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[1: 2,025 of 10,000] How Do I Response To My Anxious Self?

In List on November 26, 2020 at 12:12 AM

Right before I start writing this post, I got curious if worry and anxious are the same and they’re not. I am both at times. Worry is impermanent, while anxious is more persistent. There are moments too that I feel overwhelm that could spiral into anxiousness.

My five loving basic steps to response to my anxiety and it’s all about ME:

  1. Do long breathe in and breathe out. Better yet sit for meditation or say a prayer or speak with God or to my angels or guides. Watching my breathing and not think of what am fretting about will bring peace to my psyche. In case I drift away and the chattering begins again in my head, I will simply notice the thinking and then bring my focus back to my breathing.
  2. Move my body. Have I seated too long or sleeping too much at the couch. Better yet do yoga, or take a walk, or exercise. Shake those stagnant energy! I cannot expect things will change by not taking a new action.
  3. Ask myself what is truly the root of my problem. Why am I procrastinating? Why am I not motivated? What’s bothering me? In this very crucial examination, there are things that are important to remember, yes I got to be honest but I have to listen without judgment, curating a punishment, or demeaning my self-worth. I have to be gentle while I assess what needs to be healed.
  4. Give my body a rest. I must hydrate it, feed it, bathe it, and then give it the proper sleep on my bed. Wake up naturally without an alarm clock startling me. I have to keep my body sacred, nurtured, and pampered. I only have one suit in this lifetime and it needs the utmost caring.
  5. When my body, mind, and soul are refreshed, I will have a new found strength and clarity to make better choices. I can take action to what is my highest good.

[1: 2,002 of 10,000] First Day Jitters

In Journal on November 4, 2020 at 9:38 PM

Even at my oldest age, I still feel my first day jitters today back at work after a local annual leave of six days. It was the same story during my teens in high school for my first day to start a semester. Was it really jitters or unconfined excitement?

Before going to bed the night before, I set the alarm at 5:30 AM to make sure I have enough time to do my well-being routine. The moment I woke up, I stretched, I say a longing prayer of a perfect day, did a meditation, yoga, journal, water my succulents that am propagating, enjoyed duck wrap for breakfast, wash the dishes, folded the dry laundry, took a bath, and off to work.

To crush my stress away knowing I have to go back to emails and pending works the fastest possible, I started with greeting someone a happy birthday, and it made me feel good of the surprise knowing it brought warmth to his heart with the shower of beautiful words and sweet cute gestures from our colleagues. I then remember why I love doing nice things to other people, it doesn’t just make someone feel good but it always backfire on me exponentially.

At the end of the day, being conscious of how the day went, I felt satisfied, I felt the grace of God hugging me every moment to calm my worried mind, and now ending my day blogging.

How was your day?

[1: 1,828 of 10,000] Don’t Be Scared

In Poem on December 3, 2016 at 8:15 PM


Don’t be scared of the future
Don’t worry about the unknown
Look instead to what’s in front of you

Do great job
Add it to your daily grind
The reward will come

Love yourself

[1: 1,613 of 10,000] The Car In Front Of Me

In Article on October 8, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Research project Traffic Jam and Queuing Assistant - deactivation signal because of missing road markings (10/2010)

I feel comfort when the car ahead of me is small (I prefer driving easily-parkable-cars like Mini Cooper or Ford Figo) rather than big vehicles but then it causes me anxiety when I’m following a 4×4 or trucks because I wanted to see what the driver exactly in front of me sees.

Was that the control freak inside of me? Don’t I trust the judgment of the man in front of me? Am I mere obsessing to see what’s ahead? Or would I like to be the second eye for my safety and of the cars around me? The answer is a little bit of all.

I could really sense my worry when a big car is in front of me and I couldn’t see what’s going on. I get annoyed when the car ahead hits the break in an instant halt all the time without giving enough room to break smoothly, which then causes me to abruptly stop that causes inconvenience to the car behind me (then domino effect); in a way too it reflects my bad judgment and I don’t like to go there.

With this post alone, I could reflect that I have to go back in relaxing. Not to mind what others think of me as long as I make sure I drive safely for everyone’s benefit. I have to not succumb to road rage. But if there one thing I mutter religiously when the panic starts, “Archangel Michael please keep us all motorists safe and enjoy the journey.”

