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[1: 2,030 of 10,000] My Blog Turns 10 Today

In Journal on November 29, 2020 at 7:49 PM

This blog is celebrating its 10th year anniversary today!

When I reflect my reason for starting this blog, it didn’t changed. It’s still a space where I write what I think about any subject that tickles my mind. It satisfies a need in me to express myself without walls or the need to be validated by anyone. I do have to admit that it’s quite flattering when real people clicked like and even leave a message.

I remained anonymous all through the years, there’s one friend who knew about this blog but respected my privacy and let me write without interruption. I do feel the freedom to truly speak the language of my heart in words.

I still surprise myself especially when rereading my past posts because I don’t remember every words and get blown away with the way my train of thoughts have been. I was writing the same things before and yet they mean differently with what I’ve come into being now.

Here’s to celebrating more strings of words in years to come!

[1: 1,852 of 10,000] Enjoy Writing

In Article on January 7, 2017 at 3:08 AM

Since New Year I was able to write a post daily and it felt good like I got my discipline in check but it’s only the 7th, kind of too early to tell I’m in it.

My blog always start from a Notes app that I saved as 10K BLOG. I start from Notes just to keep track of my file naming that started with number code, I’m almost reaching 2,000 posts.

My lazy ass usually makes excuses that I don’t need to be blogging daily if I don’t want to or can’t because it is never an obligation; but  I wanted to be better with my writing and it makes me happy to blog. This year I made a simple addition to my note just above my title, I reminded myself to “Enjoy Writing”. It is a simple two words and yet it planted a fire in my heart that I have the joy to publish a post without any pressure.

This blog is for me and whoever happens to drop by and pick up a little something out of it is the bonus.


[1: 1,819 of 10,000] My Post Inspiration

In Article on November 30, 2016 at 6:24 AM


Yesterday was my blog’s sixth year anniversary. My personal aim of starting this blog was to practice writing everyday so I build discipline and on hindsight to hopefully my passion radiates enough that it is able to inspire a reader.

I have not been very good at my goal of writing everyday like 370 posts short, yeah it’s like saying I have not blog for more than a year in total, do I go back and declare this my fifth year anniversary. Oh well, I got on the way, my excuses are I was coping with works and I have not been getting the proper energy to sit still and let my muse get to work.

Do you write a blog daily? It’s not always easy from my end. This blog doesn’t have a particular theme so I get to write about anything that speaks to me once I’ve open the writing page. I sometimes keep a list of topics that I intend to tackle eventually but most of the time they get discarded because I do dive into a piece once I am in that moment to write.

The happiest times for me is when the flow is just perfect. A subject rush through my mind and flows through my screen. Those were magical moments that the string of ideas come right out without labor pain. The surprising part is after sometime and I forgot that I’ve even written about it and will be amazed to contemplate and ask “That is nice, did I really write that?”

I have my dry moments like my muse didn’t show up for the day and I do push to get a post out of me even if it’s a short one but profound. Like what they say in Masterchef, if you are making the simplest dish like an omelette; it got to be the most delicious omelette that would blow the judges’ taste buds. For moments that I’ve tried to write something wonderful and it fall short, I simply forgive myself and move on with the intent that I should do better next time.

My tip on where do I get everything that I write about… I live life and then share it. Go try something for the first time, read and listen, interact with various people, and then write.

Here’s a toast to all my 1,819 posts!

[1: 1,647 of 10,000] Rushing

In Poem on November 10, 2015 at 8:26 PM


Thinking what to type

As time runs out

Couldn’t find the words

In this fleeting moments

The absence is reasonable

Yet is it really?

I got to publish three today now

Or four tomorrow

Excuses is still an excuse

A weapon of mediocrity

So before I lose from myself

I have to complete this piece

And better hit publish

[1: 1,622 of 10,000] Daily Blog Post

In Article on October 17, 2015 at 9:13 AM


I love my daily blog posts and I couldn’t possibly abandon it. I hope I’ll have better focus on finishing it right away, to have the right inspiration daily, and be immensely happy that I’ve accomplished wonderful things for everybody to enjoy.

Writing blog post daily is really my own practise to write better, to gather my thoughts in one place and have the courage to share it to the world whether they agree or not, pleased or not; but the grinding is important for me to build discipline that would help me with my other endeavours, on to my next book and write faster and better at work.

With the right environment, no destructing television or music, no other human being talking to me, I could actually finish a short blog post in 30 minutes. I was catching up since October 13th and this is my 5th post (so far now I’m on time again). I was contemplating of just making a weekly post but it will depict my purpose of getting better so I just have to make it work.

I was thinking all the other family women who work, they wake up early just to take care of their children and husband’s need. And me, my writing right now is my baby and I couldn’t abadon it. I wonder when I finally get married and have children, I better be not working as an employee but the employer so I can manage my time and make sure my family doesn’t have undivided attention while I still do what I truly love too, which is writing.

Priorities. Focus. Determined. Act. Smile. These are my creed that are so far working to my advantage. 🙂

[1: 1,525 of 10,000] Positive Posts Only

In Article on July 12, 2015 at 8:51 AM

I have recently committed that I have to try my best to only post positive blog. I will not be able to encourage positivity if I would be writing rant all the time or how my bruished ego is engaging people to throw me a bone of “like” for being misserable. Enough with negativity.

Hello positivity! It is not easy but it is better to have a basis on what I should be writing about. Life is too short to miss bringing out joy in the open. It is not easy because it takes effort to be conscious on what I am writing and to really figure out my real intentions.

Writing about the optimistic way of seeing things doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to good people and yet there is something about problems, challenges, and detours that demand us to halt and reassess. It is when we face our fear, triggered, hidden, or in-you-face-known FEAR that we start to act crazily but until we move back, let it pass, and connect with our inner peace for higher guidance that we are truly living the right way.

