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[1: 79 of 10,000] Bed

In Question on February 1, 2011 at 4:32 PM

Why do we make up our bed when we wake up only to mess it all up again after a few hours when we go back to sleep?

  • Why wouldn’t I? My mom successfully trained me when I was little to make up my bed. After the tickle and reciting a rhyme to wake me up, I stood up and excited to fold my blanket that is about 4 times bigger than me.
  • It is the closest to make a bed looks like a hotel’s pristine set-up. I love hotels.
  • My youngest sister has one rule, no making up, reasoning out that she’ll mess it all up anyway!
  1. I’m have more or less the same argument as your sister, plus the fact that I’m often too lazy anyway… 🙂

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