[1: 1,565 of 10,000] Yay! No More Daily Horoscope For Me

In Article on August 21, 2015 at 11:12 AM


I am over over Daily Horoscope. I noticed that whenever I get rattled and anxious about what the future holds, I rely on psychics or the less cheaper way to predict the future which is keep reading the daily horoscope!

I know it is pointless to fill my head with several futuristic WOULD BEs or POSSIBLY BEs and get all attached. How can several sentences predict my feelings, good omens, and crazy warnings if there are so many Geminis in the world and couldn’t all be sharing the same future? I am just putting myself into desperation and disappointment if what I am hoping for aren’t what I read or the prediction didn’t come true.

What made me stopped? I was too busy living things that I enjoy and working on things that would benefit my future self. I am being present to love my life right now that I am at peace not to worry about tomorrow. My well thought of actions today definitely contribute to a great tomorrow.

I am so grateful leaving one dependency and unnecessary time out of the picture. It is such freedom that I will create my own horoscope, which goes something like this –

Someone is crazy about you today (God). Your cheeks will be kissed with undeniable warmth (by the sun). You will be amazing sharing your talent (blogging daily and occasionally giving piece of wisdom at Quora or selected Online Groups). Your heart is full of good intentions and joy. You are surrounded with family and friends no matter what the distance may be. Your tummy will be full and your body will be refreshed (with water and new lessons learned from articles, books, videos, and others). The day ends with pure bliss and peace (sleeping on my very own bed in my cozy home). And the best surprise is yet to come.

[1: 1,442 of 10,000] Trust Instead Of Worry

In Journal on April 20, 2015 at 4:50 PM

flying woman

I’m psyching myself to TRUST the good and everything will be all right instead of worrying. But TRUST isn’t the last thing I have to keep in mind, I have to do something now to not worry. If I’m planning to sleep the whole day again without making anything beneficial that would change my status; then I could go ahead and worry my whole life.

I finally understood why I started to become stagnant, I was too busy focusing on where I got hurt instead of focusing that if I keep doing the good thing, no matter what my own fear is insisting, I will arrive to my destination sooner, well better than the current sleazy couch potato. I am not lazy but simply not motivated enough. Although not entirely hard on myself, I have been having strange sleeping patterns, so whenever I get the chance that sleep calls on me, I give in, I do know that there were so many nights that I need to catch up!

I got up this morning, rested from a good night sleep, and I am telling myself, if I wanted to be miserable, I could kill myself now. Funny thing is I know I don’t know when will I die, I certainly find the lunacy or even the cowardice to kill myself… I just know that every time I go to bed at night, I will wake up the following day and I do hope that I get to live and I choose to kick-ass.

I no longer want to go to bed thinking I have regrets, that I have not fully lived my life and I came short. I will not let my sorry-ass rule my mind and control my soul to oblivion. It’s a new Monday morning, it’s a marvellous day to shake things up! Not to dwell on the pass, but living now!

Words are easier to type but if you could hear my heart that is about to burst into sobs again, you’ll find it sad. I know that I no longer have time for sad, I do however should entertain challenge. I let myself cry but after awhile I get sick of my crying self and I must eventually surrender to a glass of water, calming myself, forgive myself and say it’s time to get those hands dirty.

[1: 1,409 of 10,000] Unnecessary Worrying

In Article on March 9, 2015 at 1:09 PM

I read the below quote from Instagram this morning –

Worry Quote

and then followed by today’s news from the paper about 4 local men who kidnapped, raped and murdered an Ethiopian maid; they brutally ran her over with a car and chopped her body in 2009. The accused increased the blood money from AED 100K to AED 200K as settlement with the family and now being released after over 5 years jail time and spared from death penalty after the appeal.

I don’t like reading and watching news because it tickled my worry side. I wonder if these 4 men are in their proper minds to mingle once again to the general public knowing that they have done a horrible harm to another person. Will they control the urge to kill? I hope so or it wouldn’t be safe to be out there.

I pray for the soul of the departed and for a great new beginning for the 4 men who are given a chance of freedom.

I know that reading the news could make me go nuts but it should give me more confidence that if I dwell on bad things all the time then I would indeed attract it, so I just move on to my life, be kind, and be happy. Right now, I could only pray for the things that I couldn’t and beyond my control.