fire of passion burns within me that beyond doubt give me the push that I can accomplish anything. I am so grateful right now!

I keep an image of a quote from Oprah Winfrey that says, “I started out giving thanks for small things, and the more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased. That’s because what you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life.”

The first time I read it, I always thought, it would be nice to reach that place where I am able to be grateful all the time, without the constant complain of what is going wrong, but seeing solutions and yes, simply being grateful.

Now that I read it again, since I am experiencing it, I understood the soul of those words. It speaks not only about the abundance of wealth (obviously what I am after so I can get out of the rat race), but the outpouring of peace that makes everything simple, not necessarily easy, because I have to still put in my beautiful efforts.

It is indeed a beautiful life if we know what exactly to tap.

[1: 1,710 of 10,000] What A Beauty!

In Journal on June 2, 2016 at 9:53 PM

Uluwatu Bali

Whenever I am in the presence of a majestic nature’s beauty, I give in to becoming in total awe and gratefulness. I couldn’t stop saying, “Thank you God.”

Being in privilege to see such beauty makes me think that whenever we feel like being irresponsible to destroy Earth, without proper discipline of littering, or acting greedy to throw harmful things not only to nature but also to fellow human, think of the picture that “it would be better to live in a beautiful world.”

The water and the waves were so vast, it looks endless and magnificent. I enjoyed every moment that the rolling waves hum, feeling the mist of the sea as it hugs the rocks, and the painted colours as it moves like freely dancing infront of everyone to truly adore.

Thank you beautiful for giving me such a lovely feeling that fills my heart with LOVE.

[1: 1,681 of 10,000] I Am Alive And That Must Mean Something

In Journal on February 4, 2016 at 3:21 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.13.06 AM

Being collected is a matter of making the decision of which face to display not necessarily for others but for myself and everyone. (Photo Source: http://www.sliptalk.com/girls-gone-ugly)

I am alive, breathing here on Earth, and that must mean something.

I am kinder to myself now, I know that I set goals to make my day worthwhile, but I am gentler and I listen to my body of what it can accomplish rather than always being at the edge. The edge that I mentioned is the dark place where I felt like losing control, being in the brink of crossing a sad space that my mind gives in to defeat all because what I have hoped others would react didn’t go as it would have given me comfort. The whole point of surrendering about other’s decisions that aren’t my control don’t necessarily reflect their personal opinion or judgment on me in the whole sense.

Others have gone by, they left because of death whether it was their freewill, it was their time, or is it really possible that people leave their bodily suit too soon? I like to believe that yes in essence we are a soul within a physical suit (physical body), that may experience different realm on earth and another lifetime on to the next. Everytime I expererience a disappointment, my stress reaction is to fly and rushed to the next level of living, wherein I am imagining that it is lighter, where there’s deeper understanding, and that there is no more need for pain of all kinds. When I collect my thoughts… When I am composed and able to control my scared ego, I find peace and see life as simple, exciting, joyful, full of wonderful hopes and challenges that is worth facing and overcome; and then after all of it, I come out better than I was yesterday.

All I have to do is to do not panic. It is not an easy task for me right now, but I could feel God’s presence and connection with my very soul, and He caresses the real ME to hold on, have courage, and be grateful for my life because I am meant to be here for amazing tasks to contribute. I have to work with the people around me with gentleness and love. I should not put judgment and always feel like I am being personally attacked. I must admit my mistake and learn from the experience.I seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance for intellect to have the right people and solutions to move further. I am right now requesting for divine intervention because in reality, I cannot do it alone. I need all the best help that I can get.

Thank you that I am building a new kind of strength in me every single day. Thank you that I try to find the beautiful instead of focusing on what is very wrong. Thank you for having the kind sanity that could make me move forward with a true loving smile. Thank you God. Thank you life. Thank you ME.

[1: 1,638 of 10,000] If There’s Only One Prayer I Need To Learn

In Prayer on November 1, 2015 at 5:51 AM

ShowIf there’s only one prayer that I need to learn, may it be to say “thank you for all the beautiful and challenging matters that are going on in my life,” because then I amplify what’s good and I’ll be given the courage to face what’s not easy.

I was so used of not understanding the power of “thank you” but now I know that it helps even better to make everything looks beautiful, breezy, and absolutely delightful for every surprise that pops up.

I love books and finances are tight that I just couldn’t splurge spending, not right now, and what the universe sees as a solution is sending different people who are even located in different countries to send me books to read. How kind and generous is the God who sees my deepest desires and answers them in His most amazing ways.

I will never understand everything, His majestic plan, but every once in awhile, He lets me see a glimpse and it’s magnificent and I feel all right despite the odds that I have to conquer.

Dear God,

Thank you God for yet another beginning of the month where I know you would be there supporting me with my endeavours. Thank you that I am able to stand tall and with energy to keep moving forward. Thank you for the strength that you continue to bestow upon me to overcome my inner resistance.

Thank you that you allow me to serve you…

What would you have me do?

Where would you have me go?

What would you have me say and to whom?

I am sorry whenever I get lost of my path. I am sorry that I couldn’t control my ego that demands an audience. I am sorry I get a little mad because I get defeated by my fears to start and finish.

I need you God. Only with your love that I feel comforted. With your peace and blessings that my works are anointed. Bless me that today I will remain calm and accomplish great works to honor you, to honor the gifts that you’ve given me, and to honor you through the people that I serve.

This I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

[1: 1,634 of 10,000] The Princess Juggler

In Journal on October 28, 2015 at 7:02 AM


It feels like I am a princess juggling private and professional life. It is crazy and exciting. I am grateful for all the miraculous help that comes to me.

