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[1: 1,668 of 10,000] Never Give Up

In Journal on December 8, 2015 at 10:01 PM

Wake Up

I will never give up!

I was so blue for so many days that today I have a wake up call, I received a Dubai Police SMS, it said that I have yet another traffic fine for speeding. My violation was I was driving more than 20 to 30 kph on a road that I was expected to carefully drive by 60 kph max (I think). Oh if it’s not very subtle, I got the same text 4 times, like I wasn’t alarmed the first time. I even have this ridiculous fear that it’s AED 610 times 4. I am going to have a heart attack for paying AED 2,440 when I am trying to save money, supposedly for the holidays.

I show up!

I have so many fears but I am putting my brave face, I am so faking it until I make it, I perk up with smile, I am sleeping at my bed, I am sleeping every night, I keep praying, I am reading again, and I am forcing to see the blessings that I continue to receive. I show up to life. I felt happy too when I received a message that God sent me trials to mold my character into something beautiful. I can do this. I will continue to hope. I will accomplish great things that truly serve.

I am special.