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[1: 1,853 of 10,000] Self-preservation Like Victoria Grayson’s Ultimate Drive

In Article, Journal on January 8, 2017 at 10:55 PM

w310_c-3301680864928234983.jpgMerriam Webster Dictionary defines Self-preservation as a natural or instinctive tendency to act so as to preserve one’s own existence.

It is a survival mechanism and the theme of a lot of movies especially when it involved a battle in whatever form. It is the ultimate bottom line reason of Victoria Grayson in the hit TV show Revenge.

It is very tempting to save face, to point the blame to someone, or to justify why I deserve more power, wealth, and fame than any body else or worst at the expense of someone.

Is selfless the antidote of the negative connotation of self-preservation? It could be, if selfless is done not because of self-inflicting suffering but to have honorary sacrifice. To devote oneself for the greater good and to spark a positive change just like the inspiration the great noble men have left us.

[1: 1,802 of 10,000] Designated Survivor

In Review on November 13, 2016 at 6:16 AM


I’ve watched 5 straight episodes of the latest TV series “Designated Survivor,” another political thriller. If Francis Underwood is one nasty U. S. president not by accident; Tom Kirkman is one very gentle and a righteous one. Now, is it just me and my evil side that I am more fascinated with Frank’s exciting ruthless plotting; than the very soft leader Tom? Or when it comes down to real life, I would rather be lead by a man who is thorough, makes mistakes, but at the time when it matters will make the decision. I feel bad that a good man is boring.

I have to admit that in every end of each episode there is something that hooks me to see the next. Netflix only had 5 episodes otherwise I could have continued seeing everything and call in sick for work the next day. There are moments when Tom’s too much kindness is just chokingly too much; but as I examine my heart isn’t that how it should be, well I like people being good but at the same time strong and decisive at the right moments.

It is not easy to lead people who has so much opinion and don’t want to be lead. You can’t please everybody so they have to go down to a road that they compromise to decide on what’s best for all and a path that leads to progress and coming from good intentions and love.

[1: 1,705 of 10,000] I Almost Die Today

In Journal on May 13, 2016 at 9:20 PM

I love eating and watching television and who knew it could actually kill you!


I was enjoying a mouthful of food and watching one of my ultimate favourite television series, Top Gear UK (with Jeremy, James, and Richard) from Netflix and a scene where James slipped from a wood plank in Bolivia just chocked me because I laughed so hard.

It was my first time to experience chocking and I really don’t know what to do except for the fact that I have to stop laughing and clear the air passage so I can breathe. If I was not able to recover I could have died on a Friday the 13th, how very mysterious, hilarious, and lame.

Lesson learned: Never eat while watching a funny show. 😛

I will still watch Top Gear until I finish all the shows that I have not seen. A little accident will not traumatise me. 😀

[1: 1,527 of 10,000] Forget About Pleasing Everybody

In Article on July 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Forget about pleasing everybody. It is very rare to get 100% approval from all the crowd that you wanted and it’s all right.

scallopsI love watching food related show and I’ve seen the Masterchef: The Professionals where three contestants must impress michelin star/s chefs. In terms of food, no matter how good you prepare the dish if a person is not really keen on eating a certain food, it would be hopeless to achieve 100% approval. The chef who prepared the appetiser gave the crowd raw scallops, and some of the diners liked that it was ceviche but others wanted it seared.

This is the part where I clearly understand that never get attached with the result. If I would be the contestant, of course I would make sure that I prepare the best dish that I personally vouch that I conceptualised and hopefully made with perfection. I pour love into it and I could only hope that the judges enjoy it. If the judges happen to critique, if it’s constructive criticism well thank you very much so I can improve next time, or if it’s a matter of not everybody will like ceviche scallops then it’s okay as I will surely not be contained in offering just scallops. Maybe the diner liked ceviche squid or fish in some other time? 😉

It’s all right that not everybody I meet everyday will not like how I do things. As far as I am concern, I only have one being to please and He loves me unconditionally, supports my growth, and aims for my joy… it’s God and trust me He does all those matters to you too.

Have a carefree day!

[1: 1,428 of 10,000] Breaking Bad

In Article, Review on April 4, 2015 at 5:26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.04.16 PMI’m doing sort of a marathon for the “Breaking Bad” TV show and I got to say I could understand why it got noticed on awards and raving admiration from the viewers; it’s gripping (suspense) and sad (drama)! I just hope people liked the fantasy (entertainment and simple play in the imagination) of actually doing a bad action but not the idea of having to relate or thinking of doing such crimes like cooking crystal meth, doing drugs, selling illegal substances, murdering people, lying, stealing, hiring prostitute, justifying that the money earned from wrong means will raise a decent family, and making use of the last thread of life or terminal cancer illness is a good enough reason to just leave the bad stuff behind – clean exit.

The show probably portrays reality to other people or in some way a reflection on how we all make mistakes and wrong decisions. It’s not about being judgmental but we have our own responsibilities to strive to do the right thing. Doing good and doing bad is equally the same effort, it is our thinking and belief that mess it all up. We are creative, intelligent, and beautiful individual and we just have to find our centre and persevere to break out from becoming or being bad. We are intrinsically good.

If you’ve watched the show, I’m still in Season 2, the main character who is a Chemistry Teacher genius was growing into becoming a bad person. It takes hard work; and if it is the real world and you are a genius, there is absolutely a way to do things the right way. He’s actually planning that his unborn child Holly will grow up from meth profit? Is it enough to justify that men died and he supplied the addiction of various people for the sake that Holly will grow up with decent money?

My mom cheated on my dad. She had a relationship with a married man as her vehicle to get out of the Philippines to earn decent money in United Arab Emirates so she may financially support my education and of my 2 younger siblings. At first I didn’t believe about the lover until I confirmed it. I was mad at her, because I know she is smarter than using her femininity in exchange of decent living. She was a businesswoman until the business went bankrupt. Her sacrifice of indecency gets me and my sister an education. I was like Holly. I vowed that I will never become a mistress and destroy a family, never use my being a woman to get me easy money, and I shall be responsible for my action to never cause harm to anyone. I can personally vouch that if we really want to not do bad things, we have the capacity to, it is not impossible, it is hard, but not impossible. Is it a heaven’s humour that I feel something, so I thought is love to a married man, he was my ex-boss, yes I resigned before I make the mistake of breaking bad.