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[1: 2,014 of 10,000] Speaking My Truth

In Journal on November 15, 2020 at 11:57 PM

I have moments that when I rush to speak my mind defensively only to feel bad for raising my voice madly, snarling, being judgmental and insulting. There were times I was so indifferent that I would rather just agree, or not speak what I truly feel because why make the effort to something that’s fleeting.

Then I got better in being still that I am witnessing my patterns and started being courageous and ultimately start speaking my truth. I am in a position to stay and not go. I am no longer choosing quiet over nodding for concepts that don’t aligned to me. I am voicing what’s true to me and it’s satisfying and liberating.

It took time to finally be a true witness of myself. In stillness of my being there’s nothing that I can be afraid of but I can move confidently and with love. In saying what’s truly inside my heart, I can impart inspiration, a new sense of positive direction, and the more I pave the way to light I am radiating light for my own to sustain me in this state of being.

[1: 1,986 of 10,000] It Takes A Broken Heart To Receive Love

In Article on April 6, 2020 at 6:47 AM


My last two experience of a broken heart always leads me to ask deeper questions about why am I really alive. Profound that it took me to let my heart break into pieces to find a sensible meaning out in the world to glue it stronger this time, again. The cracked heart learned to be forgiving, resilient to trust love and going through the painful process of looking myself and pointing out where am I being asked to grow and expand even more.

I’ve read and believed that being vulnerable is healthy and yet here I am building thick walls and hiding my deepest and truest feelings with flawed defences that I don’t want to be hurt by admitting that I’m falling in love only to choose to get hurt by leaving a connection without telling my truth. From this moment on, I promise that I will never deprive myself to speak my truth even if I will end up rejected because that way I know that I no longer have a burden to carry, an unspoken love.

Oh, LOVE! You filled me with joy and excitement, you pushed me to grow through pain, and you excite me to discover and satiate the mystery of life in awe. Oh, LOVE! I will never blame you for existing because you’re me and anyone who said that don’t know you will be lying. I want to stop lying to myself because I want to feel this very moment of your caress and with that I’m satisfied!

Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash

[1: 1,978 of 10,000] My Own Photo Brings Sadness

In Letter on March 11, 2020 at 7:51 AM


Dear Adam,

I was afraid that I am starting to fall for you so I said goodbye. Why was my goodbye doesn’t feel like an ending? I have not told you my truth, my fears, and I will have my photographs with the saddest eyes to remind me that I have opened my heart to love but have not stayed to let it grow.

Our story was a whirlwind that as fast as it started comes the faster ending. I have this strong belief that love doesn’t need to feel painful or contrite; it should have enough space for understanding that it’s easy and it flows. We both agree that relationship needs work, but NOT THIS, not shutting off without speaking our truths.

I have said goodbye to you and you didn’t respond. I have reached out to tell you I am sorry and not afraid anymore but you didn’t respond. I’m not making any more imaginary reasons in my head of why you won’t reply because it’s painful like my heart is breaking into more pieces than I wanted to count and end up shedding tears. Whether you read this or not, I am letting you go.

Thank you for healing me of my fear to speak my truth. It was a lesson of a lifetime that I needed to face. It would have been nice if you’ll hear it from me but there are circumstance in this world that I will not question for their validity but requires my faith to trust. May you be happy, may you recognize your wholeness, and may you always be strong as I’ve known you yet gentle to live and to love in this lifetime.

I love you.

Photo by Sander Weeteling on Unsplash

[1: 1,955 of 10,000] What Mask Do You Wear?

In Question on October 14, 2018 at 12:30 AM

Venetian Masks

What mask do you wear to feel accepted, comforted, and secured? I’ll tell you a secret, you don’t need to hide from a mask, you’re one of a kind, a superstar, you just have to let yourself shine. The ranks, the social classifications, the judgments coming from prejudice are not important, recognize that.

What will you sacrifice to protect your mask? I’ll tell you a secret, you have to find out what’s most important that you can do and then choose the sacrifice that matters.

Is it worth protecting? I’ll tell you a secret, what’s worth protecting is having every opportunity to love yourself and when you do you will have no choice but to love others.

Have you reached your deepest desire? I’ll tell you a secret, keep all the noises down, and listen to what’s important and don’t be afraid to find the answer and go live it.

Have you recognized love, connection to God, and living doing what you’re meant to do? I’ll tell you a secret, it’s always been in you, you’ve only forgotten it, and allowed to abide a clouded fear.