It would be amazing that people live in harmony, helping one another, building each other, and staying at peace. 🙂


[1: 1,470 of 10,000] Double Or Multiple

In Article on May 18, 2015 at 2:33 PM

Double Multiple

I am living a double life! Or is it multiple personalities shared to the world wide web?

I’ve been sharing my personal blog to my friends before but not the way I am doing recently. I have created new social media accounts and linked them all to my new personal blog with a domain name “my first name and last name” dot com. I have accepted all contacts and I am trying to build my brand in preparation of my eBook launch.

In this blog where everything is almost anonymous, I have no hesitation to discuss any topic or true stories as long as I leave the specific names out. In the other blog, I am still reluctant to be unapologetically honest because I know that people that I know who might think that I am talking about them may not receive it happily; so I am sticking to a more precise topic and that I will keep the rule of being kind and be overly creative to say words that are not patronising but definitely not sugar coated, ultimately simply tact and kind.

Am actually happy when I am able to publish a post in the other blog because it meant I was able to surpass my fear of being judged by the people who I personally know, not that they will eat me, but you know that little voice inside my head who gets intimidated and protective. I still have to get better materials so I can post confidently every week.

Being here is just pure bliss where I could immediately blurt my feelings and opinions, having no face and yet so honest. Ah the comparison, both platforms give me matters to learn and I love the challenge and my own inner struggle. I need to be as brave as I do here in my new blog, I’ll get there, and whether I win new enemies or not, I just have to be sure that what I write is true to me and not demeaning to anyone.

[1: 1,458 of 10,000] The Day I’ve Arrived

In Article on May 6, 2015 at 7:12 AM

Arrived By Design Shack

Blog frenzy, I’ve already made previous calculations that it will take me a little bit of forever to complete my first batch of 10,000 posts if I’m making just one blog post daily. (Current count: 14.58% completed since November 29, 2010 and no I’ve not been religiously blogging daily since then.)

There were moments that I go ballistic and post more than one especially if strong ideas kept flowing into me that I just have to write them down. Yesterday, I could have written 3 posts and yet I stopped for practical reason. I have other goals that I want to accomplish, blogging is my one thing that doesn’t pay me financially but I do it for the love of creating and writing, so I stopped with one and have written the essence of the 2 other posts for the following days.

My consolation for letting one blog post to come out daily is to let the article simmer and get the due attention and respect if it may really gather. There were people who subscribed in this blog and I wonder what they think that Yor is getting crazy posting more than one today!!?

It will be the day that I have arrived if I would just be blogging for a living and people actually get wonderful inspiration from it. And then I blog anywhere I want to be, with drinks on my hand, with feet up high, a smile on my lips, and my hair smelling like the beach.

[1: 1,448 of 10,000] Thank You Very Much For The Likes, Comments & For Subscribing

In Article on April 26, 2015 at 7:49 AM


Thank you very much for every one who visited my blog, clicked the “like,” left a “comment,” and stepped even further by “subscribing.” It’s heart warming knowing someone took the time to leave a piece of themselves for me. I am only a stranger with the absence of my name-as-written-on-my-registered-official-birth-certificate in this blog; but every feeling I have poured translated into every post where genuine and so you have met my heart.

It is fascinating that people from different countries get directed to my blog. The point that they have liked a post makes me feel that you have understood me and I hope in return I have given something to you too that you appreciate or I have awaken something in you that made you smile a little more and your heart magically expands and glows a little more.

There are moments that those mini effort that you have made, my visitors, immensely gave gratification and add hope in me to move on forward. The most memorable “like” are for the posts that I bared my vulnerabilities and shaming myself online just to see my actions in words and the point that someone read and liked it, kept me a little stronger to decide wisely of my next actions.

Thank you very much.

[1: 1,420 of 10,000] My 8 Secrets For Courageously Hitting Publish In WordPress

In Article on March 21, 2015 at 4:38 AM

Publish Button

I am not a famous writer or blogger yet but I must say that I feel good having published 1,420 posts including this one. I have a lot of irrational fears but thankfully I never have fear of publishing blog posts. Here are my 8 secrets!

  1. I love blogging and in a narcissistic way, I love rereading what I have written and the best way to go back on them is publish them!
  2. Sometimes I do think about inspiring or informing other people of my posts and I couldn’t do that if it’s not published isn’t it.
  3. My main reason for blogging is to express myself. I am not afraid that I will be criticise because I already know that I am my biggest critique. Although, if I get good and bad feedbacks… good boosts my confidence and feeds my ego; while bad hopefully constructive will be a room for improvement or hence I make sure every comments are scrutinise with my approval!
  4. I wish to be discovered that I am making sense and my thoughts are valued.
  5. I may have procrastination problem that I am working on but once I am switched onto something I am passionate about, I become obsessed! I sometime couldn’t stop myself to create one post to another and it is bringing me pure joy and a perfect kind of high.
  6. Having a goal to publish 10,000 posts is quite motivating and starting my blog post with the counter keep me on track of my goal and progress.
  7. I don’t pressure myself for perfections, there were lots of posts that I go back for editing, and there are some posts that aren’t perfect in my heart but I know I just have to let it go and publish it. I don’t write to please anyone, I write for the love of honouring the art of writing and respect for my desire that I just have to write whether it will be read by anyone at all or will be loved by anyone but me.
  8. The more I write, the better I become, so I keep imagining whenever I hit the publish button, I am a very important writer with a job to be better than I was yesterday.

Published blog posts do looked like an act of a brave blogger, well at least according to me. 😉