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[1: 1,375 of 10,000] Where I Am Right Now

In Journal on December 2, 2014 at 10:38 AM

Dubai Mall

Today is holiday in United Arab Emirates. The young country is celebrating it’s 43rd national day. I am now at Starbucks (after a toffee nut latte and cheese croissant for breakfast, I am taking advantage of their table and chairs – me and my bags are properly seated) at Dubai Mall (using the mall’s wifi, enjoying the sound of cascading water, and watching the people around me) and blogging (contemplating my happiness – big deal!). I am in my floral top, bright happy shorts, and Havaianas slippers (talking about relaxing outfit fit for home, the mall is my playground the whole day).

I could do this all throughout my life. Go to different places just to stir my imagination. Get lost with the music playing and serenading my starving soul in the loudest beats my ear drums could take.  I want this life and see people smiling, enjoying the mundane of daily life. It’s pretty cute to see the parents getting their drinks with their cute kids who were treated with sugary lollipop (no I am not contemplating motherhood! not yet anyway).

I need to be inspired because I am supposed to come up with amazing wordings for a smart ass card. My business partner expects me to deliver and I am meeting her for lunch. Where is my muse?

[1: 1,329 of 10,000] Etisalat Telephone ID For Ritaj Block A Residence

In Review on July 26, 2014 at 8:33 PM

Dubai’s only 2 competing telecommunications are setting to divide Dubai accordingly; meaning this residential block will only install Etisalat and for this part it’s exclusively for Du.

I have been pleased using Du for 2 years and moving from Dubai Sports City to Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2 meant I can only subscribe to Etisalat.

It was a bad start with Etisalat, I have to patiently wait a long queue at Mall of the Emirates for I think about 30 minutes, STANDING. The waiting was not my problem, the fact that when I was in front of the associate he asked me for at least 1 telephone number in the building, that was my BIG ARGH. (1) I just moved in to a new apartment and am I supposed to be getting phone numbers of neighbours? (2) Do I know that in the first place because they never advertised it?! (3) Or since ETISALAT WAS THE ONLY TELECOM THAT CAN INSTALL IN THE AREA, DON’T THEY REALLY KNOW THE EXACT AREA’S TELEPHONE ID???

I was really furious so for the sake of everyone who are moving to Ritaj, Block A, I will save you the time to find out a single telephone number and just note that the number Etisalat is looking for is EID # DX005023000. The watchman of the building was kind enough to show me the telephone room!

Ritaj Block A Telephone ID

If you think my horror with Etisalat ends there, not even close, because they set a schedule for the installation and confirmed it. I excused myself from the office just to attend to them, only to find out that they were not coming after reconfirming from their call centre that they will. If I didn’t insist to speak with the Supervisor, my service would have not been arranged immediately the following day.

It was a long list of disappointments from Etisalat and it is just annoying to relieve them in words in this blog. Right now, I am just grateful that the Internet connection in our new home is quite fast and the cable TV gives surprisingly delights to the subscribers by opening all the channels during holidays in UAE.

Is it really impossible to stop monopoly and poor service? Is compromise necessary and extended understanding? This is actually a good invitation to all other entrepreneurs who could do better.

[1: 889 of 10,000] What Fat Stray Cats Signify About a Country?

In Article on January 5, 2013 at 5:48 PM

Stray Cats in Jordan

Having stray cats in the first place would mean they don’t cage animal but having fat stray cats mean there are a lot of food to be scavenged around.

The photos shared above were taken in Jordan from the recent trip although UAE has the same story, there are lots of stray cats here and Garfield would be so at home in both countries for sure.

Will Garfield entertain either Biryani or Mansaf?

[1: 555 of 10,000] 10 Reasons Why I Like UAE

In Article on February 23, 2012 at 8:39 AM

1. There may selected biases found at work but everything else that is leisure as long as you have the way to pay for it you can live it. Stay in 5-star hotels or purchase a designer’s bag.

2. Freshest fruits in different varieties available in the supermarket.

3. No tax. If there is in existent, it’s still barely there.

4. Best brands in the world flock over here – Harry Winston, Christian Louboutin, Ferrari World, Laduree, etc.

5. 1 USD = 3.68 AED for how many years now. Read the rest of this entry »

[1: 373 of 10,000] We Can Get Along

In Article on September 22, 2011 at 9:19 AM

Have you experienced taking someone for granted? Have you bullied your parents, sibling, friends, and relatives? Have you mistreated your family more than your friends? If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions then that is exactly where the problem lies on why we can’t achieve peace, cooperation, and loving one another.

If the people who love us (our families) and the people we chose to belong to (our friends) are taken for granted then what more on how we treat a stranger whom we do not know or cared about?

Here in United Arab Emirates (UAE) I have to say that I’ve seen Emirati culture to be closed family tie or they respect and help one another like the Chinese (expats and turned local) culture in the Philippines. There is no such thing as crab mentality but more so on building one another become successful. But what is the problem of the neighboring countries of UAE as I’ve observed:

  • It may be wealthy in terms of natural resources but lead by a dictator or someone people no longer respect, trust, and follow.
  • They belong to the developing country category that most of the population struggle to gain comfortable life.
  • The people who are in position think only of themselves and forgot to serve.
  • The people who are hard at work pitied themselves instead of striving to gain more skills and do better in life.

The reason why there is no peace is because there are hunger for power, envy, and greed for wealth. The truth is to eliminate the negative and achieve the goal for peace is that EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE! There is a need to work together provided there are apparent differences which in the long run would be beneficial as diverse points of view would make challenges creatively solved. Peace is achievable. I am happy living in UAE because it is peaceful. So if UAE can why can’t the other Middle East countries do it or anywhere else.

[1: 367 of 10,000] Beware: Pretending As Etisalat

In Reference on September 17, 2011 at 10:13 PM

To people who live in UAE, beware if you receive a call from this mobile number:

+971509521973 / (050) 952-1973 / 0509521973

He called me and this was the conversation:

Caller: Good afternoon ma’am.

Yor: Good afternoon.

Caller: I am from Etisalat. Congratulations! You won 500,000.00 Dirhams!!! (Sounds enthusiastic.)

Yor: Ok (…in a not buying it tone.)

Caller: Where are you from?

Yor: If you’re from Etisalat you should have my details.

Caller: (Ignoring my snotty tone…) What is your name madam?

Yor: If you’re from Etisalat you should have my details.

Caller: (End the call by cutting the line without saying good bye.)

I guess he didn’t like my tone and my answers. I reported the number to Etisalat and I am not sure what will they do with the information. I didn’t believe him because if he is really from Etisalat it wouldn’t be a regular number calling me but an automatic company name that says Etisalat on my phone screen especially that I am an Etisalat subscriber. Plus a family friend of ours also received a similar call and she got until the perpetrator asked for money worth 1,500.00 dirhams to get the prize (not a good sweepstakes at all).

It would have been nice if I did win a half million dirhams huh!