Are you ready to take off your mask? I’ll tell you a secret, choose love over fear. Your inner compass knows what’s right, whatever is stopping you do what is right is rooted from fear, now dissolve that fear and choose love.

Are you ready to overcome feeling embarrassed? I’ll tell you a secret, whatever it is that you think is awful got only worst when you create scenes that never happened. You will only feel embarrassed if you’ve given up but why will you give up when you are given every bit of chance every time you wake up in the morning to live without fear.

Image source: Venetian Masks IV by maluviam d3h0lie

[1: 1,650 of 10,000] I Hate Bull Shit

In Article on November 13, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Disclaimer: Don’t read this if you don’t like to ruin your day with negativity. I don’t rant a lot but this time I just have to let it out or I am going to explode.


I hate it when people are pretending and filled with bull shit. Showing off that they are nice when they really aren’t. I am just tired that they pretend. It would be better to just not say anything than to come up with lies. ARGH! I am too picky because maybe a part of me is envious or irritated that they were never what they say they were. Was the pleasantries an adult way to mask decency and what they call as maturity?

More on envious. I am so tired hearing people that the person I am replacing at work is super amazing. I am not sure if they are implying that I have a big shoe to fill because I never consider myself a second rate and most especially if I know I can do something unique and great in my own right. Although I couldn’t show off if I am new and I am too lazy to work and speak up. I need to improve that. To speak up a truth and something amazingly beautiful and not bag on something that sounds good but not true at all. Is my ego getting bruised?

I couldn’t grasp people’s real deal at work. There is an air of arrogance and pretending that there’s love at work yet frequently they would rather sleep, be somewhere else, and treat works as works, considered quite daunting. I do love what I do, I put my heart in it, it is my offer to people and a source of my income.

It is so amazing that by the time I build my own empire, I have gained the lessons needed and ready to embark my own without the need to listen for bull shits. I know in my heart that that day will come. I will build a company that cares about what they do without politics and lies.

For now, relax and let go. Never keep a building hate within.

[1: 1,625 of 10,000] Knowing My Self-worth

In Article on October 20, 2015 at 7:14 AM


I love myself. I got to love myself in order to have the capacity to love others even better. I love myself so I would have the endurance to stay being curious and excited about life. Heck in reality, I am even kinder to others especially to my loved ones than to myself and that needs improvement.

Unless I establish my self-worth then I wouldn’t feel at peace, I would constantly wonder and wander from all the different places and forget that it starts within me. I should never be at the mercy of other people but it should start by loving myself and knowing that I deserve love, respect and attention. Anyone who won’t give me that isn’t a reflection that they don’t want to give it to me, it just happened that they have their own world to deal with and I don’t always need to be in it, and it’s okay. 🙂

The key to this exercise is never have an entanglement or an attachment of an outcome. I have to entertain myself and move on to my next adventure unless I am for a result that involved that human being. Kissing each other’s asses isn’t necessary but recognising the talent is crucial to established ground of having someone that we can depend on. Have I grown too mature and old that I already really see when people speak too much of their pain and fear than really speaking with value for the betterment of others? Ah, the beauty of learning, of non-judgment, but most of all the delight in speaking the truth.

[1: 1,563 of 10,000] Friendship? Friendship!

In Article on August 19, 2015 at 10:01 AM




It is true that I accept my friends for who they are.

I have a couple friend, and I was friend with the wife first. I admire both their kindness and love for one another. Although I know my dearest friend’s secret. She cheated on her husband, and I never dare told the husband, because I was thinking she will soon find the courage to admit it. True enough, there was a right time, and he forgave her.


Friendship is not build in a few days through online chatting. It takes years of loving and caring one another until it reaches the point of accepting everything for who they are. You never question someone’s intentions if it’s a real friendship because you would always know it comes from a good place.

My ex-boss’s wife said that she has no friend and lure me if we can be friends. Later, she was very interested to find out if her husband, my ex-boss, was cheating on her sometime ago. Oh and clarified if I was also having an affair with her husband too!

I said yes that he was having an affair and no for not having an affair with him. How will I have an affair with a man who is cheating on his wife? What am I, a second mistress? Do I accept the deception and disrespect? My ex-boss was furious at me to the point of threatening that he’ll go to the police and my crime is for divulging confidential business information. This is the same man who at one point said that we’re friends but I never acknowledged because I’ve always questioned his intentions and I wondered if he knew what true friendship is.

