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[1: 1,687 of 10,000] The Good & The Bad

In List on February 12, 2016 at 10:16 AM


I am so happy to the new lesson that I’ve learned this week… I shall love the good and the bad in me. It’s not about being tolerant of my bad behaviour but more still loving my weaknesses that I fumble and I believe I do so because I needed others to be my strength on those parts. Isn’t that wonderful?

I am not going to hurt myself by being harsh on the things that I can never be good at but treat it with kindess and gentleness that I am not a perfect being and that’s absolutely all right.

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, Liz explained it so well in her facebook post so better read hers first before moving on to my list below –

  • I love the part of me who is ashamed that I wasn’t always prepared with my work assignments and embarrass myself infront of my bosses.
  • I love the part of me who is worried of the million things that could go wrong.
  • I love the part of me who is clueless about what others are truly feeling and I judge them incessively.
  • I love the part of me who is egotistical.
  • I love the part of me who wanted to be lazy and sleep all day.
  • I love the part of me who is guessing and cross my fingers that they work. Yay!
  • I love the part of me who wants to control everything.
  • I love the part of me who has opinion on everything and have a blatant way of saying it.
  • I love the part of me who kept missing sleeping on my bed everynight and wonder why I feel tired the following day.
  • I love the part of me who loves food and admits that I am fat.

[1: 738 of 10,000] What is your greatest strength and weakness at the same time? I figured out mine today!

In Journal on August 27, 2012 at 11:38 PM

I have a very sensitive office mates. They want to stick with their position. I know personally that I am never a fan of making someone any coffee unless I am given the money and ran a cup from Starbucks, oh wait plus absolutely another cup for me too. It is that same thought. It is the same as drawing line that I can do all but this task is just below the belt – degrading of what I am really capable to do.

Keeping the thoughts above, I realized that the things that my office mates don’t want to do I am willing to do then I laid out that in all honesty I am very helpful to other people and I will even do it cheerfully; but if I am not careful I will be badly taken advantaged. If I arrive at the negative point, I will most likely to end up hating the person and never again will I be glad to be in contact with the sneaky smarty bad person.