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[1: 895 of 10,000] I Will Kill You

In Journal on January 11, 2013 at 9:23 AM

Kill Yor

Someone I almost adore but surely respect kept saying “I will kill you” yesterday at work. The tone was indifferent and half of it I know sounds like a joke.

It was mentioned about 3 times, not that I am threatened or I am counting but it got me realized that I am starting to lose grip of my desire to live a life that is worth fighting for. My desire for my life’s purpose is so blurry that I wasn’t scared to die?! I finally reached the point like Richard Gere playing the role of Lancelot in the movie First Knight – he wasn’t scared to die because he has nothing to lose.

I am not scared to die but I am scared why did I lose my reason to live? I currently go with the motion. Is this part of a holiday depression? I once read that people who just came from vacation will feel a little depressed when the normal routine gets back.

I also wonder why he kept saying it. What does he mean? I am supposed to deliver a very crucial and important report and that might be the reason because I am struggling to figure out this financial dilemma although I like the challenge and even if it’s weekend I am not giving up to finally wing it!

Why kill Yor? If apparently, she is dead.