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[1: 1,809 of 10,000] If We Sift It All

In List on November 20, 2016 at 9:13 PM


If we sift it all, these are important…

  1. We’ve done our best.
  2. We’ve acted with good intentions.
  3. We forgave.
  4. We tried and never gave up.
  5. After falling, we stood up to try again.
  6. We do what we love.
  7. We share.
  8. We live the world better than we found it.
  9. We have healthy relationships.
  10. We are grateful for all our blessings.
  11. We explore new experience.
  12. We innovate.
  13. We never assume.
  14. We are kind.
  15. We have our own unique journey and mission.
  16. We respect one another especially our differences.
  17. We are all connected through one powerful source.