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[1: 1,443 of 10,000] Go On, Bake “Puto” In An Oven

In Recipe on April 21, 2015 at 9:22 AM

I am probably one of the few Filipino-Chinese who cook that don’t have proper steamer at home. Last time I moved to a new apartment, I thought it’s a good idea to just throw the old ones and still didn’t get a replacement. Aside from not able to cook Puto (Filipino cake), so is Siomai and Dumpling.

At this age, I thought I would find everything in the Internet, especially about cooking frenzy from YouTube. To my surprise, I couldn’t find an instruction on how can I cook “Puto” using the oven. We got cupcake tray and an oven so I thought that should make any cake rise.

I wanted to eat the puto and I want to eat cheddar cheese so I decided that today I will try to bake it in the oven with the basis on how my sissy was baking her muffins and cupcakes.

  • Took the 400 g premixed Puto (smells like vanilla) and
  • added 2 cups of water,
  • 1 cup of sugar (quite a lot I must say),
  • I made a mistake of adding 5 table spoon instead of teaspoon of olive oil, oh well, it was EVOO so it must still be good?! 😀
  • After mixing all the above ingredients, I pour it half way (or more to some) into the cupcake paper cup, and
  • top it with cheddar cheese.

Baked it for 15 minutes at 200 degree celcius.

Viola! 16 putos risen! They look and smell delectable.

Now, I got food for the whole day! 🙂 Happy tummy!


[1: 730 of 10,000] The Secret of a Perfect Real Chicken Broth

In Recipe on August 22, 2012 at 11:19 AM

In the modern world, some would say chicken broth was conveniently condensed to an amazing cube. No doubt that Knorr did an excellent job recreating a real tasty broth cubes that when added to vegetables or just about anything the dish’s flavor intensifies and makes you feel good for cooking something grand.

Although we’ve heard so many times now that health studies showed that we should avoid processed food so I would like to share the secret of a perfect real chicken broth or stock.

Quick Simple Steps

  1. Get one whole of chicken, cut into pieces, and put it in a pot. Freshly butchered chicken would be ideal but if the best option is frozen then just make sure it was properly defrosted. The reason why it’s best to cut into pieces is to make sure the bones’ flavor get extracted.
  2. Pour in 1 litter of water into the pot.
  3. The secret ingredient is add 5 or more cloves of freshly smashed peeled garlic.
  4. Bring all 3 ingredients into a boil.
  5. Signs that it is done: If the chicken meat is soft, you see the natural oil of the chicken floats usually in yellow oily color, and the whole kitchen smells so good then it’s done.
  6. Pour the broth in a container without the garlic, let it cool, then stash in the fridge. Next week, you may use it for a quick soup recipe by simply adding chopped Romanian Lettuce and Salt to taste.

[1: 525 of 10,000] Grass Jelly Juice

In Recipe on January 27, 2012 at 10:07 AM

My sweet sissy mixed a delicious Grass Jelly Juice this morning. It’s one good way to start a scheduled shopping day!

Ingredients that were mixed together without fuzz:

  • The black jelly came from a can and cut into cute cubes – use 1/3 of a 540g can
  • Add 750ml of cold water
  • Add 8 tablespoons of white sugar
  • Add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract (from a bottle)

[1: 295 of 10,000] 7 Ingredients & 7 Steps Quick Soup

In Recipe on July 19, 2011 at 7:30 PM

I am not a good cook (yet… Well, I burn a lot of food and my mom doesn’t trust me being alone at the kitchen. I can pull out all the utensils just to make simple spaghetti) but here is a seafood soup that can be done in 30 minutes if the fish is frozen or 20 minutes if it is fresh.

7 Ingredients & Instructions

  1. 2 slices of Milk Fish, I chose the tail & belly parts
  2. 1 piece Ripe Tomato cut into 8
  3. 10 Inch Spring Onion cut into half inch
  4. 1/2 Lemon squeeze and get the juice for sour effect
  5. 3 cups of Water
  6. 1/2 spoon of Salt to taste or a little more
  7. 5 leaves of Romaine Lettuce cut into 2 inch

7 steps to cook to perfection

  1. Wash the fish and vegetables.
  2. Cut according to the above instructions.
  3. Get a pot and put the Water, Tomato, Spring Onion, Milk Fish, Salt, and Lemon juice.
  4. Stir lightly to bring the flavors together.
  5. Bring to a boil using high heat.
  6. If the water starts boiling, bring the heat into low.
  7. 3 minutes before the allotted time, add the Romaine lettuce.

Serve in a nice bowl. Good for 2 people.