I wanted so much to fly like an eagle, awake in the evening like an owl, wise as a monkey, and a strong ruler like the lion. But patience while I learn the rope, to walk on it, flip around it, and change its course all together. It’s never easy in the beginning but I am facing my fears and I am moving onward.

Despite the many demands, there is one thing that I remind myself, ENJOY 🙂 What is the point of living if I don’t enjoy what I do, so I see the fun in them and not the chaos, the happiness on serving and not to complain without solution, and most of all to show confidence and hope and not to be threatened by the past and fearful of the future.

ENJOY because it is such a beautiful day, I am gifted with a magnificent present with my whole body working harmoniously together. Thank you life giver. Thank you beating soul. Thank you wonderful surprises.

Photo source: Folk Art Circus Painting by DUDADAZE

[1: 1,633 of 10,000] I Am Grateful For The Calm

In Journal on October 27, 2015 at 6:37 AM

Good Day

It’s 6:10 Tuesday morning and I watch the sky turns brighter for the day. I am grateful for the calm, I am truly grateful that I recognise the calm that is building inside of me. I have bended my knees and said my prayer, it got to be a terrific day!

It’s truly fantastic to see the beauty of simple things. I know people have different point of views and I’d like to share my truths.

  1. I went to bed at almost 2ish in the morning, I was full of energy because in the evening, I was fed with a delicious Italian take-out! I was in love with the chicken and mushroom risotto along with Tagliatelle Salmon with Caviar, Formaggi Pizza, and Coke Light. I share the hearty meal with my beloved sissy.
  2. I also finish tons of works that would help out the company where I work before heading to bed. I have such confidence that my load was lesser with the checked items. I am so amazed that my energy level is at the top making me focus so well. I get my hefty salary on time and it is motivating to give back excellence, striving to be great!
  3. I am having a left over couscous and eggs for breakfast and drinking warm and sweet peppermint tea. It’s a blessed food that would give me energy for the morning.
  4. I have a new pillow to sleep on giving me a sweet slumber.
  5. The quiet apartment and gently lit makes my heart smile and feeling loved and serenaded.

I have nothing to complain about but there are much that I can share to the world. 🙂 May you have a ridiculously amazing day.

[1: 1,499 of 10,000] What Are You Grateful For Today?

In List on June 16, 2015 at 5:43 PM

Thank You

I would like to share what I am grateful for today:

  1. I have a home.
  2. I have food to eat.
  3. I had a bubble bath.
  4. I sleep.
  5. I am free to pray.
  6. I have good books to read.
  7. I love my sissies.
  8. My body functions the way it should be.
  9. I have an adorable baby niece.
  10. I have relatives.
  11. I cry means I can feel.
  12. I have internet connection.
  13. I have phone connection.
  14. I have a bed.
  15. I have a sofa and blanket.
  16. I saw the bright sun in Dubai.
  17. I have peace.
  18. I blog.
  19. I smile.
  20. I posted a photo in Instagram.

[1: 1,448 of 10,000] Thank You Very Much For The Likes, Comments & For Subscribing

In Article on April 26, 2015 at 7:49 AM


Thank you very much for every one who visited my blog, clicked the “like,” left a “comment,” and stepped even further by “subscribing.” It’s heart warming knowing someone took the time to leave a piece of themselves for me. I am only a stranger with the absence of my name-as-written-on-my-registered-official-birth-certificate in this blog; but every feeling I have poured translated into every post where genuine and so you have met my heart.

It is fascinating that people from different countries get directed to my blog. The point that they have liked a post makes me feel that you have understood me and I hope in return I have given something to you too that you appreciate or I have awaken something in you that made you smile a little more and your heart magically expands and glows a little more.

There are moments that those mini effort that you have made, my visitors, immensely gave gratification and add hope in me to move on forward. The most memorable “like” are for the posts that I bared my vulnerabilities and shaming myself online just to see my actions in words and the point that someone read and liked it, kept me a little stronger to decide wisely of my next actions.

Thank you very much.

[1: 440 of 10,000] In Honor of My 10,000 Hits

In Article on November 16, 2011 at 7:55 AM

Disclaimer: I have to be honest I may have visited my own blog without signing in first but not intentional though for less than 16 times (?) I hope not more! Browsing on BlackBerry, iPod, expired signed-in, and not on my own laptop made me commit that silly mistake. And Spammers they sure are included.

Setting human mistakes aside, I am honoring my 10,000 hits (see bottom right of this page) that is somehow my closest achievement to my blog title 10,000 (which is really for the count of my posts, to date 9,560 to go), I would like to mention what are my feelings for the whole blogging experience especially considering the people in the blogosphere world.

Blogging is my daily guilt-free cake. In my happiest times or saddest moments, blogging give me a unique kind of high to type the words and share to the world. It’s my solace and a true expression of my feelings. Keeping everything anonymous as much as possible is not cowardly but I’ve witness love and hate knows no one language so I speak the same experience – human. There are moments that I reached a dead end (out of idea or my muse gone AWOL) but my commitment for at least a daily post is too strong that I have to still be creative and come up with words or photo, I just can’t have any excuse, do you say stop for breathing for something you love? I can’t!

WordPress Team is my blog-guardian angels. I’ve always love blogging at WordPress because it is easy to use and I got the perfect template that suits my need! I am thankful not only for the platform but for the people behind it.

  • Scott Berkun is the man! He introduced The Daily Post as inspiration for 2011 and it helped me with my goal to at least post a day. He is humble, supportive, and I felt glad when he gets to visit my blog and clicked a few likes (ok a total of 4 and it made me feel great that a professional writer dropped by and liked what I wrote and published). I am excited everyday to find out what’s the topic that would encourage writers to pour their ideas whether through a blog post or from the comments. I even challenge myself to answer prompts that doesn’t interest me a bit because I’d like to see how wide is my imagination and creativity. Read the rest of this entry »