I took my chance of telling a secret because I never considered them as my friends. I was very objective in my thought. She was living with a man who continuously cheats her and he doesn’t acknowledge the sanctity of their marriage. I was wrong for mendling but was never regretful for speaking the truth. I just let it go now since it’s the past, my actions have consequences and I hoped it is more for the good.


I have always lived by “The truth will set you free.” I would always love a person who tells me the truth, even if it’s painful. I will always tell my friends the truth because I know I won’t be judged and condemned. I love my friends because I can be me.


[1: 1,488 of 10,000] My Words And My Intentions

In Article on June 5, 2015 at 4:15 PM

I have my words and intentions and yet they are questioned and tested. I chose silence for I know I have said so much and I couldn’t bear to be misinterpreted instead of the right questions are being asked and the real problems are being resolve. I am being pinned for a secret that is true and I was forbidden to speak it out loud.

It’s a secret that bears a dagger to the heart. It reveals a man’s integrity. What oath shall I follow, is it the secrecy to make a dagger into a shovel that digs graves for not one but for four souls? I am not God to make this assumptions but I am not blind and a mute to do nothing.

If my dignity is going to be smeared of twisted words, and I know that my intentions are pure, so be it. I am not the accolade, I have lived the truth, I seek the just, and if my words are my own dagger to speak my mind, so be it.

I do not know the length of my life but I am sure that it is only one and will not die with a single regret. I have loved and cared, I have spoken my idealistic mind, and although my heart tremble with the unknown, I grew closer to edge without leaving my courage behind.

I am not ashamed. I am not proud. I just couldn’t live without living my truth. I am not gathering followers and believers of my position; but some listened, well they hear what they want to hear and comes up with their own path. Why do fear scares? Why do we let fear scares? Why do we run for the real responsibility?

I am not given a chance to explain myself but my explanation will be empty to ears that choose their own ideas. Silence is the greatest sacrifice of the writer in me.

How far shall a man go to fight for what’s worth fighting for? How deep will he goes to find the reflections of his actions?

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[1: 1,406 of 10,000] What Is The Truth?

In Article on March 5, 2015 at 1:45 AM


What is the truth? Does truth really changes as people change? Or until a person stripped off the fear then he tells the truth? Or was it the big ego covering it up to begin with so the truth then and the truth without the ego are the same truth?

I like honesty, I uphold honesty. I wanted to build my own business because I wanted to stop lying to people. I want to serve people with the truth. I want to inspire people to have the courage and be truthful.

I would rather be hurt by the truth than believing and getting cozy with a lie.

Truth sets people free. There is really no better way to live our life but to honour the truth. There is never a blurry line, it is either the truth or a lie. The truth is pure and beautiful.

Why do we fear being embarrassed? Why do we fear being left out? Why do we fear being different? Why do we fear being scold at? Why do we want to get ahead with cheating? Why do we sacrifice the truth than taking responsibility and outshining our shy selves?

I was never perfect. There were times that I got scared too in the past; but as I grow and I live, there is nothing more delicious than to be vulnerable and only speak the truth; and I wouldn’t be apologetic. My biggest challenge right now is voicing out the truth to those who are ready to listen because I wouldn’t waste my effort, time, and energy to keep telling the truth to somebody who would only want to hear what he wanted to hear. From now on, I should still voice it out, unapologetically.

[1: 1,004 of 10,000] Ode to Saying #1

In Article on April 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Saying gives me serenity. Saying with a picture and playing different font style gives me with even more inspiration.

This week I am sharing 7 sayings that make a whole lot sense in my life and probably to yours to. The best way to start it off is having Paulo Coelho –

Paulo Coelho Saying

It may be easy but if I am in a stage of denial and daydreaming I totally commit lying to myself. Although I know at every inch of my fiber that it is wrong and I would still not stop to make it right. I try my best to stay truthful with my conviction not just to myself but on what I convey to the world. I don’t like to exist as a sham or I won’t be able to look at myself as I know I dishonor the one who I look up to.

I feel special, I believe that there is something unique in me that I can contribute to the world. If I start living a lie, well I don’t call it living at all. It would be devastating and extremely depressing. Truth is beautiful, it shines, it lasts, it echoes, and it is what I would always want to choose.