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[1: 1,581 of 10,000] Soldiers

In Article on September 6, 2015 at 9:56 AM


In the belief of fighting injustice and protecting a freedom, soldiers are brave to risk their lives. I pray for the enlightenment of people especially those who couldn’t see that tyranny is an act of the ego.

It is true that we shall have a short life on earth, but I wonder why some of us choose to live it in fear, in agony, and without giving love a chance to speak and live. Why have we built our wall so high to not see that we all are brothers and sisters and we can collaborate and help one another?

Succeed but not on the expense of someone’s sufferings.

Thrive but not on the thought that you are not deserving of rest.

Live, truly live in the present because it is all we have.

We have to uncover our eyes about the false reality that we are separate from one another. We are one. Are we waiting for a world catastrophe to recognise that we are to build up one another instead of pinning each other down?

Mercy. Forgiveness.

We can end a war, confusion, and sufferings if we could gather the courage to apologise and ask for help and if we could accept and give mercy. Causing pain on someone doesn’t only give somebody bruises but we could cut our own self for participating.

May we seek pain that helps us breakthrough, a suffering that would shift our perception into goodness, and may we not wait for later but NOW to breathe with love.

May we all find our power to love.

[1: 843 of 10,000] Killing A Man

In Question on November 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM

I am still reading “The Art of War” and every time I read every strategy to kill I can’t help thinking is killing a man the answer to prevail? To win? To end evil?

Who is the evil? The man who got killed or the man who killed doesn’t make any difference?

War is about defending a nation. Is it right that someone has to do the sacrifice and get his hands sinful? Is killing for a cause a sin?

I will never take anyone his life. Sometimes, when the pain of real life is so great, that is suffering enough and ending someone his life is stopping his chance to experience suffering and seeing the light that is available at the end.

Or cut the questions – man dies anyway and it is just a matter of when and how.