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[1: 1,546 of 10,000] Born Too Late

In Article on August 2, 2015 at 11:42 AM

I was browsing Pinterest today and I saw this comic strip about a woman who was contemplating that she was born in the wrong era –

Comic Inspired

It is true that the perception of people change, the world’s circumstance change. If I am expanding more than just the body image judgment, I am grateful that right now I am not in a country with bomb dropping from the sky that would make me curl up inside my home, scared, and covering my ears.

Our judgment on others is usually the reflection of our own fears. How can we find pleasure to mock someone for something they are that we couldn’t possibly understand their inner struggle? Why do we need to be cruel on others as to ourselves? I am guilty of throwing my own judgment but now I am more concerned about what am I judging on my own self for such a merciless attack.

As a lesson learned from Eckhart Tolle on Awakening, I should not fight back to people who judge and attack me. Not really because I am also guilty but I shall remain present that what has happened in the past is past and what’s important is right now. I am grateful that right now, I forgive myself and I show more compassion to others that they are not aware of their actions and they couldn’t control to give in to their egos who feed on negativity. If I remain peaceful, my presence could radiate a good energy that may possibly awaken them if not maybe in due time.

Live right now. May we have the courage to make a world of encouragement for the better, for the best; and not be a coward to give in to the ego.

[1: 1,502 of 10,000] Romancing A Man

In Article on June 19, 2015 at 2:03 PM


The look in your eyes with longing make every inch of my excitement come alive.

Mutter your endearment in my ear and tickle my imagination endlessly.

Hold me forever even if it feels like I can’t breathe for when we’re one I live in another plane of exhiliration.

Kiss me and let our soft lips speak a language with a different sound.

Your murmurs bring magic to the lady in me.

Run those fingers across my body that light up my skin in vibrance.

You fill me with life and romance.


I will not beg.

But stay and you’ll understand heaven on earth.

[1: 1,385 of 10,000] Woman

In Article on December 12, 2014 at 9:57 PM

Woman & Her Shoes

My perfect definitions of Woman –

  • Not because “man” is found in its word doesn’t mean it needs a man to protect her. The difference is having the “wo” in front because a woman is capable to lead any man and she can actually do it with great style and unconditional care.
  • If you think woman is weak and can be summoned, think again, Angelina in The Tourist may have been summoned, but she knows she is dearly loved and her man will do great length to find her and tell her she is loved.
  • She cries because she would rather touch your heart with her vulnerability than to stoop down to a level of berating, an unworthy of her energy.
  • The smart woman is not easily persuaded by sex appeal but looked for stability of his mind and his confidence to keep up with where she already is.
  • Woman is equal to a Man.

[1: 597 of 10,000] Woman In Her 30s Today (2012)

In Aphorism on March 29, 2012 at 2:44 PM

I am not planning my wedding; I am planning to build my house or the company I am to build.