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[1: 2,001 of 10,000] ‘Ser’ In My Dream

In Dream on November 3, 2020 at 8:50 PM

The word ‘ser’ appeared in my dream and when I Googled for the meaning, it was said to be a Spanish verb meaning ‘to be.’

I’ve been having dreams with words in it and it’s usually right before I wake up so incidentally I’ll be able to remember and write it down.

“Ser” is the first foreign language that I’ve received and for a three letters word, it’s loaded with meaning to lead me to answer question about my life. It’s being more amplified when I think of Hamlet with the line “To be or not to be.”

Am I living the life that I truly wanted or am I ducking to start a new chapter of my life? I know that I have to be gentle with myself that I’m a little clueless of where I’ll go next, am sure the place that starts with “T” as a clue will be clearer soon. The most important right now is I acknowledge that I’m being me, breathing moment by moment, and loving where I am.